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5 Interesting Learnings From Slack. As It Gets Ready to IPO.


With Slack’s IPO data and financials finally public, what is left to know about the app we all use and have been reading about for years? What’s interesting to know about Slack … that we didn’t already know? ??. Slack is obviously a rocketship going from $0 to ~$600m+ ARR (!)

Smart SaaS PPC Tactics: Lead Nurturing vs. Direct Signups


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) marketers are among the world’s most talented. They need to be. The pressure to acquire and retain users is high—to put it mildly. And when you’re a funded startup with investor pressure, as many are, this need to grow and sustain velocity can be yet more acute.

No one needs your solution unless they have a problem

Practical Advice on SaaS marketing

Let me give this to you straight: Nobody really cares about your SaaS solution. They don’t care how it’s built. They don’t want to see a demo. And they don’t want to talk to you about it. At least not yet.

The New Forecast Flow


Having an accurate sales forecast is critically important to the business. As these numbers roll up to the executive team and board members, many decisions are made from them including future investments, product launches, hiring and strategic planning.

What are some key signs that the managers that got you to $5m ARR may not be the right managers that will get you to 25m ARR?


A few signs: Lack of organization. You can get to $5m being only sort of organized. After that, you gotta get really organized. Either by yourself, or with a Sales Ops / Marketing Ops / Some Sort of Ops leader under you.

Quick Hits CRO Tips Episode 2: How to Use Google Analytics with Visitor Recordings

The Daily Egg

Welcome to Episode 2 of Quick Hits CRO Tips! In this video resource series, we share advice, best practices, and strategies for how to boost your conversions, increase your revenue, and turn your visitors into customers, all in 2 minutes or less.

Benchmarking Slack's S-1: How 7 Key Metrics Stack Up

Tom Tunguz

Slack has transformed the way we work. By replacing email with beautiful and simple internal chat, Slack has productized productivity. Founded as a gaming company called Tiny Speck in 2009, the company’s initial product, Glitch, didn’t catch on as expected.

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SaaStr + The Hustle TOGETHER Next Tuesday! There’s Pizza! And it’s Free!!


This is going to be fun. Next Tuesday, Sam Parr of the Hustle (with 1,000,000+ subscribers!!), Amelia Ibarra, VP of Marketing at SaaStr, and I will be talking about lessons learned in Content Marketing and Growth Marketing from SaaStr itself.

All You Need To Know About Fonts

The Daily Egg

Whether you’re in charge of designing a website, flyer, brochure, magazine, ad, street sign, billboard, textbook or ebook, you know the importance a font brings to your design. Design without fonts would be like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the bread; it’s no longer a sandwich.

5 Key SaaS Trends for 2019


Having been involved in a number of SaaS companies over the last decade, we’ve noticed a series of recurring trends where growth is concerned. We recently attended SaaStr Annual with 14,000 other SaaS executives to discuss the latest trends in SaaS.

Trends 169

A Student Of Style


Chris Echevarria is a trend spotter, trained menswear designer, and cultural savant well-equipped to outfit a new generation of men.

From Idea to Billion Dollar Business: the RingCentral Journey (Video + Transcript)


Join Vlad Shmunis, founder, chairman, and CEO of RingCentral as he discusses RingCentral’s journey from a two-person startup to a $7B market cap global enterprise communications company (NYSE:RNG) — the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Quick Hits CRO Tips Episode 4: What to Look For in Visitor Recordings

The Daily Egg

Welcome to Quick Hits CRO Tips from Crazy Egg! In this video resource series, we share advice, best practices, and strategies for how to boost your conversions, increase your revenue, and turn your visitors into customers — all in 2 minutes or less.

The Traditional Product Management Method is Broken

OpenView Labs

According to the State of Salaries report from Hired, Product Manager (PM) was the highest paid tech role in 2018. And yet, the overwhelming majority of companies aren’t leveraging their product managers to the greatest advantage.

Meditation and the mindful sales rep with Keith Cordeiro

Predictable Revenue

On this edition of The Predictable Revenue Podcast, co-host Collin Stewart welcomes Keith Cordeiro, Account Executive at Crosstex International and Host of the Philosophy Of Sales podcast. The post Meditation and the mindful sales rep with Keith Cordeiro appeared first on Predictable Revenue.

What are the most important metrics for SaaS?


In the early days, there are probably only 5 metrics that really matter: ARR. ARR Growth Rate. Burn Rate. Probably, NPS (more here: I Was Wrong. NPS is A Great Core Metric. SaaStr ). And maybe … net revenue retention / churn. All the rest, maybe don’t obsess too much until you are bigger.

Quick Hits CRO Tips Episode 3: How to Use Snapshot Reports with Visitor Recordings

The Daily Egg

Welcome to Quick Hits CRO Tips from Crazy Egg! In this video resource series, we share advice, best practices, and strategies for how to boost your conversions, increase your revenue, and turn your visitors into customers, all in 2 minutes or less.

Best 150+ Sales Tools: The Complete List (2019 Update)

Sales Hacker

It takes a lot to succeed in sales. You need empathy, grit and drive. You need to know your customers intimately. You need to resiliently bounce back from rejection. You need to know when to talk and when to shut up. And then, there are sales tools….

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Clippy: The Unauthorized Biography

Andreessen Horowitz

Before Cortana, before Siri, before Alexa, even before smart interactive voice response (IVR) systems, there was Microsoft’s Office Assistant, one of the first widely deployed digital assistants that shipped as part of Microsoft Office in 1997.

AI 98

Connect with a Mentor at SaaStr Europa 2019


These mentorships are specific to product and engineering. This is a chance to get actionable advice from mentors in your field and walk away with some tangible takeaways. Our goal is to help everyone get from $0 to $100m ARR with less stress and more success.

How to effectively generate B2B SaaS leads (or skip this article and lose qualified SaaS leads)


Leads. Leads = customers = profits. If you are asking yourself, “Why does my business-to-business (B2B) SaaS company need leads?” then you are in the wrong industry. SaaS Lead Generation SaaS Marketing Strategy

B2B 130

Conducting Killer Pipeline Reviews Your Salespeople Will Thank You For

Sales Hacker

In the movie “Dirty Harry,” Clint Eastwood’s character asks one of his “bad guys” what has become an iconic question… “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?”.

5/2: Sayonara, subscription world (a brief hiatus)


Hello crew, it’s Abby here on a notable Subscription60. We’re pumped to announce we’re revamping the show, but saddened to say we won’t meet again til mid May. We’re going heads down to make this show everything you deserve it to be - mixing up format and content, and bringing in fresh new faces.

SaaStr #1 on Product Hunt!


If you haven’t checked out our new Ultimate Guide to Scaling SaaS — you should! It’s our Top 100 Quora+ Answers of All Time, finally organized into sections and categories, and put together into 1 slick eBook / PDF: It went up on Product Hunt today and is #1 there.

6 Customer Retention Strategies That Keep Customers Coming Back


The following is a guest blog post by Sam Makad. . If you want your business to be successful in the long run, it pays to give priority to customer retention. Landing a customer who will pay for life is like hitting the jackpot.

Overcoming objections in sales: 40+ examples, tactics, and rebuttals

Nothing defeats an inexperienced salesperson faster than an unexpected objection. Most salespeople invest hours perfecting their pitch without a second thought to what comes afterwards. But even a perfect pitch can be ruined by poor objection handling.

Why Ops Is Broken Everywhere (And What to Do About It)

Sales Hacker

It took me several years in sales and operations to learn that revenue operations (ops) is broken everywhere. My first two sales jobs were with companies that struggled to deal with seemingly simple operational issues.

SaaStr Podcasts for the Week: May 3, 2019


Episode 229: Manny Medina is the Founder & CEO @ Outreach, the market leading sales engagement platform that turns your team into a revenue-driving machine.

How to kickstart billion dollar companies

Inside Intercom

Bangaly Kaba, Instacart’s VP of Growth, knows the typical growth journey for billion dollar companies well. Instacart is valued at nearly $8 billion and since joining, he’s helped to make the company’s services available to more than 80% of U.S. households and 60% of Canadian households.

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The Top Three Ways to Improve Customer Engagement and Loyalty for Enterprises


Customer loyalty is priceless. If you retain customers , they’ll spend far more than the price of their initial purchase over a lifetime. Plus, current customers are more likely to make major purchases or upsells. But the only way to cultivate this prized group is to form meaningful connections which increase customer engagement and loyalty. Always keep the customer experience in mind. Try to understand how your brand’s actions and communications make a customer feel.

Measuring Sales Enablement: The Metrics You Need to Assess Success

Sales Hacker

Sales enablement has a problem. People think we suck at enabling our reps because we can’t prove the impact of what we do. Many SaaS companies struggle with ramp time, and it’s getting worse over time.

How we did it: Gender Equality, Equal Pay, and Racial Equality with Salesforce (Video + Transcript)


Join Molly Ford, Salesforce Global Equality Programs Senior Director, and Leyla Seka, Salesforce VP of Mobile for actionable advice they have applied on their own journey. Here are their lessons learned on driving change in gender equality, equal pay and racial equality within Salesforce.

SaaS metrics aren't just for investors. You need them, too.


often talk about B2B SaaS metrics from the perspective of what investors want. If you don’t have easy access to the metrics they expect (or, worse, if they’re wrong), your valuation could suffer and that’s the last thing SaaS founders, CEOs and CFOs want to hear.

Is It Time Your Customers Got a Health Checkup? (Yes. It Is.)

OpenView Labs

Most of us know that, periodically, even the healthiest people need to go and get a “just in case” checkup. It’s why life insurance companies require a physical. However, when it comes to customers, many SaaS companies rely on an “if it ain’t broke, leave it alone” model.

The a16z Pitch Room: Sandbox VR

Andreessen Horowitz

Have you ever wished you could be in the room when founders present to the Andreessen Horowitz investing team? Even better, do you wish you could stay to hear the discussion after the pitch? We hear you and are thrilled … design virtual & augmented reality

The Week In Cloud: April 28, 2019


Join our Quora group to get all of The Week in Cloud updates throughout the week. Wow, $260m valuation. The campus has a lake, its own tram system, and enough room to accommodate up to 25,000 employees.” . Apple is now paying more than it did before the lawsuit, apparently.

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Rebilling 101: Every Payment Term You Need to Know

Rebilly | Insights Into Subscription Billing

When you decide to start a subscription business, the sheer amount of terms to learn can be overwhelming. What’s the difference between a blacklist and a greylist? What’s dunning, and how can you use it to decrease involuntary churn?

Churn 68