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How to Write Outbound Sales Emails That Convert

Predictable Revenue

The best outbound sales emails all share a few common characteristics. This post will walk you through how to master each of these traits and increase your reply rates. The post How to Write Outbound Sales Emails That Convert appeared first on Predictable Revenue.

Dear SaaStr: How Fast Should your Monthly Growth Be from $0 to $1M ARR?


Dear SaaStr: How Fast Should your Monthly Growth Be from $0 to $1M ARR? I can tell you after 30+ SaaS investments including 5 unicorns … it doesn’t really matter how long it takes you to get to the first $1m ARR, per se. I’ve invested in start-ups that got there in 6–9 months.


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Top Customer Engagement Tips for Retaining Executive Stakeholders


A customer engagement strategy is critical for retaining and growing SaaS clients. It’s especially important to engage executives and stakeholders to ensure retention.

Dropbox Vs. Google Drive

The Daily Egg

As two of the most popular cloud storage systems, Google Drive and Dropbox give you everything you need to store your documents, The post Dropbox Vs. Google Drive appeared first on The Daily Egg.

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PayOps Fact Sheet

Infinicept's PayOps™ platform helps your business onboard and manage merchants so you can generate payments revenue, control your customer experience, deliver an improved product, and increase valuation.

What’s Wrong with the Revenue Growth At All Costs Model

Predictable Revenue

Matt Melymuka, Founder of PeakSpan Capital, joined the Predictable Revenue podcast to discuss what’s wrong with the revenue growth at all costs model. The post What’s Wrong with the Revenue Growth At All Costs Model appeared first on Predictable Revenue.

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Six Best Customer Engagement Platform Tools for Onboarding in 2022


Choosing the best customer engagement platform for your needs can make a massive difference in the success of your SaaS business. Knowing how your customers feel and what they’re thinking is essential for their satisfaction and your revenue growth.

Wix Vs. Weebly

The Daily Egg

Wix and Weebly are two highly popular website builders, giving you the opportunity to quickly create a site that looks great. Through. The post Wix Vs. Weebly appeared first on The Daily Egg. Website


Your Investors Want Better Data, Now What

The SaaS CFO

I was chatting recently with an early-stage SaaS founder. She just took on her first round of venture capital. And just like that, the new investors want better data to drive decisions. No more gut decisions and managing your business with your bank account. Now what?

Where Venture is Going, Right Now: A Deep Dive with Doug Pepper, Iconiq Growth


The other day, I asked Doug Pepper to join us for our podcast and YouTube to talk about where the venture markets really are today.

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Payments 101 Webinar: Demystifying Payments

Speaker: Tracie Poland and Ted Vandeburg

Payments don’t have to be complicated. Whether you're exploring payments for the first time or figuring out how you might put them to work for you, this webinar recording will help you get started.

Inside LTR: Q&A with Senior Consultant Dipti Kalaria


450 Salesforce Trailhead Badges 7 Superbadges Tell me about your role and what brought you to Navint. My title is senior consultant, but I work as both a business analyst and solution architect.

HelloFax Review

The Daily Egg

HelloFax is a decent online fax service. It offers an easy-to-use interface, converts your existing fax numbers, and lets you manage a. The post HelloFax Review appeared first on The Daily Egg.

Hyper-growth is great, but don’t die while trying

Point Nine Land

How to avoid bad surprises when you’re planning for fast growth Companies perform according to plan … until they don’t. That’s a tautology/joke, obviously.

Times Aren’t That Bad. But New Unicorns Are Going to Go on Pause for a Bit.


So despite what you might see on Twitter, venture capital isn’t in a tailspin. Good deals are still getting done every day. It takes a little longer now, and valuations are lower, but the best ones will still get funded. There is plenty of capital out there.

Compliance 101: What You Need to Know as a Payfac

This guide will help you understand what compliance means as a Payfac, what these requirements are and where they come from, so you can begin to make sense of it all.

Top Qualities to Look For in Your SaaS Startup’s First CFO

Sage Intacct

Bringing on your first CFO can be extremely exciting, and a strong hire can give your business a significant strategic edge. But to make an effective hiring choice, you need to know what to look out for in a great CFO. Software/SaaS Thought leadership CFO Focus SWTL Review

The Daily Egg is one of the largest and oldest website builders and web hosting solutions on the market today, servicing more than 3. The post Review appeared first on The Daily Egg. Website

A Framework for Navigating Down Markets

Andreessen Horowitz

The market has taken a downturn, and every other blog or tweetstorm seems to offer the same general advice: conserve cash, extend runway, shift from focusing on growth to focusing on efficiency.

SaaStr Annual 2022 Sponsorships Now 75% Sold Out!!


We’re still just gearing up for SaaStr Europa 2022 in Barcelona on June 7-8 , but for folks looking to get in front of 10,000 SaaS founders and Cloud execs in September … just FYI our sponsorships are now 75% Sold Out: Super Golds are entirely sold out. Diamonds are entirely sold out.

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The Payfac eBook

There’s plenty of talk out there regarding payfacs and how they fit in to the landscape of software-led payments. But the info can be a lot to sort through. This guide gives you the nuts and bolts of what being a payfac really means, all in one place.

How to Enhance Saas Product Experience and Grow Your Business

SaaS Metrics

Growing a SaaS company is hard work. Even though the SaaS industry reached a staggering $170 billion in 2022, many new products still struggle to establish themselves in the market and build a loyal following. And a big part of the problem is not being able to create a seamless and convenient.

The Journey of a New CEO with Jen Spencer

Sales Hacker

In this special two-part episode, we’ve got Jen Spencer with us. Jen is the new CEO of SmartBug Media , and is joining us to share her journey to becoming the CEO and how she is leading the organization.

How to Make Talent Scouts Work for You

Andreessen Horowitz

This is an excerpt from Talent: How to Identify Energizers, Creatives, and Winners Around the World by Tyler Cowen and Daniel Gross (St. Martin’s Publishing Group, May 2022).

The #1 Mistake I See Founders Make When They Hire Their First VP of Sales


The biggest mistake you can make as a founder when you hire your first VP of Sales is stepping out of sales. I see this again, and again. It only works with the very best VPs of Sales. Every other first VP of Sales needs you doing at least half of what you were doing before.

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Your Guide to Embedded Payments

Right now, the embedded payments conversation can be downright confusing, Filled with terms like payfac, merchant of record, embedded payments, software-led payments––and that's just to name a few––we're here to break it all down to its essentials, and tell you what you really need to understand.

How Much Further Can We Fall?

Tomasz Tunguz

How much further can the market decline? The answer is quite a bit more. That may be hard to believe given the falls from recent highs in software companies approach 70% collapses.

Episode 29: Be More Concise

Sales Hacker

??Want to write sales emails like a pro? Kristina and Will look at common email mistakes (using real examples) and rewrite them so that you can learn what to do differently. Join Kristina Finseth (Sr.

The four CX pillars that every Customer Success leader should know with ChurnZero Chief Customer Officer Abby Hammer


When’s the right time to add Customer Success operations? How do you make product and Customer Success work better together? What’s the most effective way to gather customer feedback? Tackling these questions is tough for even the most seasoned Customer Success leader.

Proven Models that Help GTM and Product-led Teams Scale with CircleCI CEO Jim Rose (Pod 554 + Video)


CircleCI is a cloud-based continuous delivery platform that helps software delivery teams build, test, and ship changes to their applications. Offering its services as a freemium-based model, CircleCI recognizes driving trials as the cornerstone of a go-to-market strategy for any developer tool. .

P-DEI: Product Design that Encourages Inclusivity

Speaker: Dan Jenkins - Human Factors & Research Lead – DCA Design International

In this webinar, product design researcher Daniel Jenkins will teach you what it means to intentionally design a product that can be used by each and every user.

Five Mid-Year Predictions for Web3

Tomasz Tunguz

The past three days may be the most eventful in web3 ever. Crypto assets have fallen by half or more, following their software counterparts. The attack on an algorithmic stablecoin’s peg harkens back to Druckenmiller breaking the Bank of England. All the tumult in the crypto markets will catalyze change. Here are my five mid-year predictions for the major evolutions that arise in response. Consolidation.

How to Build a Data-driven Sales Strategy: A Practical Guide for Turning Data into Revenue

Sales Hacker

Sales organizations have never had more data at their fingertips. For most sales leaders, knowing how to use and deploy that data is one of the greatest opportunities to boost seller performance. It’s also one of the most challenging.

RBAC in Azure: A Practical Guide


What is Azure RBAC? Azure role-based access control (Azure RBAC) enables access management for Azure resources. It’s an authorization system built into the Azure Resource Manager.