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Should SDRs Report to Sales or Marketing?


Slowly and steadily, over the past decade, the industry has evolved from a mentality of “all salesreps must do everything” – including some percent of their time prospecting — to one of specialization.

Triple-Double-Double is Good. 10-100-110 is Enough.


Neeraj Agarwal of Battery Ventures a few years back simplified a lot of the journies top SaaS companies go on to TripleTripleDoubleDoubleDouble, T2D3. That the top SaaS companies triple in the early years, and then double after that to get to $100m+ in ARR.

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Trending Sources Onboarding Email Breakdown Subject Line: How long does it take to integrate?

SaaS Onboarding Emails

Series Overview is all about targeted emails and triggered push notifications, so I was curious to see what their onboarding email sequence is like. Over the course of the one month trial I received 13 emails, including an email after the trial ended.

SaaS analytics will save your subscription business: 4 best tools


There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to ensuring your subscription business stays healthy. And SaaS analytics play a crucial part. Tracking certain analytics will help keep you informed and alerted of your company’s health.

Is Customer Success More Important than Sales and Marketing?


SaaS companies traditionally invest most of their time and money in Sales & Marketing, focusing all their energy on acquiring as many new customers as possible. But in doing so, are you missing out on valuable additional sources of revenue for your business?

Radical transparency as a mindset, not a business model


In this episode of Tradeoffs, Hiten and I are talking about something that's near and dear to our hearts—being a transparent company.

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The Secrets to Building a World-Class, $2.3 Billion Inside Sales Team (Video + Transcript)


Duo Security is an Ann Arbor, Michigan based cyber-security startup. Duo Security was acquired by Cisco for $2.35B in August of 2018. The company’s customers include Etsy, K-Swiss, Toyota, Yelp and Facebook among others. Its customer base spans over 14,000 customers in over 100 countries.

Sales 164

Gathering Community Feedback Isn’t Optional

OpenView Labs

You need people in your life who aren’t afraid to give it to you straight—the friend who tells you when you have spinach in your teeth, the colleague who provides advice when you make a mistake and the customer that gives you a heads up when management is evaluating a different option because your product is missing a feature.

How much cash can your SaaS co burn?


Cash efficiency is one of our favorite metrics in SaaS. Measured as recurring revenue in the latest year / equity + debt invested, it’s every bit as important as growth. We did an analysis looking at the revenue, equity, and debt of 88 publicly traded SaaS companies at the time they went public. Using the equation above (revenue/[equity invested + debt]), we were able to observe the cash efficiency of each company. The conclusion: if you can generate $0.58 cents of revenue each year per $1.00

Intercom on Product: The intersection of company and product strategy

Inside Intercom

Five years ago I wrote about how product strategy means saying no – you must ruthlessly protect your product from feature creep. . Saying no, however, is just one part of a successful product strategy.

SaaS Free Trial Benchmarks: Is Your Product Hitting The Mark?


Do you know if your product’s Free Trial is hitting industry benchmarks? If not, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table. This article will help you determine just how much is being potentially lost and make sure you’re picking the right type of trial for your customer acquisition model.

Startup Reads: 11 Books Every Early-Stage Entrepreneur Should Read


I haven’t always been a big reader, but I’ve got more into it over the past few years of working with startups. In a past article, Five Pillars of Success: Curated Content for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs , I mentioned that last year I read 12 books.

How to Use Personalization and Automation for Small Business Growth

The Daily Egg

New technologies are radically changing the way businesses interact with customers. As a result, customer expectations are constantly changing. Businesses should innovate and evolve in order to meet those expectations and build relationships that customers value.

20 Incredible New Experiences at 2020 SaaStr Annual


With Dreamforce and SaaStr Europa and Scale behind us, little tiny Team SaaStr is 100% focused on 2020 SaaStr Annual. It will be in March this year for one year in 2020, before we go back to February for 2021 on. March 10-11-12 in San Jose, CA just south of San Francisco.

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How To Run Facebook Ads For SaaS To Get New Paying Users?


What are common objections that you hear (or have) regarding Facebook ads for SaaS companies? “ Users log in to Facebook to see posts from their friends and for entertainment. Who’s consider subscribing to software? ”. Or maybe “ Users don’t always mention their job titles on Facebook.

How to deliver empathy as a prospector and increase sales with Brian Carroll

Predictable Revenue

The challenge in sales is we are trying to get our needs met. That can be motivating – but it can also be a negative. We spend so much time trying to get people to care about what we do, and what we sell, but you have to start with what your customers care about and what they are trying to get done.

Sales Hacker Success Summit: Level Up Your Sales Game for 2020

Sales Hacker

Save the date! The Sales Hacker Success Summit will be here before you know it! WHAT : Five exciting days of advanced sales training and tips from some of the biggest names in Sales. WHEN : December 9–13, 2019. WHERE : Your office or home. COST : Nada. It’s 100% free. RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW.

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How You Can Help Your Sales Team in 2020


Hopefully you are closing the year out strong. Even if you are coming up a bit short, there’s one thing I do know. If you have a good sales team, they are leaving nothing on the table. They won’t go home until 11:59 on December 31.

Satya Swallows the Fish


Satya Nadella was recently named Fortune’s Businessperson of the Year. It’s well deserved. I’m old enough to remember Microsoft as […]. The post Satya Swallows the Fish appeared first on Zuora. Subscribed Weekly / Thoughts from Tien Tzuo


Customer Service Checklist: 15 Ways to Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Groove HQ

Find out how to provide exceptional customer service using our 15-point checklist. The post Customer Service Checklist: 15 Ways to Provide Exceptional Customer Service appeared first on Groove Blog. Customer Support

PODCAST 85: AI will not replace SDRs/BDRs w/ Dan O’Connell

Sales Hacker

This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we speak with Dan O’Connell, Chief Strategy Officer at Dialpad. Dan’s career started at Google, where he worked directly under Sheryl Sandberg at the start of AdWords.

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Is LinkedIn still used today?


Q: Is LinkedIn still used today? LinkedIn continues to show the power of brand, network effects, and modest incremental improvements and innovation. Even as part of Microsoft, LinkedIn is still growing 25% by revenue and 22% by sessions.

a16z Podcast: How We Podcast

Andreessen Horowitz

“Hi everyone, welcome to the a16z Podcast…” … and welcome to our 500th episode, where, for the first time, we reveal behind-the-scenes details and the backstory of how we built this show, and the broader editorial operation.


How to Boost Your Sales with Authentic Content Materials


The Internet is changing in many ways. One of the main trends today is that Internet users want informative and genuine stories, rather than generic, copy-pasted content. Because of that, every business owner needs to invest their time and energy to create and publish their original content.

20 Secrets to Sales Onboarding Success (Worth Up To $2M Annually)

Sales Hacker

Sales leaders have a bad habit of dumping people into a new job without properly preparing them to succeed. When I landed my first “big girl job” 20 years ago as an Inside Sales Manager , I was underqualified, overambitious, and soon underwater.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of bootstrapping?


Q: What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of bootstrapping? The biggest disadvantage is generally, it seems to take longer in SaaS at least. Often about 4 years longer: Bootstrapping in SaaS? It Works. But Add ~4 Years to the IPO Timeline. SaaStr.

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The 3 fastest ways to fail with a new sales technology

I wasn’t always a sales technology geek, but after working at (now XANT) and later starting my own outsourced sales company, I learned to love the efficiencies of a great tech stack. You’ve seen the ads, maybe you’ve been to the conferences, and you definitely read the blog posts.

10 Questions Sales Leaders Must Ask to Develop More Sales Opportunities


As a sales leader or manager, you’re aware of how the landscape has shifted in terms of how we grow accounts and boost sales opportunities. In today’s environment, buyers are less patient than they were, so it’s important for sellers to impress them right away and throughout the process.

Building Sales Battlecards: Best Practice, Tips, and Templates

Sales Hacker

Sales battlecards are one of the most common and most important sales enablement assets. They provide an overview of a specific competitor’s company, products, and services, and provide guidelines on how to win deals against that competitor.

From Slooooow Growth to Hypergrowth with Collibra and Insight Partners (Video + Transcript)


How does a startup that launched during the financial crisis in 2008 become a unicorn company in 2019? For Collibra, a cross-organizational data governance platform, the company went from slow growth to hypergrowth.

a16z Podcast: Nursing Today, From the Bedside and Beyond

Andreessen Horowitz

“Constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a surgeon”, diplomat Dag Hammarskjöld once observed — and that may be more true today than ever before. For most of us, nurses are … The post a16z Podcast: Nursing Today, From the Bedside and Beyond appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz. bio marketplaces healthcare

Customer SuccessCon Berkeley 2019 Takeaways


Top Five Customer SuccessCon Berkeley 2019 Takeaways. Last week ChurnZero sponsored Customer SuccessCon 2019 in Berkley, CA.

5 Ways Using a CRM Improves Customer and Prospect Relationships

Nimble - Sales

You already have a great product, and you’re selling it at a competitive price. However, the future belongs to those who deliver an exceptional experience around their product in each stage of the sales funnel.

SaaStr Podcasts for the Week with Mapistry and Slack — November 29, 2019


286: Allie Janoch is the Founder & CEO @ Mapistry, the startup that makes environmental compliance simple. As for Allie, prior to founding Mapistry she started her career in MIT’s Lincoln Lab before joining IQ Engines (acquired by Yahoo).