Sun.Jan 22, 2023

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Top SaaStr Content for the Week: Drift’s Co-founders,’s CMO and CPO, ActiveCampaign’s CEO and Dir of Customer Success and lots more!


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8 Pagination Best Practices for SEO (Complete Guide)

Neil Patel

Is SEO pagination on your technical SEO site audit checklist ? If you publish loads of content or have a specific type of site, like an e-commerce store, then perhaps it should be. As I’ll discuss in this article, pagination has immense advantages, such as the SEO boost it may give.


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How Layoffs in Startupland Differ Between B2B & B2C Companies

Tomasz Tunguz

The current wave of layoffs, a difficult component of the innovation boom/bust cycle, differs from the previous years’ dynamics. B2B companies have reduced headcount to a greater extent than at any time since 2020.

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You can’t hire ambitious people and then ask them to stop being ambitious.


Hiring managers, executives, CEOs—especially those in tech—are proud to say that we only consider applicants with an unrelenting drive for success and a track record of impressive accomplishments.

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How to Become a Payfac: 10 Crucial Steps

For many SaaS companies, becoming a Payfac is an opportunity to benefit from a new revenue stream and gain more control over the customer experience, so no hiding what’s behind the curtain here. We’ve outlined the journey from SaaS to full-blown Payfac.

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Letter of Intent (LOI) Hack: Get a Template That’ll Close Deals Faster


Why work harder when you can work smarter? Here’s a series of LOI sample letters and templates you can use to get your deals finalized faster. Startup Sales

Startup 52

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Discover How to Recover Deleted Emails in Thunderbird

SaaS Metrics

When handing an email, a time comes when you delete an email, either by mistake or on purpose. For some reason, you might need to restore that email, but you might have already emptied your trash. If you hadn’t emptied your trash, all you had to do is to go to your.

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Ecommerce Businesses Need Salesforce Commerce Cloud for Successful Operations

SaaS Metrics

Salesforce has made it possible for people to build their branded eCommerce sites with one subscription that encompasses all your marketing, eCommerce, and CRM needs, as well as several others.

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