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Stop Your Boring Outreach

Predictable Revenue

Dale Dupree talks about how to create experiences that cause familiarity, fuel relevance, drive curiosity and give your prospect a REASON to meet with you. The post Stop Your Boring Outreach appeared first on Predictable Revenue. Blog Sales & Marketing Strategies

6 Easy Steps to Change The Name of Your LLC

The Daily Egg

You might think that properly changing the name of your LLC is an involved and challenging process. But it’s actually pretty simple—and. The post 6 Easy Steps to Change The Name of Your LLC appeared first on The Daily Egg. Operations


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How Omnichannel Marketing Can Improve Your Customer Experience (CX)

Cameron Schulz

Omnichannel is bringing big improvement opportunities to customer experience (CX), and together the new duo has great potential to drum up some business

Don’t Hire VPs With The Wrong Titles


Dig deeper on a lot of titles during recruiting. A "VP of Product Marketing" rarely knows anything about demand gen, ABM, etc. A "VP of Revenue" often knows nothing about inside sales or building a sales team. A "CRO" often doesn't want to do sales anymore.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Strong and Effective Value Proposition

Speaker: Robin Zaragoza, Product Coach and CEO of The Product Refinery

Join Robin Zaragoza, product coach and CEO of The Product Refinery, as she shares tips on how to create a powerful Value Proposition that keeps your customer at the heart of your product development process.

How To Sell Using LinkedIn

Predictable Revenue

Brynne Tillman joins us to talk about how to leverage LinkedIn for social selling, and figuring out a way to help your audience sell for you. The post How To Sell Using LinkedIn appeared first on Predictable Revenue. Blog Podcast Show Notes Sales & Marketing Strategies

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As More Workers Go Solo, the Software Stack Is the New Firm

Andreessen Horowitz

Creator economy is a buzzy, often catchall term used to describe independent contractors. But in reality, most of the innovation has revolved around passion-project content (Substack for writing, Teachable for courses, etc.) and niche side projects.

If You Want to Hit The ’22 Plan, You’d Better Be Making the Hires Now


If you want to hit the plan for Q1'22, You need to be hiring all the sales reps you'll need then … Now. — Jason BeKind Lemkin (@jasonlk) September 15, 2021. Recurring revenue certainly has pros and cons.

The evolution of Apple's iPhone

IT World

The iPhone, then and now Image by IDG / Apple The iPhone has come a long way since its arrival in 2007. First iPhone Image by IDG / Apple To read this article in full, please click here


What are the best conversion rate optimization tools for Shopify?

The Daily Egg

Shopify has made it possible for practically anyone to start their own online business without any difficulties. The platform provides the user. The post What are the best conversion rate optimization tools for Shopify? appeared first on The Daily Egg. Conversion

How Customer-Centric Feedback Loops Can Evolve Your Product Process

Speaker: Nickey Skarstad, Director of Product at Duolingo

Join Nickey Skarstad, Director of Product at Duolingo, as she discusses why it’s important to actively gather customer feedback, how to build customer feedback loops into your product planning, the best ways to decipher different types of feedback, and different frameworks for how/when to apply feedback processes.

Mental Health for entrepreneurs and everybody else


10 Tips to Avoid Burnout as a Founder


Q: As an entrepreneur, what are some tips and strategies to avoid burning out? It’s a huge risk. A lot of “pretty successful” startups all sell at about the same point in time … about 5 years in. Because the founders get just too burnt out around Year 4 … and as Year 5 rolls in, they’ll sell.

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Microsoft releases new perpetual Office for enterprise

IT World

Microsoft last week announced the availability of the next edition of perpetual-license Office for commercial and government customers.

7 Easy Steps to Start a Landscaping Business

The Daily Egg

Starting a landscaping business can be the pathway to the freedom you crave, especially if you love working outside. Landscapers have the. The post 7 Easy Steps to Start a Landscaping Business appeared first on The Daily Egg. Operations

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Pandemic Response: Lessons Learned From COVID-19

In March 2020, the world was hit with an unprecedented crisis when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. This whitepaper reviews lessons learned from applying AI to the pandemic’s response efforts, and insights to mitigating the next pandemic.

Inside Latin America’s Creator Economy: Rich in Influence, Poor in Cash

Andreessen Horowitz

14 hours and 40 minutes. That’s the average daily media consumption in Latin America—the highest in the world, according to a recent GWI survey.


The Average SaaS CEO is 43 at IPO


Does “age” even matter any more for SaaS founders, if it ever did? On the one hand, the Stripe founders became billionaires in their teens. On the other hand, many SaaS founders are on to their 3d or 4th success. SaaS has just been around for a while.

SaaS 226

What is iCloud+ (and why should you use it)?

IT World

If you received an Apple email letting you know you’ve been upgraded to iCloud+ at no additional charge , you’re not alone. So, what is iCloud+? What do you get, and why should you use it? What is iCloud+?


The Complete Guide to LLC Member Resolutions

The Daily Egg

A limited liability company or LLC is one of the most popular ways business entities. The main reason why business owners choose. The post The Complete Guide to LLC Member Resolutions appeared first on The Daily Egg. Operations

Roadmaps Are Dead! Long Live Roadmaps!

Speaker: Bruce McCarthy, Co-Author of Product Roadmaps Relaunched and Founder of Product Culture

Join Bruce McCarthy, co-author of Product Roadmaps Relaunched, as he discusses the best ways to innovate your product roadmap. So that it reflects your customers’ needs while simultaneously and accurately communicating your products strategy and vision.

Is Lead Scoring a Dead or Rising Trend?

Sales Hacker

Spoiler alert: it’s not dead, but it is evolving. Businesses put an enormous amount of time, energy, and resources into connecting with leads and trying to convert customers.

When To Open Your First Int’l Office? Maybe When You Have $1.5m in ARR There


Going global has always been a big part of SaaStr. Pre-Covid at least, over 50% of the attendees to SaaStr Annual have been founders from outside the U.S. — coming to the U.S. So much SaaS is now global, too.

My boss, the algorithm

IT World

It wasn’t so long ago that Uber started a revolution in work: managing workers—or is it freelancers?— via an algorithm-driven app. The gig economy was born. Its promise was to save consumers money and enable anyone with a car to earn quick, easy cash. SEO Tools Review

The Daily Egg

As a cloud-based SEO tool, covers all your SEO needs at an affordable price point. It can be a solid investment. The post SEO Tools Review appeared first on The Daily Egg.

Cloud 189

AI in Manufacturing

Manufacturers want to deliver the best products on the market as quickly and ethically as possible. Learn how to solve your most urgent manufacturing and business needs with an enterprise AI platform.

Global Labs Pose Major Threat — Here’s What U.S. Should Do

Andreessen Horowitz

The following is an excerpt from the book UNCONTROLLED SPREAD by Scott Gottlieb, MD. Copyright © 2021 by Scott Gottlieb. Published on Future with permission by Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.


Who’s Coming to 2021 SaaStr Annual NEXT WEEK!!


In addition to our 200 speakers and mentors, who else is coming? A partial list. CEOs, founders and senior execs from the following will be there!! 10lift. Capital. 15Five. 1Password. 2Checkout. 6sense. 7Qubes. 9Yards Capital. A Cloud Gutu. A-LIGN. Machines. A6 GROUP. AB Tasty. AB Seed.

AI 216

Podcast: Folding phones: The future of mobile?

IT World

Bootcut jeans, butterfly clips and. flip phones? Y2K trends are back in a big way, and that includes Motorola Razr nostalgia. But of course, in 2021, the technology of yesteryear has gotten a huge makeover. Microsoft's recently announced Surface Duo 2 is the latest folding smartphone on the market.

Dux-Soup Review

The Daily Egg

Need a better way to connect with prospects on LinkedIn? Dux-Soup helps you find and target qualified leads to fill any position. The post Dux-Soup Review appeared first on The Daily Egg.


Product-Led Onboarding: How to Turn New Users into Lifelong Customers

Speaker: Ramli John, Managing Director at ProductLed and Author

Let’s face it. Today’s users are impulsive and easily distracted. They don’t have the time (or patience) to try and figure things out by themselves. They expect the product to be intuitive. Easy. And fast. Add to that a few, unfairly poor reviews and you’ll be more than just stuck. Ramli will share a simple but powerful framework to get more users to experience a product’s "Eureka!" moment and turn them into lifelong customers.

Revenue vs. Income


Revenue and income are sometimes used synonymously in day-to-day conversation, however they are very different terms in business, and it is important to have a strong grasp of both.

Dear SaaStr: Is It a Good Idea to Start a Company with a Good Friend?


Q: Is it okay to start a business with your best friend? What is the talk we should have before the formation to ensure transparency and make sure our bond is not broken due to possible business issues that I’m sure will come up? Yes I’m nervous. It’s a genuine set of issues to work on.

How Apple is changing MDM in iOS 15

IT World

One of the biggest enterprise additions to iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 is a significant change to Apple’s MDM (mobile device management) protocol. Earlier MDM changes primarily focused on adding new management, security, or deployment features, extending what MDM could enforce.