Mon.May 13, 2019

How to Decide on Pay-as-You-Go vs. Subscription Models

Rebilly | Insights Into Subscription Billing

Ten years ago, the subscription model was rare. Pay-as-you-go structures for products and services were one of the most popular ways to conduct business. Netflix was mailing DVDs and an actual, physical newspaper wasn’t seen as quaint. But today, things have changed.

Lessons Learned 1 Year In From the Redesign: Overall, Not a Failure. But Not a Success.


How to Leverage Buyer Intent Data in your Current Sales and Marketing Processes

Sales Hacker

Intent data is one of the latest trends when it comes to intelligent marketing and sales prospecting. When used correctly, intent data can alert you when potential customers show strong buying signals. You can literally know when someone is interested in your product before they even visit your site.

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5 ways to get the most out of SaaStr Europa


Bags packed, tickets booked – what’s next? Here is your guide to everything you should know before you get to Paris next month! We have a few tips for making sure you take advantage of everything you can see and do at SaaStr Europa. Take a look! 1.Register for your sessions.

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The Fundraising Environment in 2019 - Three Major Shifts

Tom Tunguz

In a recent meeting, a founder asked me what I thought of the fundraising environment. My answer was: it’s become incredibly sophisticated along three dimensions: diversity of product offering, pricing sophistication, and efficiency of investment processes. If you read eBoys or Done Deals or Creative Capital, you’ll get a sense of the early days of the venture industry. It started out with six men at a famous restaurant in San Francisco hearing pitches over lunch.

UX Strategy: The CEO Guide to Crafting a Winning Customer Experience

OpenView Labs

Imagine this…. Your startup/company is an island, surrounded with very treacherous shores and low-barrier riffs which could destroy the ships. When the ships are coming in, they rely on the lighthouse to guide them to take the actions they need to take in order to arrive safely on shore in the dark.

Sales team management: How to offboard a sales rep the right way

Imagine that one of your best sales reps tells you she’s leaving the company. What do you do next? If you don’t have an immediate answer for that question, your sales team management process needs some work.

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HPE’s CEO lays out his technology vision

IT World

Like Microsoft's Satya Nadella, HPE CEO Antonio Neri is a technologist with a long history of leading initiatives in his company.

PODCAST 57: Career Progression as a Concentric Circle to Become Top Manager w/ Ashley Grech

Sales Hacker

This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we speak with Ashley Grech , Head of Sales at Square. She discusses how she transitioned into her role at Square by first being the best person you can be in your role.

5 Ways Online Video Content Can Boost Your Revenue

Nimble - Sales

It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re running; boosting your revenue likely holds a permanent position right at the top of your list of priorities.

Automation: The Secret to Personalized Customer Service

Groove HQ

The bots are coming. Yes, they’re coming from the customer service department as well. Does that mean we’re going to lose all human agents who support customers?

New Product Launch Strategy: 5 Steps to A Successful Product Launch


For most companies, product and feature launches are always top of mind because of the potential to attract and retain more users. Product launch strategies aim for user adoption and brand growth.

Enterprise Ethereum upgrades to boost interoperability, performance

IT World

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) today announced new and updated specifications aimed at helping developers create business-class blockchain networks that are faster, easier to use and capable of interacting with other distributed ledger networks.

SMS Payment Provider

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