My Story on Origins Magazine

Sylvia Ng

I was recently interviewed by Origins Magazine about my career story: how I got started, what I’ve learned along the way, and what advice I’d give to others now. It was great stepping away from my day-to-day to share how I view failure and and success. You can read the full article here.

10 common ERP mistakes to avoid (CIO Magazine)


From underbudgeting to not letting the business drive the project, Navint CEO Jim Martindale shares common pitfalls IT leaders should be aware of when implementing or updating an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system — or migrating one to the cloud. Source. Article

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How To Self Publish Your Magazine And Increase Your Business Reach

The Marketing & Growth Hacking Publication

Research has shown that around 44% of consumers read 1–2 printed magazines a month. When you compare this to 27% of people who read 1–2 digital magazines a month, you can see there is still a strong demand for printed media. Most people don’t have an established publisher to help them self-publish a magazine, but that doesn’t stop new ones appearing all the time. If your magazine is completely unique and unlike any other, how would it appeal to your target demographic?

EU-US data sharing agreement: Is it a done deal?

CSO Magazine

With both Privacy Shield and Safe Harbor having been previously struck down by legal challenges, experts question whether US President Biden’s executive order implementing the new Trans-Atlantic Data Policy Framework will stand up to scrutiny

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Offboarding processes pose security risks as job turnover increases: Report

CSO Magazine

Research from YouGov finds that poor offboarding practices across industries including healthcare and tech are putting companies at risk, including for loss of end-user devices and unauthorized SaaS application use

Microsoft boosts threat intelligence with new Defender programs

CSO Magazine

Drawing from its acquisition of RiskIQ, Microsoft is releasing Defender External Attack Surface Management and Defender Threat Intelligence

Apple slaps hard against ‘mercenary’ surveillance-as-a-service industry

CSO Magazine

The company is introducing Lockdown Mode to protect high-risk individuals against corrosive surveillance and attacks, and investing millions to improve protection on its devices

Italian spyware firm is hacking into iOS and Android devices, Google says

CSO Magazine

RCS Lab spyware uses known exploits to install harmful payloads and steal private user data, according to a Google report

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Apple pushes out emergency updates to address zero-day exploits

CSO Magazine

Apple has encouraged users of older mobile and desktop devices to update their software ASAP, as a vulnerability could allow an attacker to take complete control of older Apple devices

Microsoft security vulnerabilities drop after five-year rise

CSO Magazine

The total number of Microsoft vulnerabilities reported in 2021 dropped by 5%, reversing a five-year trend that saw such vulnerabilities rising sharply, according to a new report from identity management and security vendor BeyondTrust.

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The Russian cyberattack threat might force a new IT stance

CSO Magazine

There’s a lot of fear of possible Russian cyberattacks stemming from Russia’s attempted takeover of Ukraine.

Facebook agrees to settle class action lawsuit related to Cambridge Analytica data breach

CSO Magazine

Facebook parent Meta Platforms agreed Friday to settle a class action lawsuit seeking damages for allowing British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica access to the private data of tens of millions of Facebook users.

Big tech platforms sign up to the EU Commission’s new Code of Practice on Disinformation

CSO Magazine

Major technology platforms have joined 34 signatories in committing to the EU Commission’s attempts to fight online disinformation by removing financial incentives and empowering researchers and fact checkers

Microsoft urges Windows users to run patch for DogWalk zero-day exploit

CSO Magazine

Microsoft has confirmed that a high-severity, zero-day security vulnerability is actively being exploited by threat actors and is advising all Windows and Windows Server users to apply its latest monthly Patch Tuesday update as soon as possible.

The cloud comes down to earth

CSO Magazine

An ever-expanding universe of cloud platforms, services, and applications have become fundamental to business and IT operations

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Edge computing: The architecture of the future

CSO Magazine

To fully digitize the last mile of business, you need to distribute compute power where it's needed most -- right next to IoT devices that collect data from the real world

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5 best practices for secure collaboration

CSO Magazine

The landscape around collaboration and communication security has changed in recent years, spurred by the shift to remote work as companies scrambled to bring video and team collaboration tools online.

Microsoft bolsters threat intelligence security portfolio with two new products

CSO Magazine

Drawing from its acquisition of RiskIQ, Microsoft is releasing Defender External Attack Surface Management and Defender External Attack Surface Management

Slack outage stymies some business users

CSO Magazine

The team channels platform was down at mid-morning in the US; Slack says it's still trying to identify and fix the problem

16 Wall Street firms fined $1.8B for using private text apps, lying about it

CSO Magazine

The banks and brokerages were fined because employees were messaging and texting with clients without recording the communications, as required. And some of the firms' execs lied about it and deleted messages

How to stop worrying and love zero trust

CSO Magazine

If you want to work remotely from home — or stay on the move as a digital nomad — you can thank zero trust for making that possible


U.S., EU reach preliminary data privacy agreement

CSO Magazine

The U.S. and the European Union (EU) have a preliminary agreement over the storing of European data on U.S. It was announced by President Biden and EU President Ursula von der Leyen, speaking on Friday March 25. If successful, the data agreement would resolve a significant point of contention in U.S.-EU

Microsoft touts first PCs to ship natively with secure Pluton chip

CSO Magazine

As organizations continue to wrestle with how to manage a hybrid workforce, security outside the corporate firewall continues to play a huge role in day-to-day IT operations. Following the October release of Windows 11, which boasted features aimed at enabling hybrid work, Microsoft last week announced the first PCs with its Pluton chip-to-cloud security technology. The technology is aimed at securing the computers of remote workers and others.

All You Need To Know About Fonts

The Daily Egg

Whether you’re in charge of designing a website, flyer, brochure, magazine, ad, street sign, billboard, textbook or ebook, you know the importance a font brings to your design. Design without fonts would be like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the bread; it’s no longer a sandwich. It’s common to think of fonts only […] The post All You Need To Know About Fonts appeared first on The Daily Egg. Branding brand strategy

How multiverse simulation can speed up innovation

IT World

Apparently, during the pandemic, I spent so much time-consuming digital content, I stopped reading print magazines. Last weekend I tried to catch up on reading my Popular Mechanics magazines — from 2021 — and one article blew my mind a bit.

What Business Owners Need to Consider When Disaster Strikes

Nimble - Sales

The knowledge that Brian has shared over his years of publishing articles in Entrepreneur magazine and the Wall Street Journal delivers amazing knowledge for this Influencer Webinar Reply […].

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Subscription to Success


Below is an excerpt of the article, “Subscription to Success,” from Fortune Magazine’s May Fortune 500 edition. When public health […]. The post Subscription to Success appeared first on Zuora.

Why We Should Be Optimistic About the Future

Andreessen Horowitz

In this conversation from our 2019 Summit, Kevin Kelly (Founding Executive Editor, WIRED magazine) … The post Why We Should Be Optimistic About the Future appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz.


Ownership is Dead. Long Live Usership.


Learn more about Tien Tzuo's perspective on increasing usership from the latest Subscribed magazine. The post Ownership is Dead. Long Live Usership. appeared first on Zuora. Growth + Leadership Subscription Economy

3 Tips for Subscription Companies During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Subscription DNA

Gyms, magazines, SaaS and paywall-centric companies seem… Read more. It’s not secret that the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting many different industries–and the subscription industry is no exception.

Putting the Customer Back In the Driving Seat: Why Subscriber Experience Has Never Been More Important For Survival


This article was originally published in CXM (Customer Experience Magazine) by John Phillips, GM of EMEA at Zuora. With […]. The post Putting the Customer Back In the Driving Seat: Why Subscriber Experience Has Never Been More Important For Survival appeared first on Zuora.

Tech-driven subscription models are turning the automotive industry upside down


This story was originally published in the November/December issue of Smart Automotive Magazine. It was written by Iman Ghodosi, VP […]. The post Tech-driven subscription models are turning the automotive industry upside down appeared first on Zuora

8 Practical Ways to Keep Your Business Data Secure

SaaS Metrics

According to Cybercrime Magazine, cybercrime happens to be the fastest growing crime in the US. Cybercrime attacks are increasing in cost, sophistication, and size. No wonder data security is becoming a major threat for any business, small or big.

The Future of Tech for Social Good: Small World Social


From the latest issue of the Subscribed magazine, learn more about the HelpMe Feed app and it's example on how the Subscription Economy can benefit nonprofits. With the world hosting a complexity of social issues, Small World Social's aims to "make the complex simple" by making the right information accessible. The post The Future of Tech for Social Good: Small World Social appeared first on Zuora. Industry: SaaS Subscription Economy

Why You Must Integrate Your Digital with a Traditional Marketing Strategy

Nimble - Sales

Ads in weekly magazines/newspapers etc. Traditional Marketing vs. Digital marketing Traditional marketing is the conventional mode of marketing that has been the choice of marketing and advertisements since ages. This includes: Television. Newspaper. Radio. Flyers and billboards. The era of the Internet has its influence in every realm of life including marketing strategies. The use […].

The Future of Financial Planning: eMoney


Powered with a forward-thinking and futuristic perspective, discover eMoney's growth with it's product roadmap, employee size, and client base from the latest Subscribed magazine. The post The Future of Financial Planning: eMoney appeared first on Zuora. Finance Industry: SaaS Subscription Economy

The Future of Consumer Healthcare: Philips


Learn more about Philip's more integrated, connected, and customer-focused solutions from the latest Subscribed magazine. As demands have changed over time, Philips has refocused it's perspective on a more customer-centric business model to meet the needs of their customers. The post The Future of Consumer Healthcare: Philips appeared first on Zuora. Subscription Economy

Welcoming our newest board member to Intercom

Inside Intercom

I’m excited to announce that we have welcomed a new and accomplished member to the Intercom board: Eileen Naughton, previously an executive leader at Google, President of Time Magazine, and General Manager of Fortune.

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How to master the diversity hiring challenge

IT World

Palma drew on data clearing showing that ‘straight white men dominate our industry,’" according to a story about the speech in InfoSecurity Magazine. "He The hiring of people from under-represented groups, whether it's racial, nation of origin, sexual identity, etc., is usually non-controversial. But even non-controversial issues can get elbows flying.

The Future of Manufacturing: NCR


Learn how NCR is shaping the future of manufacturing with a curated mix shift to recurring software and services revenue from the latest Subscribed magazine. The post The Future of Manufacturing: NCR appeared first on Zuora. Finance Industry: Internet of Things IT Subscription Economy