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Microsoft under fire in Europe for OneDrive bundling; legal fight brewing

IT World

File-hosting service provider Nextcloud, backed by 29 other European companies, has filed a complaint with the European Union and German antitrust authorities against Microsoft for what it’s calling anti-competitive behavior related to the OneDrive cloud storage offering.

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Converting Ethereum to Cardano and Maximizing Returns

How To Buy Saas

The commitment to advanced cryptographic techniques, like EdDSA and EC-Schnorr signatures, further fortifies Cardano’s security measures. Ouroboros enables decentralized networks to achieve consensus without relying on centralized entities, enhancing the security of your funds stored in individual wallets.


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Using Tailscale to Access Amazon VPCs, EC2 Instances, and RDS Clusters

Crafty CTO

Even in our smallish infrastructure, the two main pillars of our setup (compute and database, ECS-Fargate and RDS Postgres) are serverless. (Installing Tailscale on Mac, Windows, iOS, etc. is even easier.) But … we’re living in the age of Serverless now.

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SaaS Applications Architecture – The How


Your container orchestration platform should have Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) if you are a startup or have a medium sized operation. Your SaaS tech stack should ideally be powered by Python, React, and AWS programming combo. Many organizations with non-complex offerings are also going with Node.js