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Dear SaaStr:  What Was The Best Advice You Ever Got From an Angel Investor


Dear SaaStr: What Was The Best Advice You Ever Got From an Angel Investor. The best advice I ever got from one of my angel investors: Stop feeling sorry for yourself. I went to meet with one of my angels and mentors when things were probably toughest at my last start-up.

Round-Up: Top 9 Podcasts for Sales Leaders

Predictable Revenue

The team at Predictable Revenue has rounded up a list of the top 9 podcasts for sales leaders, so you can listen and learn from industry experts on the go. The post Round-Up: Top 9 Podcasts for Sales Leaders appeared first on Predictable Revenue.


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The 10-Point Strategy for Leading Sales Teams in a Recession

Sales Hacker

In my newsletter several weeks ago, I hypothesized that we may experience a recession. It is our job as leaders and sales professionals to prepare for such an eventuality. You don’t want to be caught off guard and find yourself in the dangerous place of being reactive.

Microsoft Office Alternatives

The Daily Egg

Microsoft Office has been a popular player in office suite software since the beginning. However, now there are so many other solutions. The post Microsoft Office Alternatives appeared first on The Daily Egg. Workflow

How Software Companies Fit into the Payments Revenue Food Chain

As software companies become a larger part of the payments world, they need to decide how far up the payments revenue food chain they want to go. How much can software companies earn from payments? Find out more in this eBook!

In The End, The “Covid Boost” in SaaS Was a Bust


Almost every category of SaaS exploded during the lockdown, but three saw just crazy boosts: Zoom went from $1B to $3.5B in a year! Shopify accelerated to 110% growth at $3B ARR! DocuSign’s billings growth accelerated to 61% at %1.5B Incredible boosts, and their stock prices went on a tear.

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The Web3 Marketing Stack: The Next Big Wave in Crypto

Tomasz Tunguz

For web3 startups to thrive, their marketing teams will need to spend marketing dollars to acquire users efficiently. Existing marketing technology won’t work for web3. Web2 marketing employs the cookie as the primary identifier of a person, not a wallet.

Square Online Store Review

The Daily Egg

Choosing the right ecommerce platform to set up your store is imperative for online selling success. Square Online offers solutions for businesses. The post Square Online Store Review appeared first on The Daily Egg. Website

10 Common Misconceptions About Getting Funded


Q: What are some common misconceptions about funding a startup? A few: Things are magically better when you get funded. It helps a bit, but in the first few rounds, you rarely raise enough to let you hire everyone you want, do every campaign you want, etc. It helps, but it’s not a radical change.

2022 Ecommerce Platform Guide: WooCommerce vs BigCommerce

Groove HQ

Comparing WooCommerce and BigCommerce means comparing two of the larger ecomm platforms around -- if you're on WordPress, it's an easier choice, otherwise - we'll help you sort through the options. The post 2022 Ecommerce Platform Guide: WooCommerce vs BigCommerce appeared first on Groove Blog.

How Becoming a Payment Facilitator Improves Your Merchant’s Experience

Many business-to-business software companies were founded for a single, fundamental purpose: to improve the business solutions. How does becoming a payment facilitator help them achieve this? Find out in this guide!

Customer Success in SaaS: A Complete Guide & Best Practices


Customer success in SaaS differs from CS in other industries. The software service industry presents unique challenges for customer success management while also creating unique opportunities that call for specific strategies.

Slack Alternatives

The Daily Egg

Slack is a cloud-based business messaging app designed to meet the needs of teams in fast-paced and dynamic work environments. In its. The post Slack Alternatives appeared first on The Daily Egg. Workflow

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How to Optimize Hiring & Create a Culture of Shared Values With Gusto Co-Founder & CEO Josh Reeves (Pod 565)


To celebrate 10 years of SaaStr, we’re revisiting some classic podcast episodes. Up today: a 2016 interview with Harry Stebbings and Gusto Co-Founder and CEO Josh Reeves. At the time of this interview, Gusto had 350 employees serving 40,000 customers.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Qualification


Think about qualifying as dating. Before you put a ring on it, you want to make sure you’re hanging out with the right person.

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PayOps Fact Sheet

Infinicept's PayOps™ platform helps your business onboard and manage merchants so you can generate payments revenue, control your customer experience, deliver an improved product, and increase valuation.

Bezos' Shareholder Letter in 2000

Tomasz Tunguz

It’s been a brutal year for many in the capital markets and certainly for shareholders. As of this writing, our shares are down more than 80 percent from when I wrote you last year. Jeff Bezos wrote this to start his annual shareholder letter in the year 2000.

Slack Review

The Daily Egg

Slack is an excellent business messaging app. It offers public and private channels, easy file sharing, and critical integrations with Zoom and. The post Slack Review appeared first on The Daily Egg.

10 Things That Make Your Investors Lose Confidence


These are Strange Times Indeed in SaaS and Cloud. The best SaaS companies from Datadog to Snowflake to HubSpot to Salesforce are growing faster than ever, even past $1B or more in ARR. And yet, the stock market has taken a big tumble, leading among other things to dramatic change in the VC ecosystem.

A Framework for Follow-Up Emails Buyers Can’t Wait to Share

Sales Hacker

Let’s start off with a hot take. Sales sequences don’t belong after the first call in a complex sale. I’m talking automated templates, checking-in emails, and “Thoughts?” ” bumps. They’re easy, I know. You already have them set up in your sales engagement system, I know.

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Payments 101 Webinar: Demystifying Payments

Speaker: Tracie Poland and Ted Vandeburg

Payments don’t have to be complicated. Whether you're exploring payments for the first time or figuring out how you might put them to work for you, this webinar recording will help you get started.

Q&A recap | 2022 SaaS retention benchmarks


2022 continues to be a grave reminder that change is constant. With the “great resignation,” fluctuations of the public and private markets, and the omnipresent pandemic, we find ourselves continuously, and quickly, adapting to the shifting landscape. What does this mean for B2B SaaS businesses?

IDrive Review

The Daily Egg

IDrive is a cloud storage software that allows you to back up your PCs, Macs, and mobile devices through an online cloud. The post IDrive Review appeared first on The Daily Egg.

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Join SaaStr and the CMOs of Salesforce, Box, Attentive and More at Mutiny’s The Second Lever


Mutiny is putting on a focused and exciting digital event on July 13 on the latest in funnel conversion, and how marketing connects to revenue. I’ll be leading a deep dive with the CMOs of Salesforce, Box and Attentive (wow) and the rest of the sessions are strong.

How to Find Popular New Keywords Before Your Competition

Neil Patel

SEO is tough! It can take months if not years to see decent results… especially if your website is new. Because everyone is going after all the major keywords that you can think of. Just look at the term “auto insurance” in the United States. There are 1.1 billion results… but only 165,000 searches.

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Compliance 101: What You Need to Know as a Payfac

This guide will help you understand what compliance means as a Payfac, what these requirements are and where they come from, so you can begin to make sense of it all.

Italian spyware firm is hacking into iOS and Android devices, Google says

CSO Magazine

RCS Lab spyware uses known exploits to install harmful payloads and steal private user data, according to a Google report

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Financial Dashboards and Metrics for Software Companies

Sage Intacct

If you’re the CFO of a subscription billing company, you want to bring clarity to decisions, understand where to invest, and track cash-flow and SaaS metrics, in the chaos of dynamic, competitive markets.

5 Interesting Learnings from HashiCorp at $400,000,000 in ARR


So fewer Cloud devops / commercial open source startups were more respected pre-IPO than HashiCorp — and still are. The product is there, the market is strong, the founders and CEO are great.

Episode 34: You Can’t Fake It To Make It

Sales Hacker

??Want to write sales emails like a pro? Kristina and Will look at common email mistakes (using real examples) and rewrite them so that you can learn what to do differently. Join Kristina Finseth (Sr.

How to Choose the Right Business Intelligence Vendor

How does your current BI vendor stack up against the competition? Who’s the perfect vendor for your business needs? Find out by downloading your complimentary copy today!

How VCs Value Rainbow Foals in 2022

Tomasz Tunguz

When Aileen Lee published “Welcome to the Unicorn Club” - the article that coined the word unicorn for a $1b startup - the average public SaaS company commanded a market cap of $1.5b.

Tips to Improve Forecasting Your SaaS Company’s Monthly Recurring Revenue

Sage Intacct

When it comes to succeeding as a SaaS CFO, few things will benefit you more than the ability to make effective forecasts. Effective reporting will always be necessary. But you should strive to take responsibility for making accurate, timely, and profitable forecasts too.

The Only Truly Terrible Venture Term is a Tranche


So with times much tougher in the venture and public markets, you’ll see a lot more talk about tougher “terms” in VC rounds, especially later rounds: Structural terms, guaranteeing a certain return that many VCs will say are “more akin to debt”.