Sat.May 11, 2019

Has anyone seen termination charges for SaaS services?


Some older companies do this. We were just handed a bill like this for a 20+ year old SaaS product bought out by a PE firm. And really, an “auto-renew for another year without notice” clause can basically do the same thing.

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What’s the “Cause of Death” in Your Churn Reporting?


In looking at this issue across several companies, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend / missed opportunity in how many SaaS companies classify the reason for customer churn.

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A Guide to Making Data-Based Decisions in Health, Parenting… and Life

Andreessen Horowitz

Are chia seeds actually that good for you? Will Vitamin E keep you healthy? Will breastfeeding your baby make them smarter, or skinnier? There’s maybe no other arena where understanding what the evidence truly tells us is harder than in … bio book launches economics healthcare

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