Thu.Apr 08, 2021

Selling Into Ever-Changing, Highly Regulated Industries: Healthcare Edition

Predictable Revenue

Mac McKellar, National Sales Director at Nona Scientific, joins Sarah Hicks on the second episode in the Selling into Ever-Changing, Highly Regulated Industries series on the Predictable Revenue Podcast.

Raising Your First VC Round? 5 Tips to Managing Your VCs Afterwards


A few thoughts if you haven’t raised venture capital before: 1. Remember you have to prove yourself, still. Yes, you got the $$$, and they really can’t get it back, and probably they can’t fire you if they don’t control the board.


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Best Outbound Telemarketing Services

The Daily Egg

A telemarketer needs to be able to manage campaigns, follow promising leads, keep track of all their calls, and hopefully close a lot of sales.

Microsoft: Bosses Are Doing Better Than Their Teams During Work-from-Home


There’s an exercise I’ve quietly done for about 6 months. Every time I talk to a top CEO, founder or VC over a Zoom catch-up, I first ask them, “How are you doing, 1-10? Overall?”

The SaaS Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

Every SaaS business has a strategic responsibility to improve Conversion Rate Optimization across their product or site. Learn 7 detailed steps to infuse data into your process, surface customer drop-off points, and generate ideas to drive conversion.

Solving the Marketing/Sales Attribution Problem Once and for All

Sales Hacker

If you’ve worked at a B2B company that uses an ABM strategy for their Go To Market and has an SDR team you have inevitably run into the problem of lead attribution. In B2C or e-commerce these problems exist, too. Was it the Facebook ad that helped us drive the sale? Or was it the blog, or the TV ad?

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How to Use The Facebook Creative Hub

Neil Patel

According to a study by HubSpot, over 30 percent of marketers say Facebook Ads provide the highest return on investment. Struggling to see ROI with your ads? You’re not alone. It’s tough making a Facebook ad that stands out, appeals to your audience, and converts.

Your Favourite Sales Technology


Your Favourite Tools for Sales. Of course we’ve been sharing a vast amount of sales tech here over the years. We thought it would be nice to enable you to share your favourite sales tools or simply to share what we may have overlooked.

What is IaaS? How Does it Affect Your e-Commerce Site?

Neil Patel

Cloud computing has taken over in recent years, and it offers many opportunities for businesses and users. The terminology can be a little complex though, and like with many IT-related things, there are lots of acronyms that get thrown around.

Cloud 84

How ready is your business for usage-based billing?


Many enterprises are in the process of shifting from a one-time transaction to a recurring revenue model, which commonly includes both subscription and consumption-based models.

B2C 56

4 Approaches to Data Analytics

As the analytics landscape continues to evolve, application teams who need to embed dashboards, reports, and other analytics capabilities in their applications can choose from dozens of solutions. How do you differentiate one solution from the next?

Top Factors Impacting the SaaS Business Environment for 2021 – Part One


What Are the Most Significant Factors Impacting the Business Environment for Your Company in 2021? It’s not Covid (at least directly). It’s not government regulation. Access to capital is not a big issue either (there’s more capital flowing into tech than ever before).

Cliniko founder Joel Friedlaender on bringing digital transformation to healthcare

Inside Intercom

Joel Friedlaender is the founder of Cliniko , a practice management software for clinics and allied health practitioners to manage their scheduling and booking, patient records, invoicing, and more.

UK gov secures vendors for £1.5bn software services deal


Crown Commercial Service establishes a framework for the design and implementation of software for central gov and public bodies

Three Ways Subscriptions Will Help You Thrive in the Ecommerce Era, and How to Get Started


2020 marked a tipping point in modern commerce. Suddenly, retail businesses found themselves struggling to keep up with a dramatic spike in demand as ecommerce sales skyrocketed

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SaaS Chart of Accounts

It’s no secret that general ledgers aren’t optimized for SaaS companies. Your QuickBooks or Xero Chart of Accounts is no different. The following Excel template is a sample Chart of Accounts that you can download and customize to fit your business needs.

The 4 Major Problems with Using Spreadsheets for Commissions (and How to Solve Them)

Sales Hacker

If you’re using spreadsheets for comp and commissions tracking, you should ask yourself if that’s appropriate. What are the risks of using spreadsheets and how do you know when it’s time to shift to something a little safer and more scalable? The post The 4 Major Problems with Using Spreadsheets for Commissions (and How to Solve Them) appeared first on Sales Hacker. Revenue Operations Training & Events

Sales 49

Startups: Tools Are Bought, Transformations Are Sold


One thing that I wish I had learned earlier in my entrepreneurial career is this: Tools are bought, transformations are sold. Here's a clip of a talk I gave at the SaaStr conference that elaborates on this. First, let's talk about the difference?

How to Scale Personalization in Your Outbound Prospecting Efforts

Sales Hacker

How do you set up your GTM teams to actually bring in a more human-centric approach and continue to build personal relationships without sacrificing scale? The post How to Scale Personalization in Your Outbound Prospecting Efforts appeared first on Sales Hacker. Revenue Operations Training & Events

How to Read Your Website Source Code and Why It’s Important

Neil Patel

Underneath all the images, text, and calls to action on your website lies your webpage source code. Google and other search engines “read” this code to determine where your webpages should appear in their indexes for a given search query.

Guide to Data Consulting Success: What to Know & Ask Before Your Next Data Project

Whether you're starting a new data initiative or benchmarking a current effort, this guide breaks down how to develop a coherent data strategy, avoid common pitfalls, and work with data consultants to improve business visibility and drive growth.