High NRR Can Scale Infinitely. Invest More There.


But the vast majority of the top SaaS and Cloud companies have shown top-tier NRR can scale forever. The post High NRR Can Scale Infinitely. Invest More There. Blog Posts Customer Success ScaleTwilio’s NRR since 2019. Pretty consistent.

Four Steps to Scaling to $250M from Stack Overflow


Prashanth Chandrasekar, CEO @ Stack Overflow recently shared with our community the four key pillars he feels are necessary to propel a company to scale upward. Is your product sound, and does it solve a big problem for customers, enough for you to scale?


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Protocal: Private Equity Investments in SaaS Are Up 142% From Last Year


Protocol and Pitchbook partnered to do a comparison to see what’s happening in Private Equity and enterprise deals so far in 2021, and the data is a bit jaw-dropping: Just in 1H’21, PE invested $20.4B Blog Posts Growth Scale

Investing in Convex

Andreessen Horowitz

However, as applications scale, distribution becomes a necessity. It is needed as data … The post Investing in Convex appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz. Distributed systems are hard to build. Really hard.

New Study: 2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report

The survey results confirm that embedding analytics is well worth the investment. must continue to invest in analytics. have decided to increase their investments in the next year. continue to invest. and scale analytics over time. Continued investment.

Lessons in Scaling a Low Code Platform with Airtable


How do you scale a company based that can be collaborative for everyone in your org — from finance to marketing? Invest in your own personal growth similar to how you would actively solicit venture investment for capital.

An Ingenious Guide on Convincing Your Senior Leadership Team to Invest More in Customer Experience


The struggle to convince your senior leadership team to invest in customer experience has always been there for decades. So, what is the best way to convince the core leadership to invest in customer experience? Quantifying returns on CX investments.

Investing in LayerZero

Andreessen Horowitz

The past few years have seen a surge in the number of sidechains, rollups, and Layer-1 blockchains which support and scale applications handling billions of dollars worth of value. Bridging … The post Investing in LayerZero appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz.

Investing in Latitud

Andreessen Horowitz

Building and scaling a company is HARD. Imagine this: you have a great idea you have been vetting for months, you finally convince your dream co-founder to take the plunge … The post Investing in Latitud appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz.

5 Ways to Scale SaaS and Sales Teams with Zoom’s CRO Ryan Azus (Video)


As you scale up a business, you’ll see an increase in demand for product, followed by an inevitable increase in sales. But how should you proceed when it comes to scaling your sales team? 5 ways to scale your SaaS and sales team. Invest in enablement.

5 Early Indicators Your Embedded Analytics Will Fail

They invest time and money in a quick- fix tool, such as a bolt-on analytics that. can’t be customized or scaled. Updating your application’s dashboards and reporting features. may feel optional—until suddenly it’s not. Watch for these 5 signs.

Our Investment In Emotive

Mucker Capital

Mucker’s first meeting with Emotive happened in November of 2018, though our initial investment wouldn’t happen until 18 months later in May 2020 when we would lead their Series A.

Top 5 Mistakes Building & Scaling Global Product Teams with Hubspot GM & VP, Products Poorvi Shrivastav (Pod 551 + Video)


Managers often grapple with how to create and scale a global product team. Scaling a team isn’t about increasing the size, rather it’s about increasing the output of the teams and producing tangible value. As you scale, you will need the right kind of ambition in your team.

The $2 Million Dollar Man/Woman: How to Think About Scaling Your Customer Success Team


But maybe not while you are scaling, you can often afford to invest more if you have funding. This is pretty much where most of us end up at, at scale. Even at one per $1m ARR, up to $10m ARR or more, it’s a great investment.

Secrets to Building Your Marketing Engine To Drive Scale with Airtable CMO Archana Agrawal (Video)


She reveals how customer centricity, operational rigor, and data-driven strategies drove Airtable to scale and serve over 300,000 organizations, including 80% of the Fortune 100. Invest in your tech stack so that you keep growing while you scale.

How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

dropping on a low-value feature (Feature C), you may want to stop investing in it. the feature positions in your Packaging Decision Framework, noting where on the value scale (x-axis) each feature falls. HOW TO PACKAGE & PRICE EMBEDDED ANALYTICS.

How to Justify “Non-Sexy” Product Investments

Casey Accidental

A common issue leaders in product management, design, or engineering face is justifying investment in the “non-sexy” stuff. But I urge everyone I can in product to develop the intuition to support these initiatives without making teams jump through hoops to justify these investments.

SaaStr Podcast 441: Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Scaling with Monday.com’s co-CEOs


Scaling your SaaS company isn’t just about hitting the right growth metrics –– it requires a thorough understanding of your business goals, company culture, and leadership dynamic. You own the data, it’s yours, and that was instrumental in our ability to scale.”. #2

How to Scale Outbound Sales with the CROs of Each (Podcast 513 and Video)


Scaling your sales team can be one of the hardest things to do in SaaS. How should you foster growth and scale from your current pool of SDR and BDR talent? I throw over higher quality, it’s not so much a volume game anymore, and I’m invested.

To Really Scale, You Need $1M on Your Balance Sheet for Every $2M in ARR


And here, they just couldn’t safely invest. If I’d had $5m+ on the balance sheet, I would have made far, far more investments. But at least, once you’re at Initial Scale, make sure you maintain 50% of your ARR on the balance sheet.

Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualizations Will Never Be Enough

Flexible Security Application teams have already invested. application teams are planning to invest more in their embedded. planning to invest more in. features, and scales your solution for. MONETIZING ANALYTICS FEATURES: Why Data Visualizations. Will Never Be Enough.

How to Maximize Your Customer Training Investment

Sales Hacker

As a result, much of the evaluation, investment, and rollout of virtual training technology in 2020 was rushed, limited in scope, and poorly planned. Businesses must take a step back, evaluate their software investments, and rework their implementations.

Battery Ventures: VC Investments Are Way Up. But Deals Aren’t.


Battery Ventures’ data says while VC investment $$$ are on fire — they aren’t going into more startups. Some guideposts to guide to at scale. #4. The post Battery Ventures: VC Investments Are Way Up.

What we learned from Scale in 2020

Inside Intercom

This year, we launched Scale , a new content strand focusing on how industry leaders are propelling their companies forward by keeping their customers front and center. . Sprinklr’s VP of Marketing Yoli Chisholm on unlocking the key to one-to-one marketing at scale.

Eating My Own SaaStr Dogfood: Why I Invested in a Start-up With a Seeming 50+ Competitors


This was my first venture investment. One of the earliest posts I did on SaaStr was back in 2013 when I made my first venture investment, co-leading the seed round in Pipedrive. I also made a lot of mistakes on this investment I’ll share in another post.

Snowflake, CrowdStike and SumoLogic: “How to Leverage the Cloud Giants to Scale to 100 Million ARR and Beyond”


This episode is an excerpt from a session at SaaStr Scale. It’s definitely an investment that requires that kind of executive level visibility. ” So we found that to be very impactful and are continuing to invest in the technical team supporting those integrations.

Cloud 179

Freemium at Scale with Typeform CEO (Video + Transcript)


Freemium can help software companies gain users quickly—but what happens when it’s time to scale back or up? Join Joaquim Lecha, CEO at Typeform, and Christoph Janz, Managing Partner at Point Nine, as they delve into freemium at scale. The second one is customer feedback at scale. But if you invest ten thousand fifty thousand or 100,000 a month, then you will get a lot and you will really experience the value of having that better interaction.

Investing in Sourcegraph

Andreessen Horowitz

Whether living across multiple repositories or within a single monolith, an astonishing amount of code—and its associated languages, systems, and tools—has become a reality at not just scale tech … The post Investing in Sourcegraph appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz.

12 of the Most Common Mistakes Scaling Your First Sales Team


We overindex on the inside information, and how quickly we assume they could scale up … and because of that, we let their other weaknesses slide in candidates we otherwise wouldn’t hire. Sales reps don’t have to scale in a day.

The Secrets of Scaling to Acquisition

Chart Mogul

VC-backed startups are buying other startups at the fastest pace in over a decade and North American startup investment totaled 155 billion this year so far. It’s no surprise to founders out there, but hiring is a huge piece of the scaling puzzle.

Where Will Sales Investments Pay off in 2022?

Sales Hacker

What sales investments should you focus on in 2022? As in-person sales meetings continue to be either impossible, unpopular, or both, it makes sense for businesses to maintain investments in remote engagement platforms, which give sellers and customers an engaging way to meet virtually.

11 Signs To Predict If a Venture Investment Will or Won’t Work Out


Q: What was your failed investment experience and where will you never invest funds again? I’ve made about 30 material investments. Some of my best investments had zero revenue the first 2 years or even longer. If the metrics don’t make sense, don’t invest.

How to Build a High-Performing and Data-Driven Inside Sales team at Scale with WalkMe’s VP of Sales, Aliisa Rosenthal (Video)


Aliisa Rosenthal, VP of Sales at WalkMe , shares her insights on developing a powerhouse inside sales team at scale to succeed in today’s customer-driven marketplace. Investing in a robust CRM software is a must as it helps you consolidate data about customer interactions.

Lessons from New Relic: Five Critical Steps to Scaling Enterprise (Video + Transcript)


Erica has led New Relic through massive growth, scaling the company’s enterprise business 10x since she joined the business pre-IPO. Erica will share the five critical steps (and some lessons learned along the way) for scaling in the enterprise. We operate at great scale. We’re operating at great, great scale more every day as we serve the enterprise market even more. Let’s talk about five critical lessons when scaling to the enterprise.

A Weird and Wacky Approach To Angel Investing


An Odd Start To My Angel Investing. So I thought of an idea: Why not invest in startups? Angel investing is like having a niece or nephew. It is now the #1 CRM platform for scaling companies with over 100,000 customers. No follow-on investments.

How to Scale a SaaS business: 5 Growth Tips with Jason Lemkin + Algolia


Check out the session here: Algolia also summarized their Top 5 take-aways here , and below: Most SaaS founders start out the same way— armed with ample expertise of the technical details that go into a product and with limited experience of other aspects of scaling, such as sales.

How to venture into product-led growth and scale successfully


The unique model that the Boston-based VC firm has is to provide strong support to companies post their investment to help them refine business models, pricing, marketing so they can ultimately scale. The post How to venture into product-led growth and scale successfully appeared first on SaaS Revolution Hub. The guest on the latest episode of the SaaS Revolution Show is Ashley Murphy, Director of Growth at OpenView Ventures.