The importance of doing reference checks (2/2)

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This is part two of Jenny's article about the importance of reference checks. Last time we spoke about WHY you should do reference checks and what impact a bad hire can have on your organization. General thoughts on the HOW: If you do reference checks, make sure they are one of the last steps of your recruitment process. The number of reference checks people do varies greatly between 1 to 15 checks per person. guest post jenny reference checks

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Every time we raised prices, it was a battle between us; Adam and I as the co-founders and the sales leadership and the sales managers and the sales team. We paid a $2500 bonus for any referral, and then we paid a $10,000 referral bonus for anybody that referred a software engineer.

8 Tough Lessons from Closing 12,000 Customers at WebPT (Video + Transcript)


Heidi promptly referred me to a good physical therapist so at least I started acquiring physical therapy domain expertise. The second thing as Heidi mentioned briefly before that she started a thought leadership conference five years ago called Ascend.

Scaling Up Sales Managers: 5 Mistakes New leaders Make (Video + Transcript)


If your SaaS business has a sales team, there’s no way to grow 100% year-over-year without also growing your sales leadership. I give a version of this talk to all of my first-time managers in order to set them up for success as they start their leadership journey.

Six Reasons You Should NOT Create a Category


It’s hard enough to position your own company and product, let alone create a cognitive reference for an entire industry. You may not necessarily see each other in every deal, but you are in a very real sense competing for thought leadership.

Top Lessons in Building Great Teams from Khosla Ventures (Video + Transcript)


Keith : And that’s one thing a good BC, board member, can do is I have a network of all of those people and I sort of have done reference checks on many of them and can kinda triangulate, “Well, here’s a good one that would be a great fit for you.

7 Tips For Using Customer Feedback To Build Rabid Fans And Make More Money (Video + Transcript)


Several of who he referred and who became Lever customers. Blog Posts Career Growth & Advice Early Leadership Marketing Other SaaStr Events Scale Videos Leela Srinivasan saastr saastr annual surveymonkey

Beyond $1B ARR: Lessons from Zendesk on Why the Cloud is Unstoppable (Video + Transcript)


it’s to say that we are gonna provide a lot of components, lot of helping stuff, a lot of infrastructure, a lot of reference stuff, but you should think about the public cloud as your platform. The cloud’s biggest days are yet to come.

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SaaStr Podcasts for the Week with SocialChorus, Trello, Gremlin, Terminal, Guild Education, Gitlab, and Pleo — November 15, 2019


Dylan Serota: So, there’s a lot from overall market selection, but from a team standpoint, there’s no question that you need strong initial leadership for that team to be successful. And her references were so off the charts everyone said they would follow her wherever she went.

“Land, Expand, Explode: How to Win the Long-Game in SaaS” Egnyte Chief Customer Officer and Co-Founder Rajesh Ram (Video + Transcript)


These champions are internal references. Of course, they could be external references as well. They want to call the leadership of the company.

“From Hackathon to Unicorn” Talkdesk Co-Founder Tiago Paiva and SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin (Video + Transcript)


So Zendesk referred you leads because they’re competitive, their pseudo competitive product broke it’s scale. In 2011, Tiago Paiva won a Twilio hackathon by embracing the overlooked call center industry.

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How to Make the Whole World Love Your Product from Bevy, Atlassian, Salesforce and Slack (Video + Transcript)


They are driving 40% higher adoption of our products and they’re four times less likely to attrit and these are insane numbers and they’re jaw dropping to our leadership because it’s … you would think that this is common.

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They talked to all the customers, they did reference calls and turns out they said really, really good things about us and lo and behold it led to our series A. Our Chief Revenue officer, another one of our senior leadership lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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And a lot of people refer to that as revenue mix. Jon Herstein: I think another important thing is, you know, what is your leadership doing? So a lot of those things, which there’s a lot of overhead to a company in doing that, particularly for your senior leadership.

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Means are number of QBRs, number of touches, number of on-sites, customer advocacy – reviews or references, and then there’s end, which is, for us, net retention. They’re the ones who are willing to go out there at conferences like this, and talk about Talkdesk, or refer us.

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Very hard negotiator, always wanting more, always wanting more, and then shortly after we were starting to raise our Series A, and we asked him if he could be a reference, speak about us to our prospective investors.

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Anneka Gupta: These people were people that had been on the team for a long time, who, as a leadership team, we felt they were able to interview well for culture, because they were great cultural icons within the company.

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Originally we started thinking about our sales in terms of logo acquisition, because we’re looking for reference-able customers. And so that required leadership coming in and saying, “What exactly am I looking to incentivize here?”

The Sendgrid Journey: Scaling From Growth Stage to $2B Acquisition in 4 Years (Video + Transcript)


Anna Khan: Since then, we’ve become good friends and he’s been a CEO reference for me in building my portfolio. And that was an important shift, I think, for our leadership team.

“5 Dos and Dont’s Lessons From My Bootstrapping Days” Wrike Founder and CEO Andrew Filev (Video + Transcript)


Again, I had unfortunate pleasure of doing a couple of references. That’s a rare occasion, but I did have at least three or four of those and so, so be be careful, I still have big delivered that the references are one of the most important parts of the interview process.

From Idea to Billion Dollar Business: the RingCentral Journey (Video + Transcript)


So once we had Sequoia and Khosla in, we had these references people could call them, so that was fine. Career Growth & Advice Early Exit Strategy Leadership Other SaaStr Events Videos saastr annual

5 Key Steps to Evolving Your Offering Into a Platform with Eventbrite and Stripe (Video + Transcript)


Blog Posts Engineering Exit Leadership Metrics Role / Function SaaStr Events Videos eventbrite Renaud Visage Romain Huet saastr saastr annual saastr europa 2019 StripeHow can a simple offering be transformed into its own platform?

“The “Dos & Don’ts” of Building Winning SaaS Companies with G2 Crowd (Video + Transcript)


And our whole goal with G2 is to make that much easier because you will also tend to tax your references. And I mentioned Lars earlier, but I think after a while for SteelBrick he was doing like 10 reference calls a month and he’d say, “Look I have a job to build.

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This can be referred to as a land and expand strategy. Blog Posts Customer Success Featured Videos Fundraising Leadership Marketing Metrics Product SaaS Product Pricing SaaStr Events Videos Menlo Ventures Monetization Naomi Pilosof Ionita price to value saastr saastr annual 2019

State of the Cloud 2019: Europa Edition with Alex Ferrara, Bessemer Venture Partners (Video + Transcript)


We’ve referred to them as GRIT. Blog Posts Fundraising Leadership Metrics Role / Function SaaStr Events Videos Alex Ferrara bessemer venture partners saastr saastr europa 2019

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How To Scale an Open Culture. What We’ve Learned at Atlassian (Video + Transcript)


And is that a reference document that is a living, breathing expression of what you’re trying to accomplish that everybody can contribute to? Jay Simons, President at Atlassian, talks about the openness at Atlassian and some of the lessons he learned along the way.

SaaStr Podcasts for the Week with InCountry and Y Combinator — July 19, 2019


And they can tell just from their diligence process on you, where you really are at, and they’ll do the reference checks and what have you.

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“Top lessons learned from our best and worst marketing experiments” Lucidchart Co-Founder and CEO Karl Sun (Video + Transcript)


Some things that Loyd referred to as well. We did one about leadership style based on the characters from Hamilton the musical. Blog Posts Career Growth & Advice Company Stage Featured Videos Leadership Marketing Other SaaStr Events Scale Videos saastr saastr europa

How To Scale an Open Culture. What We’ve Learned at Atlassian (Video + Transcript)


And is that a reference document that is a living, breathing expression of what you’re trying to accomplish that everybody can contribute to? Jay Simons, President at Atlassian, talks about the openness at Atlassian and some of the lessons he learned along the way.

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In terms of resources, consider referring to case studies, presentation material, buyer interaction possibilities, sales messaging resources, and so on. . Sales Intelligence Sales Management sales Sales Leadership Sales Strategy

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Then we built a video academy with all that material which became the sales and support and success training onboarding it was used as a reference to customers as well. Blog Posts Company Culture Growth Hiring International Expansion Leadership Sales Strategy Scale Videos saastr europa

SaaStr Podcast #209: Amanda Kleha, Chief Customer Officer @ Figma Discusses How To Ensure Successful Cross-Functional Communication


You’re not shy to bring them up, so you might have some leadership capabilities. Amanda Kleha: Oh, I was just going to say another lesson I learned over the years is to do reference checks and wherever possible a back channel reference. Welcome to Episode 209!

SaaStr Podcast #222: Ben Braverman, Flexport CRO Discusses Why Specialization Does Not Lead To The Best Customer Experience


And so it’s a lot to ask of someone, okay, not only do you have to move cargo, but you’re responsible for retaining this customer spend, for increasing their spend over time, for understanding the pain points of all of their senior leadership.

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The Two Dimensions of Startup Performance


in the middle of an accounting scandal (and were even referred to by some as the “ Enron of Norway ”) and after its $11B acquisition by HP, Autonomy was charged with allegations of fraud, some of which are still being litigated. [6]

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I refer to myself as the chief friction-removal officer. In fact, asking good questions is part of my leadership style, because there are no good answers without good questions. Can you share your leadership philosophy with us? Leadership

4 Ways To Help Your Employees And Your Company Develop A Growth Mindset

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That talent can be nurtured; that intelligence can be fostered; and that creativity and leadership can be developed. But what typically nets the best results is talking to applicants’ references and asking specifically about their drive to improve.

Why a Rapidly Changing World Requires Boards to Innovate and Bring Corporate Governance into the Digital Age

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Better yet, how about letting the system cross-reference a company’s current regulatory filings, earnings call transcripts, and press releases against prior ones? LeadershipEditor’s Note: This article was first published on LinkedIn here. . Imagine a time when the world’s largest companies were run by boards comprised primarily of white men.