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7 Causes of Sales Pipeline Stagnation (and How to Restore Flow)

Sales Hacker

“Why is my sales team not closing a large percentage of the leads they’re given?” ” This question often keeps sales team leads up at night, and the result is new strategies and revamped training programs.

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Recurring Billing 101: What it is, How it Works, and Why Subscription Businesses Should Care


As the world is catching the subscription bug, here's everything you need to know about what recurring billing is and how it can support your business


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6 Ways to Reduce SaaS Customer Acquisition Costs


CAC, or customer acquisition cost, is a vital metric to optimise for SaaS companies, as discussed in our epic post: The Ultimate SaaS Metrics Guide to Smarter, Faster Growth.

Is it Really ARR? In 2021+, Yes. As Long As NRR is > 100%


A lot of our SaaS older times don’t quite know what to make with a lot of B2B startups these days, let alone some public SaaS companies. So many startups these days are claiming they have “ARR” from revenue that … doesn’t recur.

The SaaS Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

Every SaaS business has a strategic responsibility to improve Conversion Rate Optimization across their product or site. Learn 7 detailed steps to infuse data into your process, surface customer drop-off points, and generate ideas to drive conversion.

How To Create a Newsletter Design in 7 Steps (+ Newsletter Templates)

The Daily Egg

If you want to reach potential (and existing) customers, newsletters are your best option. Email generates more revenue than any other marketing channel. Think about it, you have a list of folks that have already asked to get updates from you. They want to hear about new offers.

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Using To-Go Coverage to Better Understand Pipeline and Improve Forecasting


This is the second in a three-part series focused on forecasting and pipeline. In part I , we examined triangulation forecasts with a detailed example. In this, part II, we’ll discuss to-go pipeline coverage, specifically using it in conjunction with what we covered in part I.

Revenge of the SMB: Zoom & Shopify Got Even More SMB at $4B ARR, Not Less


So many curious things have happened as Cloud and SaaS companies have exploded to $2T+ in market cap. One of them is a challenge to the rule that at some point, you have to go enterprise to really scale.

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Best Managed WordPress Hosting

The Daily Egg

Managed WordPress Hosting can be a powerful choice for established sites that are seeing lots of growth. That’s why today we’re looking at the top managed WordPress options out there for you to sift through if you’re considering going the managed route.

Lessons from the Frontlines: How to Sell When No-One’s Buying

Predictable Revenue

Speaking your customer’s language has always been an essential to successful sales. We conducted research with hundreds of B2B sales leaders to figure out what it’s going to take to speak your customer’s language in the new age of sales. It’s time to learn a new language!

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4 Approaches to Data Analytics

As the analytics landscape continues to evolve, application teams who need to embed dashboards, reports, and other analytics capabilities in their applications can choose from dozens of solutions. How do you differentiate one solution from the next?

Why Entity-Based SEO is a New Way of Thinking About Optimization

Neil Patel

Search engine optimization (SEO) used to be defined by the number of keywords and keyword synonyms across your website’s content.

5 Interesting Learnings from Shopify at $4 Billion in ARR


Shopify’s first quarter revenue: Q1 2021: $989 million Q1 2020: $470 million Q1 2019: $321 million Q1 2018: $214 million Q1 2017: $127 million Q1 2016: $73 million Q1 2015: $37 million Q1 2014: $19 million Q1 2013: $9 million. — Jon Erlichman (@JonErlichman) April 28, 2021.

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7 Easy Steps to Make Money Blogging

The Daily Egg

You’ve probably heard of bloggers making five or six figures each year and wondered how you could get in on the action. You don’t need much startup capital, coding skills, or even blogging experience to earn money from your blog.

Workshop: Cold Calls

Sales Hacker

A cold call can either break you into a new account — or break your spirit, just a bit. Join Jason Bay of Blissful Prospecting for an interactive workshop designed to give you all his best practices for more engaging (and less daunting) cold calls.

SaaS Chart of Accounts

It’s no secret that general ledgers aren’t optimized for SaaS companies. Your QuickBooks or Xero Chart of Accounts is no different. The following Excel template is a sample Chart of Accounts that you can download and customize to fit your business needs.

The SaaS Product Power Breakfast Now Available in Podcast Form


As many of you know, Thomas Otter and I have been hosting a weekly Clubhouse room on Thursdays at 8:00 am Pacific which we’re calling The SaaS Product Power Breakfast (TSPPB).

If Nothing Else – Segment Churn


A curious thing happened on the way to SaaS in 2021+. Everyone seemingly became an expert in churn. Your churn rate should be 0.123909% per month. It should be net negative. You need to retain 118% of your revenue. Etcetera, etcetera. You will get a lot of advice here.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Web Hosting Uptime

The Daily Egg

You must sign up with a reliable web hosting provider before launching a website. But how do you evaluate the quality of a prospective service? Answer: By finding out the web hosting provider’s guaranteed uptime. Uptime is the total amount of time the server hosting your website is up and running.


How to Support Your Outbound Motion With a Sales Content Supply Chain

Sales Hacker

Your sales org is fundamentally different today than it was a year or two ago.

Guide to Data Consulting Success: What to Know & Ask Before Your Next Data Project

Whether you're starting a new data initiative or benchmarking a current effort, this guide breaks down how to develop a coherent data strategy, avoid common pitfalls, and work with data consultants to improve business visibility and drive growth.

Announcement: Please do this before the upcoming Google update

Neil Patel

Google recently announced that they have delayed the release of the Google Page Experience update. In mid-June they are going to release the update as well as some new tools to help you out.

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The Growth Tactics That Worked For Me in Early Days. We’re All Different, Though.


I personally was terrible at many growth tactics, growing Adobe Sign / EchoSign. I didn’t know much about anything other than direct sales at the time. I’ve sure learned a lot since. However, there were a few things I/we were relatively good at early on: Integrations.

Blog Vs. Website: Beginner’s Guide

The Daily Egg

You’ve finally gotten around to launching your online presence, but there is one last hurdle. You can’t decide between a website and a blog. Aren’t they the same? A blog is a type of website, but a website isn’t necessarily a blog.


How Cancel Timeshare Built a Growing Business by Being the Good Guys


CANCEL TIMESHARE'S CHALLENGE Cancel Timeshare was growing rapidly. They needed a tool to analyze data from Stripe , manage dunning, and consolidate customer information. SOLUTION They signed up for a free trial of Baremetrics.

5 Tips to Advance Your Career as a Technical Recruiter

This step-by-step guide is designed to provide technical recruiters with tips and tricks to achieve tangible results that accelerate their recruiting efforts—and career.

How 13 SaaS Companies Use Community Marketing to Grow

Natalia Luneva

In my guest post on CustomerThink I talked about the benefits of community building and how it helps SaaS companies get a few steps ahead of their competition.

Maybe Every SaaS Contract Should Have An Automatic Out Clause


Lately at SaaStr, we’ve become more and more buyers of SaaS software ourselves. Our own tiny little team and organization has grown, and we have to start putting the infrastructure in place for a $20m+ business.

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Best Sales Courses

The Daily Egg

While some companies use in-house training, a third-party sales course can be a more efficient way to train a team. It’s also a lot easier. We spent six days researching over 50 sales courses to create a list of our favorites. And the best option for most businesses is Hoffman Sales Training.

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Customer-Centric Culture


Culture is defined by actions. It is a tangible presence a customer can see and feel in the way you engage with them, respond to them, and present the product.

Onboarding Projects and Clients? Here are 5 Tips for Success

As a company that has onboarded thousands of clients, users, and projects over the past decade, Aysling has learned a handful of tips to streamline processes. With its award-winning support, they wanted to share their successful onboarding tips with all.

Using This/Next/All-Quarter Analysis To Understand Your Pipeline


This is the third in a three-post series focused on forecasting and pipeline. Part I examined triangulation forecasts to improve forecast accuracy and enable better conversations about the forecast.

We All Sort of Underestimate the Power of 110%+ NRR


120% NRR: Your revenue doubles in 5 years even with no new customers. 110% NRR: Your revenue doubles in 8 years even with no new customers. 100% NRR: Your revenue stays the same with no new customers. — Jason BeKind Lemkin (@jasonlk) April 20, 2021.

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5 Easy Steps to Fix an Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

The Daily Egg

Every WordPress site owner’s nightmare begins with one message: “Error seeing database connection.” ” What makes matters worse is it’s also very confusing. There’s no design or element—just an ambiguous plain text. No need to be scared. You’ve got this.