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But what does it mean, as both a creative and a leader, to “showrun” something, whether a TV show… or a … Uncategorized #dothework entertainment founder/maker/operator stories new mediums on leadership TVThe writer-showrunner is a relatively new phenomenon in TV, as opposed to film, which is still a director-driven enterprise.

“7 Tips and Tricks to having happy customers at Scale” New Relic EVP, Roger Scott (Video + Transcript)


I think the people that you hire, it’s a combination of the organization that you create, it’s the leadership that you hire and the service delivery mentality that you think about. So we have a strong presence in the media and entertainment world.

SaaStr Podcast #209: Amanda Kleha, Chief Customer Officer @ Figma Discusses How To Ensure Successful Cross-Functional Communication


You’re not shy to bring them up, so you might have some leadership capabilities. And what we learned was that customers don’t like pricing changes forced on them, but they are willing to entertain new prices if you give them a choice. Welcome to Episode 209!

Is Your SaaS Charismatic Enough to Build a Tribe?


Charisma — a personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure (such as a political leader) Merriam-Webster. Our ability to be informative, transparent, authentic, entertaining, and engaging has an impact on the success of our content.

Totango Global Executive Forum delivers inspiration, premier quality content and connections with NPS score of 87.5!


Edgar Papke – Award-winning Author and Expert on Organizational Leadership.

Top Sales Conferences and Events You Can’t Miss in 2019

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AA-ISP Leadership Summit. Attended by around 1000+ Inside Sales leaders, LS2019 will focus on prioritizing organization mission and personal leadership development. What they’re saying: “ What a great week it’s been at the Leadership Summit!

7 Companies Show you their Customer Experience Strategy


Gusto leadership point out that companies have go-to-market strategies but go blank when asked about CX strategies. New apps for navigation, new forms of entertainment, layout changes, curbside valet, bag check at parking garages.

How to Qualify a Prospect (And 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid)

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Gucci’s leadership couldn’t understand why and eventually brought in a consultancy firm to help. As the first step in the sales process, prospecting can make or break your entire funnel. . That’s why it’s critical you know how to qualify a prospect (the right way).

46 Bad Ass Sales Podcasts Every Sales Professional Should Follow in 2019

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Get technical help and a dose of motivation from two of the leading B2B sales trainers, leadership coaches and business strategists on the market. The path to sales enlightenment requires continuous self-learning, but there’s a real problem. Salespeople are BUSY.

InsightSquared Highlights the Benefits of Measuring the Demand Unit Waterfall at SiriusDecisions 2019 Summit


InsightSquared is part of the ABM Leadership Alliance (ABMLA) , uniting industry-leading technology partners to educate B2B marketers about how developing and deploying an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy can help them close bigger deals with target accounts and increase pipeline velocity.

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PODCAST 57: Career Progression as a Concentric Circle to Become Top Manager w/ Ashley Grech

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Most of the challenges of management or leadership is people. If we were to say, “We are the sales leadership team for $100 billion company,” what would that mean on the street? The HBR IdeaCast is entertaining because it covers a broad range of topics.

5 Lessons for Startups from Edison’s Invention of the Phonograph

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Within this unique setting, towards the end of one midnight dinner, on July 18, 1877, Edison decided to entertain himself by speaking into one of the telephone diaphragms. Great leadership is about getting the most out of people. by Erik Rannala.

How we used the power of the follow up to get the Close.com domain


That’s when he began entertaining the idea of giving the domain to one of his investors who was working on something else with a Close-related name. What ensued was A LOT of back and forth for the better part of a month—dozens of emails and phone calls with the seller and our leadership team to land on a mutually beneficial transaction. Just a few weeks ago, we announced our rebrand as Close and shared the news that we purchased the close.com domain name.