Sun.Jun 09, 2024

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Dear SaaStr: How Do I Manage a Salesperson Who Does Not Follow Up on Sales Opportunities?


Dear SaaStr: How Do I Manage a Salesperson Who Does Not Follow Up on Sales Opportunities? The simple process you need to add is an “SLA”. You need to take away leads, and also opportunities, if they are not followed up with in a prompt fashion. This is fairly easy to implement in Salesforce (or with other systems). If a call isn’t logged within say 24 hours of a lead, it is routed to another rep.

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How to Find the Right POS System Retail: A Step by Step Guide


Running your retail operation is no mean feat. From taking care of your inventory to paying attention to merchandising, marketing your business to delivering exceptional customer service, you have your work cut out for you. This is why, whenever you can get a chance to make your job easier, you are more than likely to take advantage of the opportunity.


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Target Pipeline Coverage is Not the Inverse of Win Rate


I was reading a SaaS benchmark report the other day and encountered this line: “Win rates declining [over the two-year period] from 23% to 19% might not seem all that significant. But in terms of required pipeline, it represents a dramatic shift from 4.3x to 5.3x coverage.” It’s the kind of sentence that you might read, nod your head in hasty agreement, and then keep going.

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Scytale Announces On-Premise Integration: Compliance Automation for Every Company


Scytale announces the expansion of their compliance automation platform to support on-premise environments, enabling companies of all types to streamline their compliance processes efficiently. New York, NY, June 10, 2024 Scytale is excited to share a significant milestone that marks a new era in the world of compliance automation. Since inception, Scytale has been on a mission to streamline and simplify the compliance process for tech startups and modern businesses, primarily those leveraging c

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Merchant Insider Report: Payment Insights for Software Leaders

From emerging payment technologies to the importance of intuitive software design, the world of embedded payments is rapidly evolving. How do you stay ahead while serving up what merchants really want in your software offerings? The Merchant Insider report is here to help, offering unique insights into the merchant perspective. It analyzes responses from over 500 merchants in the U.S. and spans key industries, so you can understand the challenges, preferences, and expectations that are shaping s

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Observable Framework Delivers Blazing-fast Data Dashboards

Crafty CTO

Stumbled Upon … I’ve had requests to share my Heirloom Recipe Ingestor project , but it’s still in the hacked-together stage, not ready. I’ve been wanting to clean it up, and when I made updates to use the non-preview GPT-4-turbo model that OpenAI released on April 9th , I began cleaning up the code. To make the project public, though, I wanted to do more significant remodeling.

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