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SaaS Start-Ups: Buck Up – It Really Does Get Easier. Or At Least — You Get Better.


One of one top engineers at Adobe Sign / EchoSign, who had strong experience both in consumer internet and enterprise internet, told me a while back the #1 reason he disliked SaaS / enterprise — it never gets easier.

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Why Execution Matters


Some friends wonder why, as someone who considers himself a strategist, I care so much about execution. Is it because I’m a perfectionist? Well yes, but that’s only one reason (and perfectionism is a weakness [1] in business, not a strength).


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Content is the cornerstone of sales enablement, but creating it is a massive headache. In order to create quality content , you need talent, tools, and time – lots of it. Those are resources that most sales teams do not have, and resources that most marketing teams need to protect.

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Today, if you want to build your business you need to get closer to your customers, show transparency, and build trust. The post Best Streaming Software appeared first on The Daily Egg. Workflow

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Dear SaaStr: What Are The Top Things Consistently Missing from Series A Pitches?


Q: Dear SaaStr: What Are The Top Things Consistently Missing from Series A Pitches? The biggest problem I find with Series A pitches is simply that they are still Series Seed pitche s. Your company, and time, have moved on. The pitch often hasn’t. It needs to.

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$9B to Build the Future

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I am excited to announce that Andreessen Horowitz just raised a fresh $9B to invest via our Venture, Growth, and Bio Funds. We are grateful to our Limited Partners who have believed in us and stuck with us over the … The post $9B to Build the Future appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint brings remote deployment to iOS

IT World

With the latest Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) preview for iOS, Microsoft has taken another step that should make life easier for IT administrators who need to secure remote iOS devices at the endpoint. Endpoint protection without the user friction.


Dear SaaStr: What Incentives Actually Incent Employees to Stay?


Q: What incentives work well to attract new employees to a company, and what ultimately makes them want to stay? The tough part is that things that incent folks to join … don’t really incent them to stay. Not really, at least not in my experience.

The Top Sectors of Web3 in 2022 by Revenue

Tomasz Tunguz

With the summer of Defi behind us and a new year for web3, I wondered which categories of web3 startups generate the most revenue. L1s or blockchains, the public databases that record transactions, dominate the revenue share across the top projects producing 78% of revenue. Exchanges place second.

Your Guide to Embedded Payments

Right now, the embedded payments conversation can be downright confusing, Filled with terms like payfac, merchant of record, embedded payments, software-led payments––and that's just to name a few––we're here to break it all down to its essentials, and tell you what you really need to understand.

How to Build a Better Internet: 10 Principles for World leaders Shaping the Future of Web3

Andreessen Horowitz

The year 2021 marked a watershed moment for web3. Significant numbers of policymakers began to grasp the potential of web3 to democratize access to opportunity, provide individuals with more control of their data, and build a better internet.

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11 tips for wicked-fast Chromebook web browsing

IT World

Chromebooks may not be all about the web anymore, like they were in their earliest days , but you'd better believe the browser still plays one heck of a pivotal role in the Chrome OS experience.


Reaccelerating Growth at Scale with Box’s CRO Mark Wayland (Podcast 514 + Video)


In 2015, SaaS cloud-based content management tool Box went public. Since then, their growth has been impressive, but it hasn’t always been steady. Especially with the coronavirus pandemic, Box—like many other SaaS companies—saw a decline in growth year over year.

Seed-Stage Positioning: Lock and Load


With angel and seed money flowing, and a great environment for company creation, I’ve been talking to a lot of seed-stage and pre-seed stage startups of late. They often ask me about positioning.

The Big Payoff of Application Analytics

Outdated or absent analytics won’t cut it in today's data-driven applications. And they won’t cut it for your end users, your development team, or your business. Learn how 5 companies used embedded analytics to achieve huge returns and greater value than anticipated.

Investing in Goldfinch

Andreessen Horowitz

Since DeFi emerged several years ago, a broad range of web3 financial services have been created and widely adopted, but a crucial one was notably absent: undercollateralized lending.

The open office floor plan: rethinking an awful idea

IT World

Some friends and I were talking about the new Google building at 2000 North Shoreline Blvd. in Mountain View, Calif. Truth be told, we’re not impressed. As one person said, it looks like a sagging tent city covered in dragon scales (and not in a good way). But the real kicker?

Crunchbase: Early Stage Investment Doubled in 2021. But The # of Companies Funded Only Went Up 25%.


Crunchbase has its latest VC report up here and it’s good reading.

43 SaaS Conferences To Attend In 2022


It seems like every year there are more companies hosting SaaS conferences. You can find them locally, internationally, and online. There are loads of great reasons to attend a SaaS conference, and you only need to find the one that meets your interest (and budget).

Payments 101: A Guide to Who Does What in Payments

Whenever a consumer pays for a good or service the process is quick and easy. But behind the scenes, a massive system continually hums, making that transaction and more than a billion like it possible every day. Here's a guide to who does what in payments.

How to Transform Customer Success Into a Profit Center with Metrics and Forecasting


Customer Success represents a large source of revenue-generation for SaaS businesses. Though Customer Success was originally regarded as a post-sale cost center, you can flip its narrative with the right metrics, positioning, and forecasting strategy.

Apple is sneaking around its own privacy policy — and will regret it

IT World

Apple has a rather complicated relationship with privacy, which it always points to as a differentiator with Google. But delivering on it is a different tale. Much of this involves the definition of privacy.

A CEO’s Guide to Marketing With Dave Kellogg: Five Things Every Founder Should Know (Podcast 515 and Video)


Have you ever had a sudden realization that you’re spending more on sales and marketing than research and development? If so, you aren’t alone –– the median enterprise SaaS company spends twice as much on sales and marketing than R&D.

5 Stress Management Techniques for the Busy Customer Success Professional


If you’ve been following along in our series about burnout and mental health in customer success, then you already know how to spot signs of burnout on your CS team and ways to help fight burnout as a CS leader.

Your Guide to Using Conversational Marketing to Drive Demand Generation

What is conversational marketing really about? This guide will examine the market forces at play, shifting buyer trends, how to leverage conversation marketing, and the tactics involved in adopting it for a B2B demand generation strategy.

Customer Experience vs. Customer Success: Are They the Same?


It’s not uncommon to find it difficult to grasp the concept of Customer Experience vs. Customer Success. The two are seemingly cut from the same cloth. For some, the Customer Experience definition is not that different from the one for Customer Success.

Will Apple win trust in the metaverse (as it has in the real world)?

IT World

As time moves forward, Apple’s business continues to show the future in its rear-view mirror. Take its decades long focus on building customer trust, for example. The human interface. Customer experience always matters at Apple.

Uncapped and Supercapped Notes and SAFEs: Good in Small Doses


Even with these market wobbles, if you’re fortunate enough to be a “hot” startup in SaaS today you may find yourself oversubscribed in a fundraising round, and/or with investors that really want to invest between rounds when you don’t want or need any more money.

Your New 3-Part Framework for Cold Calling with Jason Bay

Sales Hacker

In this episode of the Sales Hacker Podcast, we have Jason Bay , Chief Prospecting Officer at Blissful Prospecting , a company he built to coach B2B reps in outbound sales. Join us for a high-energy, people-focused conversation about doing a complete 180 with your outbound sales framework.

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Embedded Analytics – 4 Mission-Critical Steps to Take on Your Analytics Journey

The right analytics capabilities will turn data into valuable insights for your end users. This research-based guide, derived from insights of industry professionals, will allow you to create an optimal strategy for acquiring those capabilities.

Does business growth hinge on customer success? We think yes.

OpenView Labs

Welcome back to the final installment of our customer success series. You’ll find parts one and two here. . As I have touched on in my prior posts, the customer success role has evolved in parallel with how software is adopted.

How to bookmark Safari Tab groups (and other bookmark tips)

IT World

And a big welcome back to AppleHolic readers. Today, I wanted to explain how to make better use of Safari Tabs in iOS 15, iPad OS 15, and macOS Monterey — particularly for researchers. Slowly getting used to Safari Tabs. There are things I like about Apple’s new tab support in Safari.


Pretty Much Every App With an Enterprise Edition Uses “Contact Me” Pricing


With the rise of “Product Led Growth” as such a key concept in SaaS, it brings up an age-old question in business software: Should all pricing be transparent? Doesn’t that just remove a huge amount of friction from buying?