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Hiring Sales Leaders: Skillset To Look For To Find The Ideal Candidate

Predictable Revenue

Top traits you should look for in sales leaders, how they differ from sales reps, and how to optimize your sales hiring process. The post Hiring Sales Leaders: Skillset To Look For To Find The Ideal Candidate appeared first on Predictable Revenue.

Launch Your Startup: 7 Essential Steps, Tips, Strategies, & Ideas

Neil Patel

Everyone has ideas. Some of them may be worth running with, while others are probably not so good. However, even if your project looks awesome on paper, there’s a big difference between that and creating a successful startup company. Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur ?


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Only 11% of Public SaaS Companies Sell Just to SMBs


SMB SaaS has a lot going for it: – Millions of them – Short sales cycles – Easier compete. But, it's often hard to get to $100m ARR selling just to SMBs. So I took a look at the BVP Nasdaq index. Only 11.8% sell just to SMBs

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Playing Bigger vs. Playing To Win: How Shall We Play the Marketing Strategy Game?


“I’m an CMO and it’s 2018. Of course I’ve read Play Bigger. Duh. Do you think I live under a rock?” ” — Anonymous repeat CMO. Play Bigger hit the Sand Hill Road scene in a big way after its publication in 2016.

Product Market Fit: A Lesson from Sephora’s Head of Product

Speaker: Sneha Narahalli - VP, Head of Product at Sephora

In this webinar, Sneha Narahalli, Head of Product at Sephora (Digital, Data & MarTech), will give you an iterative method for identifying and developing Product Market Fit.

How to Boost Sales With High-Performing Email Marketing Strategies for SaaS


There’s one biggest myth when we talk about email marketing for SaaS: it’s dead and so old-school, meaning that it’s no longer effective to attract today’s savvy internet users. SaaS Marketing

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Don't Look Now But Web3 Companies are Beginning to Trade Like their Web2 Counterparts

Tomasz Tunguz

This chart shows the relationship between the top 100 public projects’ revenue and their trailing revenue multiple. There’s none. The correlation asymptotes to zero. At least when looking at the ecosystem as a whole.

Facebook agrees to settle class action lawsuit related to Cambridge Analytica data breach

CSO Magazine

Facebook parent Meta Platforms agreed Friday to settle a class action lawsuit seeking damages for allowing British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica access to the private data of tens of millions of Facebook users.

Product Tip Tuesday: Using BetterCloud’s Enhanced Organizational Unit Trigger


When building automated workflows in BetterCloud, Organizational Unit (OU) is an important condition. This is often used in situations like an employee joining a department or moving from one department to the other.

Why Apple is building two different smartglasses platforms

IT World

A revolution is coming. And even the general public understands it has something to do with headsets, goggles or glasses. But what is the reality of the coming revolution, exactly? Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), extended reality (ER), mixed reality (XR)?

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How Collecting and Managing the Voice of the Customer Will Strengthen Your Product

Product teams strive to incorporate customers’ needs in everything they build, but this can’t be done without clear strategy, processes, and feedback loops in place. In this eBook, you'll learn how to build a robust voice of the customer program.

Top SaaStr Content for the Week: Brex CEO, Mutiny CEO, Pigment CEO, Mark Roberge, and Dharmesh Shah


Each week, we round up our most popular content so you can catch up on anything you may have missed. Check out this week’s top blog posts, podcasts, and videos: Top Blog Posts This Week: 10 Things That Always Work in SaaS Marketing. The Ultimate Guide for Hiring a Great VP of Sales.

ConvertKit Review

The Daily Egg

ConvertKit is an all-in-one email marketing service and general marketing hub that supports creators in every type of field. Whether you are. The post ConvertKit Review appeared first on The Daily Egg. Reviews Website

Jason Bay’s Cold Calling Coaching Framework

Predictable Revenue

Jason Bay joins the Predictable Revenue podcast to share his cold calling framework for outbound sales, along with his top sales coaching tips. The post Jason Bay’s Cold Calling Coaching Framework appeared first on Predictable Revenue. Blog Outbound Sales Development Podcast Show Notes

The Decomposition of Marketing


To adapt Julius Caesar’s famous opening line of the Gallic Wars : marketing as a whole is divided in three parts. Product marketing (prodmkt), responsible in a word, for the message and how well it resonates with customers in the market [1].

Shaping the Future: Product Strategy in the Age of Uncertainty

Speaker: William Haas Evans - Principal Consultant, Product Strategy Practice Lead, Kuroshio Consulting

In this webinar, we'll explore product strategy obstacles and present practices to overcome them while driving clarity and alignment across your executive team.

5 Interesting Learnings from Cloudflare at ~ $1 Billion in ARR


So Cloudflare is that quiet Cloud leader that just keeps … killing it. We last checked in on them at $500m in ARR, growing 50%. Today, they are at just about $1B in ARR … and growing even faster at 54% year-over-year than they were at $500m in ARR!

Cloud 231

How To Remove News Articles From The Internet

The Daily Egg

Ranking on the first page of Google is no easy task, so it can be shocking to find a negative news article. The post How To Remove News Articles From The Internet appeared first on The Daily Egg. Website


200% NDR: What Does it Take to Achieve this Stellar Milestone?

Tomasz Tunguz

During Bill Binch’s Office Hours , he predicted many more software startups would achieve 200% net dollar retention. In other words, the average customer’s spend would double each year. I’ve only seen a handful of companies achieve that mark.

QBR in SaaS: Is the traditional QBR dead?


Why Your QBR SaaS Model Needs an AI Makeover. Quarterly business reviews (QBRs)[LINK] have become a standard practice for software providers, but today’s QBR SaaS model is rapidly transforming.

AI 85

Going Beyond Gut Instinct: The Do’s and Don’ts of Strategic In-App Guides

In-app guides are powerful tools for delivering exceptional product experiences, but it’s all too easy to use them improperly or get too carried away. In this eBook, we’ll show you eight essential dos and don’ts for building impactful in-app guides.

15 Most Popular SaaStr Annual 2022 Sessions (So Far!). See You Sep 13-15!!


10.000 SaaS CEOs, Founders, Revenue Leaders, and VCs will join us for 3 days of tactical content, networking, and epic evening events when the Cloud comes to San Mateo. If you haven’t already, sign up here for tickets before we sell out.

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Best Ecommerce Hosting Providers Compared

The Daily Egg

Partnering with a competent ecommerce hosting provider has numerous benefits for your business. Your online store will be available whenever your customers. The post Best Ecommerce Hosting Providers Compared appeared first on The Daily Egg. Reviews Website

Use Outreach? Here are the 5 Key Roles to Drive Maximum Success

Sales Hacker

Do you have the best people to make focused decisions for your Outreach instance? After working with thousands of teams, we’ve identified five key roles that significantly impact your sales engagement efforts.

Why We'll See More New Types of Web3 Apps in the Next Year

Tomasz Tunguz

The summer of 2021 marked an influx of dollars & interest into web3. Since then, the fourth crypto winter has dropped snow atop web3, but the revenue decline isn’t equal across web3 software. NFT marketplace revenue collapsed 62% since the beginning of this year.

From Feature Factory to an Outcome-Driven Product Team

Speaker: Matt LeMay - Product Coach and Consultant, Author of Product Management in Practice and Agile for Everybody

In this webinar, internationally recognized product leader Matt LeMay walks through the most common impediments to creating an outcome-focused product team and provides practical and actionable guidance for moving through them quickly and fearlessly.

Why We Had to Let Our Smallest Customers Go at SaaStr (But Why You Probably Shouldn’t)


So in many ways we use SaaStr itself as sort of a lab to try sales and marketing experiments. I have my own experience as a SaaS CEO to draw on, for a product now doing hundreds of millions in ARR a year. And I have the experience of investing in 5 SaaS unicorns and decacorns.

Best Social Media Monitoring Tools Compared

The Daily Egg

Tracking the progress of your social media campaigns and analyzing their results is one of the most important things you can do. The post Best Social Media Monitoring Tools Compared appeared first on The Daily Egg. Reviews Website

Google’s Chief Measurement Strategist on Driving Growth with Data and Storytelling

Sales Hacker

You know your business, you know your revenue goals, and you know your strategy for meeting them. But how do you leverage data to help you execute it? Leveraging data to maximize growth is what we get into in this episode of Revenue Innovators with Neil Hoyne.

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The power of defining Customer Success with Abby Hammer and StartupCX


Does your company understand the potential of Customer Success? Unfortunately, a few CEOs still think it’s just a trendy name for customer support, or believe that CS is there to schedule meetings and keep customers happy.

The 10 KPIs Every Product Leader Needs to Know

Product teams have access to tons of data these days, but just because you're tracking product metrics doesn't mean you're tracking the right product metrics. In this eBook, we walk through the ten KPIs every product leader should have on their radar.

Dear SaaStr: What Should I Do if My Co-founder is a Complete Jerk?


Dear SaaStr: What Should I Do if My Co-founder is a Complete Jerk? It’s not going to work. The issue isn’t so much that he’s a complete jerk. It’s that you think he is. He’s thus clearly already driving you so nuts that you have a dysfunctional founder team. This is usually unfixable.

How to build a ‘citizen developer’ workforce

IT World

With a tech talent gap that's expected to worsen in the next few years, organizations and business users are increasingly looking to low-code and no-code app development to fill digital transformation needs.

Episode 42: A Mistake in Every Sentence

Sales Hacker

Want to write sales emails like a pro? Kristina and Will look at common email mistakes (using real examples) and rewrite them so that you can learn what to do differently. Join Kristina Finseth (Sr.