The New Era of SaaS Forecasting


If you’re like most SaaS founders, you’ve googled for a saas financial template you can use to forecast your subscription business. As of the writing of this post, a query for “SaaS forecasting” returns 2.8 As the practice of predicting the future, forecasting has lured, plagued, charmed, blessed, and doomed the plans of humans for eons. Yet, while forecasting subscription businesses is a new frontier, it’s far from the state of the art.

SaaS Company Benchmarking: Leveraging Metrics for Performance Insights


Working with your management team, you then develop a bottom up forecast for expenses. Bottom-Up Expense Forecasting. Benchmarking also provides useful data on spending levels across the major expense categories, i.e., COR, R&D, S&M, and G&A, and well as specific data on headcount for each team within these categories.

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Your Sales Year is Coming to an End. Are you ready?


Track your “best cases” but don’t include them in your forecast. If you have open headcount for Q1 be interviewing in Q4. Behind headcount equals behind plan. It’s two weeks until December.

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8 Finance Mistakes Growing SaaS Businesses Make and How to Fix Them


This INCLUDES headcount-related expenses. If you are utilizing Gusto or a similar payroll tool, your headcount expenses are likely coming into your P&L as one (or maybe two) line item(s).

How to get your sales team meet their sales quota every single time

Forecast quota. Based on the historical sales data of specific territories, the past performance of your sales team and reps, and your expected business growth, you can also set a forecast quota. Note that Close CRM offers you an opportunity report to forecast sales.

How to Calculate Your Customer Renewal Rate


To account for that, you can insert potential and actual dollar values in place of the headcount: Customer Renewal Rate = Actual Renewal Value ÷ Potential Renewal Value X 100. Accurately calculating your customer renewal rate is a forecast for future growth. Renewal is about a consistent revenue basis. The rate at which your customers extend their relationship with you determines how fast and how far your enterprise can grow.

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The ultimate guide to sales development

How to forecast and set goals for your team. How to forecast and set goals for your team. Forecasting is a critical part of your sales strategy. Accurate forecasting also helps you anticipate any changes in headcount or budget so your organization can adequately prepare.

End of the year startup checklist

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A financial plan for next year including a headcount plan, a sales plan (if applicable) and a forecast for out of cash date and timing of next fundraise. I call the last working week in December Board Week because it’s packed with board meetings. These board meetings are often the most important of the year. By virtue of their place on the calendar, everyone in the room is thinking more strategically, less tactically.

There’s more than one path to $100 million

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As I wrote here , trying to forecast what happens to your CACs if you 10x your sales and marketing spend is very difficult. Like a large tanker at cruising speed that cannot quickly take a turn, a startup with a fast-growing headcount and a high burn rate loses some of its ability to quickly react to new information, new insights, or changes in the market. A couple of years ago I wrote a post titled “How fast is fast enough?”.

There’s more than one path to $100 million

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As I wrote here , trying to forecast what happens to your CACs if you 10x your sales and marketing spend is very difficult. A couple of years ago I wrote a post titled “How fast is fast enough?”.

Data-driven sales: 18 sales KPIs and metrics to grow your revenue faster

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If you’re forecasting short on your global revenue target, do you know how you’ll make up the difference? It helps you understand how efficient you are at allocating headcount and how effective your reps are at hitting quota.

A playbook for the impatient SDR: 4 key tips to grow your sales career

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Business needs and team headcounts will change as a company matures. This means that if an SDR shows she is ready for a promotion but headcount doesn’t exist for the next role, she will not be promoted until that headcount opens up.