Sat.Feb 08, 2020

60 of The Top Mentors at 2020 SaaStr Annual


We have 300+ incredible speakers at 2020 on March 10-11-12, really the very best in SaaS. And that’s great. But you know what’s even better? The mentors. We have 100s for you. 1:1, 1:4, 1:8, 1:20 mentorship opportunities and workshops. Join us.

When You Have an Advantage, Speed Up the Game

Tomasz Tunguz

“Basketball can be modeled as two-biased random walks. Each team has a probability. Each team has a probability of scoring each trip down the court…this model suggests a strategy: stronger teams should speed up the game to create more possessions.”

What To Do When Someone Says You're Not Listening


In work life from time to time you may be accused of not listening. It may not be fair. You may not like it. But you’d be shocked how many people completely flub their reaction when the boss, a coworker, or a customer says, “you’re not listening.” ” Here’s my three-part formula for what to do when someone says you’re not listening. Shut up Active listen Keep and use a mental ledger going forward. Shut Up, Immediately.