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Dear SaaStr: How Do Founders Take Advantage of VCs?


Q: There are a lot of examples of VCs taking advantage of entrepreneurs. What are some examples of entrepreneurs taking advantage of VCs? I can name a few.

Best SEO Services Compared

The Daily Egg

SEO services can help you optimize your website’s reach using keywords, targeted advertisement, and personalized content development. After reviewing dozens of providers. The post Best SEO Services Compared appeared first on The Daily Egg. Reviews Website


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Report: The Top 7 Reasons Salespeople Lose Deals in 2022 (& How to Fix It)

Sales Hacker

In these challenging economic times, business as usual has been anything but – and like many sectors, B2B sales is in the midst of transition. A recent survey of B2B sales professionals commissioned by my company, Lusha, sheds light on the extent to which this critical industry is in a state of flux.

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Customer Success Playbook Tips: Five Proven Tactics


Customer Success Playbook Strategies: Mapping a Path to Winning Outcomes. A customer success playbook maps out a game plan you can use to automate successful outcomes for your clients.

Product Market Fit: A Lesson from Sephora’s Head of Product

Speaker: Sneha Narahalli - VP, Head of Product at Sephora

In this webinar, Sneha Narahalli, Head of Product at Sephora (Digital, Data & MarTech), will give you an iterative method for identifying and developing Product Market Fit.

Sphera Signs Agreement to Acquire riskmethods, a Leader in Artificial Intelligence Supply Chain Risk Management Software

The SaaS Garage

Leading global ESG firm to acquire SaaS company to enhance risk management offering and accelerate Scope 3 emissions monitoring and reporting solutions.

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Podcast: It Pays to Know


[link] Over the past several years, there has been incredible growth among organizations that have embedded payments into their offerings. From Shopify to Toast to ServiceTitan, the business case for creating one-stop-shop services is stronger than ever. It used to be cool to be your own boss.

Tech salaries on the rise globally: report

IT World

A new report from tech-focused recruiting marketplace has found that over the last two and a half years, there has been a global increase in salaries across nearly all tech roles.

A Framework for Finding A Design Partner

Andreessen Horowitz

Design partners, or the first few users of a company’s software, are often a key part of the early software development process.

GPU Servers for High Performance Supercomputing

SaaS Metrics

The world is changing and developing every second, and with every moment, more and more information is created. As a result, computer systems accumulate and process vast amounts of data, which not every server can technically handle. Powerful graphics cards, or GPU cards, come to the rescue.

How Collecting and Managing the Voice of the Customer Will Strengthen Your Product

Product teams strive to incorporate customers’ needs in everything they build, but this can’t be done without clear strategy, processes, and feedback loops in place. In this eBook, you'll learn how to build a robust voice of the customer program.

The Best in SaaS Are Just Growing Faster Than Ever. I Mean, It’s Crazy.


As this gets published, I’ve just about finished giving my talks at 2022 SaaStr Annual. And thank you so much to everyone that came, or watched the streaming. It really means a lot.

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How to Remove Unwanted Search Results From Google

The Daily Egg

One of the best and worst things about the Internet is that everything on it is there forever. This becomes a problem. The post How to Remove Unwanted Search Results From Google appeared first on The Daily Egg. Website


How To Sell Better In An Economic Downturn

Predictable Revenue

Jeff Koser joins the Predictable Revenue podcast to discuss how B2B sales organizations can not only survive an economic downturn but use it to their advantage. The post How To Sell Better In An Economic Downturn appeared first on Predictable Revenue.

Figma's 50x ARR Multiple & What it Means for Startup Fundraising

Tomasz Tunguz

Today, Adobe announced its intention to acquire Figma for $20b , valuing the business at 50x current ARR, the highest multiple paid for any software company of scale. Congratulations to team Figma on building their impressive business.

Shaping the Future: Product Strategy in the Age of Uncertainty

Speaker: William Haas Evans - Principal Consultant, Product Strategy Practice Lead, Kuroshio Consulting

In this webinar, we'll explore product strategy obstacles and present practices to overcome them while driving clarity and alignment across your executive team.

What Add On’s You Can — And Can’t — Charge For


I recently was in discussions with senior execs at 3 of the top SaaS companies about their platforms and partners. And all 3 made the same point — their partners can charge for stuff they can’t. Even if it doesn’t totally make sense.

How To Respond To Customer Complaints

The Daily Egg

No one likes dealing with customer complaints, but getting it wrong can make or break a business. In fact, 83% of customers. The post How To Respond To Customer Complaints appeared first on The Daily Egg. Website

Cold Calling Best Practices

Predictable Revenue

Explore the top 5 sale coaching models used by high-performing sales leaders to maximize your return on investment and help reps retain sales training knowledge. Curious about cold calling best practices?

Customer Success Dashboard KPIs: Nine CS Metrics To Track


Customer Success Dashboard Metrics: Nine Top KPIs You Need to Monitor. A customer success dashboard provides a powerful tool for tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensuring that your clients are experiencing satisfying outcomes.

Going Beyond Gut Instinct: The Do’s and Don’ts of Strategic In-App Guides

In-app guides are powerful tools for delivering exceptional product experiences, but it’s all too easy to use them improperly or get too carried away. In this eBook, we’ll show you eight essential dos and don’ts for building impactful in-app guides.

Dear SaaStr: What Are the 5 Things Every Founder Should Know In the Early Days?


Dear SaaStr: What Are the 5 Things Every Founder Should Know In the Early Days? My list: Slow it down if you don’t have a great co-founder. Another idea will come, but it’s almost impossible to thrive without an amazing co-founder. More here. You always need about 25% more than your raise.

How To Ask For a Review

The Daily Egg

Most of us wouldn’t buy from a company with just a couple of reviews. But it’s difficult for a brand to build. The post How To Ask For a Review appeared first on The Daily Egg. Website

Episode 1: Fiserv | Demystifying Fintech, Regulations, and Everything In Between


[link] Our guest today is Kim Ford. Kim serves as Senior Vice President of Government Relations at Fiserv. Today, we are going to chat about topics like the CFPB, the FDIC, the OCC. But more than just regulatory bodies, we are also going to talk about FinTech and crypto: not just cryptocurrencies.

Science of Selling: How to Hit a New Level of Sales Efficiency

Sales Hacker

More than 65% of B2B organizations rank sales productivity as a top challenge. Yet, today, GTM teams are expected to do more with less — meaning it’s harder than ever to build a quality pipeline.

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From Feature Factory to an Outcome-Driven Product Team

Speaker: Matt LeMay - Product Coach and Consultant, Author of Product Management in Practice and Agile for Everybody

In this webinar, internationally recognized product leader Matt LeMay walks through the most common impediments to creating an outcome-focused product team and provides practical and actionable guidance for moving through them quickly and fearlessly.

Dear SaaStr: What Are the Danger Signs a Startup Isn’t Going to Work Out?


Dear SaaStr: What Are the Danger Signs a Startup Isn’t Going to Work Out? Let me share my list. It’s more about things I worry about after : Founders’ understanding of market doesn’t get deeper. I really worry when 9–12 months later, the founders do not understand their market better.

ActiveCampaign Review

The Daily Egg

Email marketing still has one of the highest ROI of any marketing type, which means choosing the right email marketing service is. The post ActiveCampaign Review appeared first on The Daily Egg. Reviews Website

Fundraising Tips and Best Practices for SaaS CFOs

Sage Intacct

Reliably securing funding is an indispensable component of any SaaS CFO's job. And now that the SaaS market has begun to follow suit with the broader economic trouble brewing at the moment, this is more true than ever. Software/SaaS SWTL

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Why Customer Success is your best investment during an economic downturn with You Mon Tsang and Punk CX


When a financial slowdown approaches, the smartest businesses look for areas where their investment has the best leverage. Today, the greatest opportunity for efficient growth lies with Customer Success (CS) teams—the purveyors of customer loyalty.

The 10 KPIs Every Product Leader Needs to Know

Product teams have access to tons of data these days, but just because you're tracking product metrics doesn't mean you're tracking the right product metrics. In this eBook, we walk through the ten KPIs every product leader should have on their radar.

5 Interesting Learnings from GitLab at $400,000,000 in ARR


So Gitlab is the latest SaaS and Cloud leader to do what seems almost impossible. To grow even faster as it scales. At $250m in ARR, it was growing a stunning 69%. Fast forward to today, at $400m in ARR, it’s now growing even faster, at 75% year-over-year. Just Wow. 5 Interesting Learnings: #1.

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Sendinblue vs. Mailchimp

The Daily Egg

Sendinblue and Mailchimp are both popular email marketing options with extensive features. They both make it easier to reach your audience with. The post Sendinblue vs. Mailchimp appeared first on The Daily Egg. Website

Startup Sales 101: Identifying and Selling to Your Target Market

Sales Hacker

Founders, take note: Just having a great product or service to offer is not enough to make a sales team successful. You need to know exactly who is willing to pay for that product or service and the best ways to reach them.

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