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Product-User Fit Comes Before Product-Market Fit

Andreessen Horowitz

Product-market fit is “ the only thing that matters ” early on in the startup journey, wrote Marc Andreessen in June 2007. Conventionally, product-market fit comes down to early signals that the market has voted your product as the best … enterprise & SaaS Company Building 101 product-market fit

The SaaS Correction of Late 2019

Tom Tunguz

Last week, SaaS stocks fell by about 18% on average. The chart above shows the most recent enterprise value to forward multiple for a basket of next-generation software companies. The red line is the value and the blue line is the median over the same time frame.

How to Determine the Best Value Metric for Your SaaS Product


SaaS pricing is difficult to master, and just a few tweaks to your strategy can have a huge impact on your revenue. Today, I’m looking at how you can determine the most appropriate value metric for pricing your SaaS product

5 Easy Fixes that Will Instantly Help you Get More from Google Analytics

The Daily Egg

Google Analytics is without a doubt the single most popular digital analytics tool of all time. Full stop. While it’s impossible for anyone to give the exact number, according to many different sources it’s used by over 50% of websites on the internet.


4 Competencies of a Successful Sales Team

Speaker: Collin Stewart, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Predictable Revenue

As you scale your SaaS business, you want to be armed with all the necessary tools to ensure optimal growth, which ultimately stems from how effective your sales team is. After identifying that you have a great product that the market needs, the next step is to determine if you have the proper messaging, if you are using the correct channels, and if you have the most effective tactics in place. Join Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Predictable Revenue Collin Stewart to learn how to use this formula to fast-track your startups’ growth journey.

Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales: Which Is Best for You?

Sales Hacker

One of the biggest decisions you can make when setting up your sales team is whether to focus primarily on inside or outside sales.

Sales 104

Freemium: It's About Acquisition, Not Revenue


In this week’s episode, Hiten and I want to talk to you about something both of us have a lot of experience with: freemium product strategy. With more startups looking into this model every day, we think it’s important to discuss the inherent tradeoffs of using freemium for your business.

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PODCAST 75: 3-Layer Approach to Stage-Appropriate Leadership w/ Jason Holmes

Sales Hacker

This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we speak with Jason Holmes , President and COO of Showpad. Jason specializes in executive sales leadership with CRM, SaaS, and other tech companies. He’s been an executive and/or VP for a variety of household names, such as Marketo, Adobe, and Oracle.

How to Identify the Best Marketing Platforms to Reach Your Target Audience

Nimble - Sales

Finding your target audience is an essential step while setting up a business. Many small business owners confuse the terms target audience and target group. Target Group are the people you want to benefit from the product.

The SaaS Metrics Roundup


Let’s face it: SaaS metrics are confusing! Whether you’re a founder attempting to track and predict growth or a new hire trying to fix an outdated system – there’s a lot to know and understand. What metrics should you be tracking? And how and when should you be tracking them?

Top 10 Best SEO Services in Los Angeles: Consultants | Agencies | Firms (Quarterly Updated Guide)


Digital marketing today is changing how we discover new resources, products, and information but how can you stay on top of every strategy without spending a fortune? This is where SEO comes into play!

Driving Discovery and Experimentation in your Organization

Speaker: Teresa Torres, Product Discovery Coach, Product Talk, David Bland, Founder and CEO, Precoil, and Hope Gurion, Product Coach and Advisor, Fearless Product LLC

If you want to build what matters, you can't move forward blindly. But to make progress, you can't let things slow to a crawl while you focus resources on gathering data. This is where continuous discovery and experimentation come in. Join Teresa Torres (Product Discovery Coach, Product Talk), David Bland (Founder, Precoil), and Hope Gurion (Product Coach and Advisor, Fearless Product) in a panel discussion as they cover how - and why - to build a culture of discovery and experimentation in your organization.

2019 Expansion SaaS Benchmarks Report

OpenView Labs

The post 2019 Expansion SaaS Benchmarks Report appeared first on OpenView

What are some of the top questions to ask while evaluating marketing automation software?


Very good question! Here are some key questions to ask during the sales process. Note, I took these from the Marketing Automation’s Buyer’s Guide I wrote a while back (still 100% relevant!). Go grab it through this link , or just keeping reading: Why do I need this?

16 Minutes on the News #8: Apple Camera, Services; Wearables – Where are We

Andreessen Horowitz

This is episode #8 of our news show , 16 Minutes , where we quickly cover recent headlines of the week, the a16z way — why they’re in the news; why they matter from our vantage point in tech — … AI, machine & deep learning bio mobile new media news 16 Minutes a16z Bytes apparently all our stuff is 16 (or multiples of 16!) entertainment gaming sensors sensors everywhere and.

Recur Now 9/16:JOANN Crafts Its Own Subscription Space


Today, we dive deep on JOANN Fabrics and Crafts new venture in the subscription space. We also spotlight a timesaving product, drop details on which startup acquired Ford's subscription service, and introduce you to this week's Subscription Sapien: Gail Goodman. Today's Top Subscription News. Signal by Drafted. We’re putting a product spotlight on Signal by Drafted. Signal is a chrome extension that finds introduction pathways to your favorite companies as you browse their career pages.

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The Magic of Intent: Start Knowing The Goals of Your Users

Speaker: Terhi Hanninen, Senior Product Manager, Zalando, and Dr. Franziska Roth, Senior User Researcher, Zalando

It's important to know your users - what are their preferences, pain points, ultimate goals? With user research and usage data, you can get a great idea of how your users act. The tricky part is, very few users reliably act the same way every time they use your product. Join Terhi Hanninen, Senior Product Manager, and Dr. Franziska Roth, Senior User Researcher at Zalando, as they explain how they were able to reach a new level of user understanding - by taking their user research and segmenting their users by point-in-time intent. You'll leave with a strategy to change how your product team, and organization at large, understands your users.

6 SEO Strategies to Follow in 2019

The Marketing & Growth Hacking Publication

The strategy utilized in today’s time by businesses is the search engine optimization strategy for ranking high in search. It has proved to be beneficial not only for online retailers but also for B2B businesses.

Meet BetterCloud’s New Chief Revenue Officer, Chris Jones


Our new Chief Revenue Officer Chris Jones aims to institute a “best is the standard” sales culture at BetterCloud. He’s excited about the market opportunity that BetterCloud has for the taking. “Do Do the right thing” is his North Star—so you can expect to see his decisions reflect this mantra.

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ChurnZero Selected as Best Tech Startup Finalist in 2019 Timmy Awards


ChurnZero Selected as Best Tech Startup Finalist in 2019 Timmy Awards. Tech in Motion announces top local tech companies and launches public voting to determine winners. . .