Mon.Feb 17, 2020

Additional Health & Safety Rules for 2020 SaaStr Annual


We’ve added a series of additional Health & Safety rules to the 2020 SaaStr Annual. You can review them in more detail here. Note they are more substantially restrictive than other events , perhaps in some cases too restrictive. So please review them.

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Startup Seed Funding, VCs and The Series A Signalling Risk


Seed investment has evolved, and Venture Capital-lead " mega seeds " are more and more common. But despite the allure of big name investors and big money rounds, allowing a VC into your seed isn't without its risks.

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Navigating subscription in the air


Today, we’re eyeing subscription aviation. Plus, an interview on Product Hunt Radio from the mind of a brand master. And finally, we take a monetization and pricing plunge with Reforge. Your top subscription news. Navigating subscription with Etihad Airways.

Getting Rid of the Bullsh*t Performance Review: This 4 Step Checklist Saves Us 40+ Hours Each Quarter

Groove HQ

How we eliminated awkward performance review meetings and improved team-wide productivity. The post Getting Rid of the Bullsh*t Performance Review: This 4 Step Checklist Saves Us 40+ Hours Each Quarter appeared first on Groove Blog. Growth


Debt Financing Fuels Your Growth - on Your Terms. Zero Dilution.

The landscape of startup financing is changing. Learn why SaaS founders are turning to debt capital options like revenue-based financing.

Price bundling: Can bundle pricing boost sales? | ProfitWell


Think back to the last time you had fast food or purchased a new phone. You likely didn’t just get a hamburger or a new mobile device—you got fries and a drink or a case and a wireless charger. That’s price bundling.

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7 Tips to Get Your Investor Pitch Right


It’s an exciting time to be a SaaS business. With the model’s explosive growth, more money than ever is being invested in SaaS.

This SaaS sales coach explains the 20% of work that produces 80% of results for sales teams

You just came out of your last meeting of the day, (the ninth one!), and you still aren’t hitting numbers. You’ve reflected on your coaching strategy, the hiring process, the CRM tool, your weekly meeting objectives. You’ve evaluated and tried to optimize everything.

The State of Field Sales in 2020 (Plus Outside Sales Statistics)

Sales Hacker

Today, companies of all shapes and sizes still lack the technology needed to support their outside sales teams effectively. Without the right tools, these teams are suffering. .

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