Sun.Sep 18, 2022

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Trello vs. Jira

The Daily Egg

Trello and Jira are two popular tools for task and project management. In fact, they’re siblings! These two Atlassian products each have. The post Trello vs. Jira appeared first on The Daily Egg.

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Top SaaStr Content for the Week: SaaStr Annual 2022 Sessions You Might Have Missed and More!


Each week, we round up our most popular content so you can catch up on anything you may have missed. Check out this week’s top blog posts, podcasts, and videos: Top Blog Posts This Week: The Broken State of SaaS Sales Rep Comp. All the Official and Semi-Official Parties at SaaStr Annual 2022 (And SaaStr Nights is Back Sept 13th in Downtown San Mateo)!

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iSolved Time Review

The Daily Egg

iSolved Time is a customizable time and attendance system that offers powerful features for all your HR needs. Whether you need to. The post iSolved Time Review appeared first on The Daily Egg.

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Sports betting for professionals and beginners

SaaS Metrics

[link] It is never too late to start placing sports bets online. Thanks to modern technologies, it is possible to place a couple of live sports bets, no matter where bettors live. Cyprus has officially allowed sports betting in the last couple of years. Considering how many people are interested in money. Read more. The post Sports betting for professionals and beginners first appeared on SaaS Metrics.

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The Best Product Strategy Is a Customer-Facing Portfolio Strategy

Speaker: John Mansour - President, Product Management University

You know that sinking feeling. You’ve come up with a winning product strategy, everyone’s on board and energized, and you’re halfway down the path to execution only to have it submarined by something someone convinced your leadership was more strategic! It’s a scenario that’s all too familiar and it exemplifies one of the biggest struggles with individual product strategies.