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Do SaaS Affiliate Programs Work? [+7 Related Stories from SaaS people]


Have you noticed one of the latest and growing trends in the worklife? Passive income, flexible working hours, result-based remuneration, etc. Our today’s topic somehow evolves around this concept because we are going to write and talk about affiliate marketing.

12 steps to creating landing pages that convert

Inside Intercom

So you have a killer product and now you need to craft a landing page to sell it. Here’s how we create high converting landing pages. Most landing pages for SaaS products tend to focus too much on highlighting what you get (the features) and not enough on what it will do for you (the benefits).

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Diagnosing bottlenecks and finding hidden revenue in your demand gen pipeline with Johann Nogueira

Predictable Revenue

Johann discusses how he and his companies work to unlock revenue, build brands, and, ultimately, empires for their clients. The foundations and fundamental steps a company should follow to increase revenue; and Johann’s cutting edge marketing process to ensure you meet your goals.

Building Success: Insights from 7 Leading SaaS Companies

Entrepreneur - SaaS

SaaS businesses feature all sorts of advantages and unique hurdles. What separates the winners form the losers? Growth Strategies

Does a Product-Led Growth Company Still Need a Sales Force?


Think about some of the online tools you can’t live without. Chances are, you backup your work to Dropbox, keep your colleagues updated on your progress via Slack, and automate your marketing emails with a service like Mailchimp. And what all these companies have in common, according to Forbes , is that they’re product-led growth companies.

What Mattermark Can Teach Your SaaS Business About Risk Taking


Risk taking is a fundamental part of running a SaaS business. But how can you determine which are the right risks to take? Today, I'm turning to the example of Mattermark, and looking at how they solved one of the biggest problems a SaaS business can face: deciding when to expand into new markets

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Benchmarking Your Sales and Customer Success Teams

Tomasz Tunguz

Our portfolio company released the State of Conversational Intelligence 2020. The report uses data from 5m sales and customer calls to benchmark sales team performance. There’s lots of great data in the report. Some of the data reaffirms rules of thumb. For example, the typical win rate of a sales qualified lead is 19%. Other data points are surprising. For example, the average SDR dials 106 people to schedule one meeting.

The art of the customer visit (and why startups and SMBs should visit their customers)

When was the last time you visited a customer? Customer visits might seem extravagant and unnecessary on the surface. Why not just get on a call with your customers? Or email them? You could just send them a survey, or even dig into your product analytics to surface insights.

Is Seed the new Series A? (Video + Transcript)


Since 2010 we’ve seen more startups, funds, and capital than ever before, but with this drastic increase, investors are seeing unexpected new trends reshaping the future of the industry.

What does a lead investor do?


Q: What does a lead investor do? A lead investor : Is expected to lead any bridge round. This is super important. If the company does OK but Not Great, the investors will often be willing to do a bridge round (i.e., a smaller, second, all-inside round). But the lead investor has to … lead it.

Real Wealth Is Not About Money

Groove HQ

This April, our family got some devastating news. We had just returned from a wedding in Florida when we got the call. My father-in-law, an otherwise healthy man in his 60’s who had just retired this past year, was diagnosed with stage four cancer.


Things to Consider When Transitioning to SaaS Solutions

SaaS Metrics

Introduction More businesses are transitioning from traditional on-premises software to SaaS subscriptions than ever and for obvious reasons. SaaS model has experienced a massive growth over the recent years, while the growth rate of on-premises software has been pretty stagnant.

Practical Advice for Keeping Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns Streamlined

The Daily Egg

Automation is the key to making sure that your business runs smoothly and that you can concentrate your time on meaningful (rather than mundane) tasks.

SaaS Will Hit $116 Billion Next Year. Wow.


Gartner has its latest Cloud report out , and while one can always pick at any report, it’s at least a well-resourced and reasoned source on the size of SaaS and the Cloud. The big learnings for SaaS founders and execs: Cloud overall will grow 17% next year to $266 Billion.

Cloud 281

Top 10 How To Articles for SaaS CEO’s


If you just clicked on this article and started exploring it, Congratulations! You are a CEO (or maybe Founder CEO) at a SaaS company. First, good luck with your business. We have prepared this round-up post so you have the most practical how-to articles at hand and save time. (We

4 Steps to Hire Candidates that Fit Your Core Values: An Interview With Alison Kopf & Brett Brohl


January through March is the busiest time of year for hiring so we want to help ensure that you have access to as many high-quality candidates as possible.

The Future of AI for Sales (And How to Prepare for It)

Sales Hacker

Companies that prepare for and embrace the changes AI brings will thrive. Those that don’t — won’t. It’s as simple as that. Sales is traditionally a people-to-people business, but technologies like artificial intelligence are making expert sellers rethink the balance between human and machine.

AI 106

Beware of the Confidence of High Win Rates


Probably once a week I’ll meet with a founder of a great early-ish stage SaaS start-up. Great logo customers, great early traction, at least some capital in the bank, in a good space. And after all the good news, I’ll hear, “And we win almost every deal.”

Using Customer Satisfaction Metrics: NPS Best Practices


There’s a saying in business: if you can’t measure it, it never happened. But how do you measure satisfaction? Luckily, there’s a measure for that, too: customer satisfaction metrics.

5 Questions with Todd Deacon


Meet Todd : Todd Deacon is the Managing Director of the Techstars SportsTech Melbourne Accelerator. Todd has a passion for the business of sport and in particular SportsTech, startups and venture capital.

ABM Tricks that Boost Lead Generation and Sales Momentum

Sales Hacker

Account-based marketing isn’t new anymore. It’s time to stop winging it and to start doing it the right way. ABM allows you to craft efficient solutions to some of the biggest issues plaguing sales today. At Belkin, ABM helps us process a huge volume of data.

What is the proper way to do due diligence on a VC firm?


Q: What is the proper way to do due diligence on a VC firm? Here are the things IMHO and IME that are most important. First, if you want to do it right, you should diligence both (1) the firm and (2) the individual partner leading the deal.

How to Reverse Engineer Biology

Andreessen Horowitz

The idea of reverse engineering biology seems like a paradox. How could we ever reverse engineer anything for which we didn’t “invent” the original technology? Radios, bridges, computers—all these are human-made, built from logical, clean cut, organized systems.

10 Customer Service Metrics You Should Be Measuring (And How to Improve Them)

Groove HQ

This guide covers the ten most valuable customer service metrics, complete with definitions, example reports, and support solutions to help you improve each one. A great customer support platform provides all the essential reports to guide your team in the right direction.

The First 90 Days: From “In the Door” to “Successful Sale” in Record Time

Sales Hacker

There’s a big problem in B2B sales right now. The sales cycle for nearly half of all B2B sales is at least 7 months. The average tenure of a sales rep in 2018 is 18 months. So, what’s the problem?

B2B 96

New!! The SaaStr Rising Star Scholarship Program for 2020 Annual!!


Heading into the 6th SaaStr Annual, we feel like we’ve perfected part of the formula. We’ll have 4,000+ SaaS CEOs and founders, 1000+ VCs, and 3,000+ mentorship sessions this year alone. But we want to make sure we also include the next generation.

AI is Industrializing Discovery

Andreessen Horowitz

One of the defining characteristics in an industrial revolution is the fundamental shift from a bespoke, artisan process to an industrialized, engineerable, repeatable one.

AI 94

Customer Success and ROI: How to Improve Revenue


The digitization of business has shifted the way customer value is achieved and how investments generate returns. In this customer-centered economy , you need to provide customers with a responsive, personalized service that is focused on their needs.

Find Your “Perfect Pitch”: Using Data as the Maestro of Your Sales Orchestration

Sales Hacker

The post Find Your “Perfect Pitch”: Using Data as the Maestro of Your Sales Orchestration appeared first on Sales Hacker. Choice DiscoverOrg Partner Sales Pitch Sales Process Webinars

Data 83

8 Tough Lessons from Closing 12,000 Customers at WebPT (Video + Transcript)


WebPT achieved 30% market share and transformed an entire vertical with a purpose-built solution in a tech-averse industry.

Banking on the Future: Why our most hated institutions will become our most beloved

Andreessen Horowitz

It’s expensive to be poor. . There are two banking systems in the world today: one for people with money (or good credit), and another for people without. But neither of these systems work well. People with money have gotten used … The post Banking on the Future: Why our most hated institutions will become our most beloved appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz. APIs fintech Uncategorized banking credit debt financial services machine learning

The 13 Critical Questions to Answer about Your Startup's Product Marketing

Tomasz Tunguz

Last week’s post on The Most Frequent Mishire in Startups generated the most comments on a post this year. In particular, it was this section. Though the startup may have achieved product market fit, the company may not understand the fit. Who is using the product and why? How does the buyer journey evolve with time? How do buyers describe the product amongst each other? Few early stage companies can answer those questions accurately. Why is this?

A/B testing guide: What is it and how do you set it up?


Let’s face it, marketing online isn’t easy. New competitors are springing up every day, and customer acquisition costs are rising for both B2C and B2B companies as a result.

SaaStr Podcasts for the Week with Redpoint Ventures, Felicis Ventures, and Adyen — November 22, 2019


284: Travis Bryant is Partner for Founder Experience @ Redpoint Ventures, the venture fund with a portfolio including the likes of Stripe, Netflix, Zuora, Hashicorp and Juniper Networks just to name a few.