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Gartner: Public Cloud Spending to Rise 20% Next Year to $500 Billion, SaaS to $200 Billion


Gartner, spending on SaaS: 2020: $120B 2021: $152B 2022: $177B 2023: $208B. Worry less about a few tweets, more about the opportunity ahead, and here right now. Go sell something — Jason BeKind Lemkin #???????????? jasonlk) May 26, 2022.

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Transform Your Prospects Into A High Performing Sales Team

Predictable Revenue

Tom Burton joins the Predictable Revenue podcast to discuss how to transform prospects into your own top performing sales team. The post Transform Your Prospects Into A High Performing Sales Team appeared first on Predictable Revenue. Blog Outbound Sales Development Podcast Show Notes


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What Makes a Successful IPO: Metrics You Need to Know

Sage Intacct

The most significant step for many SaaS companies is going public, and many financial leaders are wondering if they should, how they can, and why it's essential.

QuickBooks Time Review

The Daily Egg

QuickBooks Time is a solid time-tracking tool. It provides remote workers with numerous ways to clock in and offers geo-tracking so employers. The post QuickBooks Time Review appeared first on The Daily Egg. Operations


PayOps Fact Sheet

Infinicept's PayOps™ platform helps your business onboard and manage merchants so you can generate payments revenue, control your customer experience, deliver an improved product, and increase valuation.

Salesforce: “We’re Not Seeing Any Downturn or Deceleration”, Growing 24% at $30 Billion in ARR


Following Snowflake’s blow out quarter announcing big acceleration of growth at the end of the quarter, Salesforce has now announced a record quarter as well, growing a stunning 24% at a now $30 Billion in ARR. In fact, that’s acceleration.

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Why a SaaS Business Model Could be Your Ticket to Massive Success

Entrepreneur - SaaS

Why a SaaS company could be a great start-up, and how to set up a successful business model. Starting a Business

Amazon Drive Review

The Daily Egg

Amazon Drive isn’t the most feature-packed cloud storage solution on the market, but it’s still a good option for photo storage and. The post Amazon Drive Review appeared first on The Daily Egg.

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What Really Happened to SaaS in the ’08-’09 Recession


A lot of folks are talking about how things were in ’08-’09 and even ’00-’01 these days. I don’t think today is anything like those times.

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Is Rapport Dead? 6 Ways to Demonstrate Value for Virtual Buyers in the Age of Remote Buying

Sales Hacker

Sales professionals have been selling over the phone and video for years. So why does it feel like we’ve entered a new age of sales? Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the game for virtually every business in early 2020.

Payments 101 Webinar: Demystifying Payments

Speaker: Tracie Poland and Ted Vandeburg

Payments don’t have to be complicated. Whether you're exploring payments for the first time or figuring out how you might put them to work for you, this webinar recording will help you get started.

How to enhance your copywriting strategy to increase sales

SaaS Metrics

The operational strategies of every brand since the dawn of time have always revolved around one goal: to increase sales, to generate more revenue.

Zoom Alternatives

The Daily Egg

In any discussion about video conferencing software, it’s worth noting that digital conference calling and screen sharing had become quite popular for. The post Zoom Alternatives appeared first on The Daily Egg.

Creandum Ventures: VCs Don’t Help Enough in Recruiting. And VC Brands Are Overrated.


So Creandum, one of Europe’s leading VC firms (and they’ll be speaking at 2022 in Barcelona on June 7-8 ) updated its report on What Founders Really Want from VCs , and if VCs add value: The data is interesting: Only 30% of founders think their VCs have been helpfu l.

Episode 32: Technical Products Don’t = Complex Emails

Sales Hacker

??Want to write sales emails like a pro? Kristina and Will look at common email mistakes (using real examples) and rewrite them so that you can learn what to do differently. Join Kristina Finseth (Sr.

Compliance 101: What You Need to Know as a Payfac

This guide will help you understand what compliance means as a Payfac, what these requirements are and where they come from, so you can begin to make sense of it all.

Payvidors, Unbundled: Opportunities in Healthcare Fintech

Andreessen Horowitz

There’s long been chatter about the analogies between financial services and healthcare. Both are massive, regulated markets with technological adoption challenges, legacy oligopolies, and tons of customer pain – and even fear!

Intelius Review

The Daily Egg

Intelius is a leading provider of public data, with software that can help you perform background checks, look up criminal records, and. The post Intelius Review appeared first on The Daily Egg. Operations

High NRR Can Mask a Lot of Problems


Having high net revenue / dollar retention is the magic of SaaS. If you have 120% NRR, you double in 5 years, even with no new customers! Above that, and you really get into magical compounding growth. But … high NRR can also mask issues. I see this so often. It can mask: 1.

Simplify Business Reviews with Totango’s Presentation Builder


Many organizations rely on quarterly business reviews (QBRs) as their dedicated opportunity to check in with customers and ensure their needs are being met.

The Payfac eBook

There’s plenty of talk out there regarding payfacs and how they fit in to the landscape of software-led payments. But the info can be a lot to sort through. This guide gives you the nuts and bolts of what being a payfac really means, all in one place.

Mastering TikTok Ads: Everything You Need to Know to Get More Revenue From TikTok

Neil Patel

With over 1 billion users and counting, TikTok presents a great opportunity for businesses to advertise their services, grow their audience, and increase their ROI through targeted ad campaigns. The challenge?

Podium Review

The Daily Egg

Podium is one of quite a few online reputation management companies on the market today. But as a messaging platform offering an. The post Podium Review appeared first on The Daily Egg. Website

A Look Back: 3 Amazing SaaStr Sessions with Dharmesh Shah, Co-Founder and CTO of HubSpot


I miss #SaaStrAnnual and all my fellow SaaS peeps. Hope to see you this year, @jasonlk. link]. — dharmesh (@dharmesh) January 21, 2022.

Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365: Which has better management tools?

IT World

When you choose a productivity platform like Microsoft 365/Office 365 or Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), the main focus is on the platform’s functionality: Does it do the job you need? To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story

Your Guide to Embedded Payments

Right now, the embedded payments conversation can be downright confusing, Filled with terms like payfac, merchant of record, embedded payments, software-led payments––and that's just to name a few––we're here to break it all down to its essentials, and tell you what you really need to understand.

Selling in the Hospitality Industry with Maryclare Sweeney

Sales Hacker

In this episode, we’ve got Maryclare Sweeney with us. Maryclare is the Director of Sales at SEVENROOMS , which sells into the hospitality space. As a talented sales manager, she gives some secret strategies for success and how the company had to make changes, like so many, due to COVID.

What it takes to succeed in a new SaaS market with ChurnZero CEO You Mon Tsang


How do you determine product-market fit? What can you do to move ideal buyers through the awareness stages? How can you really get to know your customers? Every entrepreneur entering an emerging market faces these questions which (surprise) have no perfect answer.

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11 Things All First-Time CEOs Should Know About Fundraising


Q: What are the top things founders should know about fundraising from VCs? Fundraising … It is sales. It is selling stock. And sometimes, it’s easier than other times. For many, 2H’20-’21 was the easiest time. At least, for those with a hot hand.

Microsoft is building an ARM-powered Windows mini

IT World

Seven years ago, Microsoft surprised the world — and its hardware partners — by releasing its first laptop: The Surface Book. It was a flop.


P-DEI: Product Design that Encourages Inclusivity

Speaker: Dan Jenkins - Human Factors & Research Lead – DCA Design International

In this webinar, product design researcher Daniel Jenkins will teach you what it means to intentionally design a product that can be used by each and every user.

How to 7x your Per-Customer Spend by Bringing Sales and Customer Service Teams Together

Sales Hacker

We all want the shiny new logos – but what about the opportunities right in front of you, with your existing customers? Research shows that it costs businesses 6-7x more to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones.

User Session Management: A Crucial User Management Component


With online usage rising exponentially, hackers and malicious concerns are constantly trying to hijack sessions to harvest credentials or infiltrate databases. It’s no surprise that user session management is becoming a best practice in the SaaS space.

5 Interesting Learnings from Box at $1 Billion in ARR


So I’ve been waiting for this milestone for some time, ever since 2014, when we wrote in TechCrunch that Box would eventually get to $1B in ARR. It was just a matter of time.