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Classroom 2050: Unleashing AI, XR, Gaming

Andreessen Horowitz

36:05 – Call to action for the classroom of 2050

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Facebook’s cryptocurrency ratchets up pressure on banks, but has big risks

IT World

The greatest growth between now and 2050 is expected to take place in 2020, when Facebook plans to launch its Libra coin and Calibra digital wallet ; that year alone will see a 128% annual increase in business value. Further reading: Blockchain: The complete guide ].

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Starting the Zero-Waste Knowledge Revolution with GrowthTalk

The Marketing & Growth Hacking Publication

To keep up with the world of 2050, you will need to do more than merely invent new ideas and products, but above all, reinvent yourself again and again.?—? Times are changing and evolving fast. And the direction is clearly heading there.

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What the evolution of cities can teach us about building platforms

Intercom, Inc.

Well over half of the world’s populations currently live in cities and this percentage is expected to rise to over 66% by 2050. We know that the world is urbanising at a faster rate than ever before. The number of cities continues to increase.

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SaaS in Africa: 10 Things We Learned From Scaling to 1M Users (Video + Transcript)


Between now and 2050, half of the world’s population growth will occur in Africa. Between now and 2050, another 2.4 But it’s not the full story. It’s not the full truth because the reality is that Africa is booming. Think about that. billion humans will enter the Earth, and 1.2 billion of them will be in Africa.

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The SaaS Trust Crisis with Godard Abel (Video + Transcript)


And you can see by 2050, this industry will be 10 times bigger. And this is data from Battery Ventures, but you can see that in the next eight years, we’re expecting industry to double, to be a trillion dollar global industry. And even that’s really just the beginning. This was a 30 year mega trend into the future.

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SaaStr Podcasts for the Week with Jennifer Tejada, Ben Chestnut, and Jason Lemkin


I mean, let’s look at Oracle and companies, like even if Oracle never releases a new product, we want it to be 2050 before those last Oracle servers are shut down in some data center but you have doom fear still today. Today, you still have doom fear.

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