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The Top 10 Worst Pieces of SaaS Advice


Advice is very context sensitive, so take this post with a grain of salt. But I thought I’d take a stab at the Top 10 Pieces of Classic SaaS Advice … that, in my experience at least, are usually Just Plain Wrong. Not always, but usually.

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The Secret to Keeping Your Software Running and Keeping Customers Happy

Tomasz Tunguz

How important is uptime to your business? As more business moves online, an increasing number of companies have to answer than critical question. When products and services fail, customers can’t buy online or use their software, they churn, and the company suffers brand damage.


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Proactive Churn Prevention Promotes Customer Retention


Being proactive about churn prevention provides an antidote to customer attrition. Utilizing technology makes it one of the easiest ways to keep more customers.

Best Electronic Signature Software

The Daily Egg

Gone are the days of signing documents with a pen on paper. No more printing, scanning, faxing, or mailing physical paperwork for signatures, either. Electronic signature software has changed the way businesses operate.

Realizing the Benefits of Automated Machine Learning

How are organizations using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to derive business value? Renowned author and professor Tom Davenport explains the rise of automated machine learning, its benefits, and success stories from businesses that are already using it.

What Your First 100 Hires Will Look Like


There’s an exercise I’ve been through with many founders that are just getting to Initial Traction, say $1m-$2m in ARR or so, sometimes less, where I map out their future hiring. They are often a bit shocked at how many people they are going to need to hire as they cross $10m ARR.

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Investing in Clubhouse

Andreessen Horowitz

When I first met Paul Davison, it took about 10 seconds to realize he was one of the most charismatic, energetic founders I’d met in a long time. He told me about a new startup he was building—a mobile-first social … The post Investing in Clubhouse appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz.

Best Factoring Companies

The Daily Egg

Does your business need cash? Invoice factoring might be the solution. Many organizations are busy with work but still have cash flow problems. This is especially true for businesses that complete jobs on credit and have a slow receivables process.

Gartner: SaaS Will Be Even Bigger Than We Thought in 2022+


Early in my career, I was a bit skeptical of big analyst firms like Gartner. Was it all sort of some sort of game in enterprise software? But like many things, time goes on and I learned. Yes, sometimes a vendor recommendation from Gartner can seem a bit circular.

How to Build a Top-Performing Inside Sales Team From Scratch

Predictable Revenue

Dirk Van Reenen is here to talk more about the importance of finding the right people and keeping the team motivated. The post How to Build a Top-Performing Inside Sales Team From Scratch appeared first on Predictable Revenue.

B2B SaaS Financial Operations Trends Report 2021

From the economy to funding to the downstream impacts of ASC-606 adoption, we explore what finance teams and founders alike are most concerned about in 2021 in our report. If you're in B2B SaaS, you don't want to miss this one.

Doubling Down on the Future

Andreessen Horowitz

We embraced speaking directly to our audience — from the builders of the future to the tech-curious — right as the firm was started in 2009. It started out with blogging about why we invested in a founder/founding team.

Project Management Certification: The Beginners Guide

The Daily Egg

Project management can often feel like a thankless job. From keeping track of elusive team members’ progress to endlessly ranting about budgets and schedules, it’s hard to be likable when the buck stops with you.

To Really Scale, You Need $1M on Your Balance Sheet for Every $2M in ARR


“My CEO Told Me To Stop Selling So Much” Recently, I met with a sales leader I’ve known for years, and he told me The Most Curious Story. His SaaS CEO asked him to stop selling so much. Slow down. You are doing too good of a job, the CEO said. We can’t afford it.

6 Phrases to Purge From Your Sales Pitch (and 5 to Use Instead)

Sales Hacker

Words matter. According to a Salesforce study , a UK-based company saw a 139% increase in its conversion rate by simply changing their landing page’s headline from “Request a demo” to “Watch a demo now.”. The right words can give you the boost you need to make a winning sales pitch every time.

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What is Contextual Analytics? The Next Evolution of Embedded Analytics

Download this white paper to learn what contextual analytics is, how BI platforms like Yellowfin revolutionize the way users discover insights from their data with native contextual analytics, and how it adds value to your software solution by elevating the user experience.

Tercera Launches to Fund Third Wave of Cloud Consultancies

Think Strategies

I’m pleased to be one of the initial advisors of a new venture capital and advisory services firm focused on the ‘third wave’ of cloud consulting companies that are emerging in the market to respond to the escalating cloud deployment and management needs of enterprises worldwide.

Best Call Recording Software

The Daily Egg

Need to record phone calls for business purposes? Call recording software is the solution. But call recording software comes in all different shapes and sizes. From smartphone apps to all-in-one contact centers, there are dozens of options to choose from.

Why Now Is the Biggest Change in SaaS Sales in 15+ Years


2021 will be the year SaaS sales evolves the most since the Appexchange ecosystem started to take off ~15 years ago, which spawned the entire notion of a true sales app stack. What’s the change? The permanent move to distributed sales teams.

10+ LinkedIn Profile Tips to Stand Out in 2021

Sales Hacker

Would you slide into a prospect’s DMs to land a product demo? That idea might sound crazy, but it’s actually part of a new trend sales organizations are using to hit their revenue targets.

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Brand Health Report: Tech Talent Ranks the Most Innovative Companies They'd Love to Work for and Why

Hired surveyed more than 4,000 tech workers to find out which companies rank as their most desirable employers and how other organizations can compete for their attention. Download this report to learn what tech talent values most in a potential employer and how to improve your employer brand.

I Asked 50+ Developers How They Buy Software. Here’s What I Learned.

OpenView Labs

Anyone who has ever tried to sell software to developers probably learned pretty quickly that traditional B2B marketing tactics just plain don’t work.

Trello Review

The Daily Egg

Trello is one of the most popular project management tools on the market today. It’s trusted by over one million teams worldwide, including industry leaders like Google, Squarespace, Pinterest, Costco, and Fender.

My Top 10 Year One SaaS Mistakes. Save Yourself Some Pain & Just Don’t Make Them Yourself.


We try to focus on positive things here on SaaStr. We leave negative to the critics. It’s easy to be a critic. It’s much harder to help and see the good in things. The goal of SaaStr is to point out some things that work and save you some pain.

20 Critical Sales Qualification Questions to Identify the RIGHT Leads

Sales Hacker

Sales qualification questions help compare the prospect to the ICP to determine if they are a great fit. With an ideal customer profile, sales teams can focus on optimizing the sales qualification process. What Is Sales Qualification?

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"I Love Filling Out 12-Page Applications and Waiting Weeks For a Response,” Said No Merchant Ever

Learn how becoming a payment facilitator can improve a merchant’s experience and your revenue.

16 Minutes on the News #52: Dall-E’s AI for Images; SEC’s Direct Listings Ruling

Andreessen Horowitz

In today’s episode of 16 Minutes, where we take a look at the news and what it means for the long arc of innovation, we’ve got segments … The post 16 Minutes on the News #52: Dall-E’s AI for Images; SEC’s Direct Listings Ruling appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz.

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Project Management Jobs

The Daily Egg

Organizations seem to have finally woken up to project management’s crucial role in closing projects successfully. Project managers are in high demand in virtually all industries, and the career trajectory is looking great for the coming decades. What does project management entail?

Don’t Make Anyone “Head of Sales/Marketing/Engineering/Whatever” in SaaS. At Least, Not For Too Long.


A little while back, I gave a great SaaS Founder CEO a Gift. A real gift. This founder CEO was at about $1m in ARR, doing well, but with only a smidge of angel funding and limited resources. And I gave him an insanely great VP of Sales candidate.

The Three Most Effective (Dis)Qualifying Questions You Can Ask

Sales Hacker

In today’s difficult business environment, you don’t have the time or the resources to waste time on a prospect that’s not a sure thing. That’s why qualifying your prospects is even more important now than when the economy was roaring.

How to Measure DevSecOps Progress and Ensure Success

Speaker: Shannon Lietz, Director of DevSecOps Team, Intuit

The new DevSecOps team is up and running, and you feel ready to take on rising security threats while delivering quality software updates. But that leaves just one question: how do you monitor your new program as effectively and efficiently as possible? Join Shannon Lietz, Director of DevsecOps at Intuit, and award-winning innovator, to learn the answers to these questions so you can lead your DevSecOps team to the top!

Price Optimization in SaaS: Customer Retention


This article will discuss the relationship between price change and customer retention. If I raise the price, will customers leave? The biggest challenge that leaders face is understanding how to think about price optimization and customer retention with the right framework.

Jira Review

The Daily Egg

Jira is one of the most powerful project management tools on the market today. It’s trusted by 65,000+ organizations worldwide, including innovative leaders like Cisco, Square, Spotify, eBay, and Airbnb. In addition to project management, Jira is also known for its bug tracking functionality.

How Would a Person Start a Venture Capital Fund?


Having recently raised one, I’ve learned a lot: Jason Lemkin just raised a $70 million fund; here’s how he did it. In order to start a VC Firm you need a track record. If you haven’t already made some good investments — it’s going to be tough to start your own fund.