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8 Easy Steps to Create an Ecommerce Website with WordPress

The Daily Egg

Some experts estimate that 95-percent of all purchases by 2040 will happen online. If you’ve been looking into an extra income stream, an ecommerce website is always a reliable option. While this statistic may seem overly optimistic, consider that 93.5-percent percent of internet users have made an online purchase at least once.

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The trillion-hour attention economy (and where the Apple Car fits in)

IT World

A Morgan Stanley team of analysts, including noted Apple analyst Katy Huberty , estimates that by 2040 the time humans spend inside cars will reach 1.2 It’s not about vehicles, it’s about attention. What’s at stake is human attention. Think about it. trillion hours a year, up from 600 billion today.


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S.H.O.P. – what’s in store for the store?

Intercom, Inc.

Research completed as early as 2017 suggested that by 2040, 95% of all purchases will be via ecommerce. We know that ecommerce has been steadily upending the way companies do business for years now, but once again, the current global situation is accelerating the inevitable. .

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Decentralizing the Electric Grid

Andreessen Horowitz

Currently, we face a critical challenge: our electricity demands — expected to nearly double by 2040 due to factors like AI compute, reshoring , and “electrification” — are soaring, but our grid infrastructure and operations struggle to keep pace.

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SaaStr Podcast #342 with Zapier CEO Wade Foster


Jason Lemkin: In like 2040? So 2040, what’s the better way to do this stuff? Wade Foster: Those are important problems to solve. I think they’re transitionary problems is how I would talk about them where they’re big business-. Wade Foster: I mean, perhaps, yeah. Enterprise moves slow, right? This is the ideal state.

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