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Ok, Google: Scale my SaaS business

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? ?. Over a few decades, SaaS has evolved from a lofty concept to an integral part of the modern business landscape. In many respects, it’s now almost impossible to envisage a work environment that doesn’t rely on a SaaS product in some shape or form.

Recurring revenue: drive business growth with simple metrics


Recurring revenue is the lifeblood of subscription companies, and for good reason. First, it lowers the activation energy required for companies to try the product. Companies can try the product before committing to a multi-year license.

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SaaS Cash Conversion Score – What Does It Mean?


Last week, Bessemer released interesting new research regarding the return on invested capital. Three key take-aways from their analysis: Founders and CEOs should evaluate how effectively they are turning their capital into ARR instead of the size of their funding rounds. A new metric, called the Cash Conversion Score (CCS), shows the return on investment for each dollar ever invested in the company. Bessemer found that the CCS is a good indicator of internal rate of return (IRR) for investors.

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5 Interesting Learnings From Slack at $700m+ in ARR


Although most of us aren’t quite approaching $1b in ARR, we can still learn from the leaders. We last checked in on Slack as it was IPO’ing. Now with some time as a public company under its belt, what can we learn from them?

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How to show up confidently anywhere (including sales calls!) with Alex Perry

Predictable Revenue

In sales, and in life, there are few traits more important than genuine confidence – the confidence that people exude when they are simply being themselves. When you can access that state, and harness it for the betterment of yourself and your job, you can move mountains.and close lots of deals, and Alex Perry explains how to do it! The post How to show up confidently anywhere (including sales calls!) with Alex Perry appeared first on Predictable Revenue.

10 Things That Aren’t Obvious About Partnering With Big Companies – Workday Ventures (Video + Transcript)


Small and large businesses are often seen as competitors, with small businesses owning a fierce mentality of proving themselves as a player in the game instead of an underdog. But what happens when these different sized businesses unite forces in strategic partnerships?

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7 B2B Marketing Trends for 2020

OpenView Labs

The B2B buyer’s journey is not the same as it was ten or even five years ago. Nowadays, B2B buyers perform an average of 12 searches online before engaging with a business. The shift in customer buying behavior is forcing marketers to modernize their marketing strategy.

Hiring Sales Reps: How to Recognize Top Performers BEFORE You Hire

Sales Hacker

When hiring sales reps, what qualities do you look for? This was the question Scott Barker posted recently on LinkedIn. It gets you thinking, doesn’t it?

Why Every Startup Needs an Inverted Demand Generation Funnel, Part II


In the previous post, I introduced the idea of an inverted demand generation (demandgen) funnel which we can use to calculate a marketing demandgen budget based given a sales target, an average sales price (ASP), and a set of conversion rates along the funnel.

How To Use Instagram With Small Retail Businesses? Everything You Need To Know

SaaS Metrics

Just because you are a small retail business doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on Instagram. Over the last 5 years consumer habits have been changing, previously we couldn’t get enough of the mass-produced items from the faceless corporations.

33 Customer Service Quotes to Inspire, Spark Questions & Help Your Team Thrive

Groove HQ

These legendary quotes contain timeless wisdom to help you and your team through any situation: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Quotes” (see what I did there?) are tricky things. It’s far too easy to get lost in “motivation porn,” spending far too much time reading and sharing witty sayings, and not actually getting […]. The post 33 Customer Service Quotes to Inspire, Spark Questions & Help Your Team Thrive appeared first on Groove Blog. Customer Support

Nimble Ranked a Top 3 Global CRM Vendor on Capterra out of 700+ CRMs

Nimble - Sales

We’re excited to announce that Nimble was ranked in the Top 3 on Capterra’s list of Top 20 Customer Relationship Management Software out of 700+ CRM products! We Couldn’t Do it Without You!

Inside Intercom survey – what content do you need to excel at your job?

Inside Intercom

We’ve often said that the key to engaging your customers is to send the right message to the right person, at the right time. The same is just as true about our content. That’s why we’d love to learn more about you – our Inside Intercom readers and podcast listeners.

Tips for Digitally Transforming Your Communication Strategies

Nimble - Sales

Digital transformation, or DX, has been at the forefront of business conversations for several years as organizations search for the best ways to use the technology available today.

Subscription Economy News: Week of 12/2/2019


Every week, we bring you the top stories and analyses from the global Subscription Economy. The post Subscription Economy News: Week of 12/2/2019 appeared first on Zuora. Subscription Economy

Weekly Walk with Zipwhip’s CEO, John Lauer

OpenView Labs

The post Weekly Walk with Zipwhip’s CEO, John Lauer appeared first on OpenView


AWS beefs up SageMaker machine learning

IT World

Amazon Web Services has expanded the capabilities of its Amazon SageMaker machine learning toolkit to address a number of challenges that enterprises confront when trying to operationalize machine learning, from model organization, training, and optimization to monitoring the performance of models in production.

Subscription in the kitchen (Clone)


Today, there’s nothing better than BBQ. We're also seeing subscription in the kitchen. Plus, learning how to amp up your product release posts. Because face it, they’re kind of lame. Your top subscription news. Down home cooking. What’s better than good old fashioned barbeque? Well, if you’re a vegetarian, probably a lot of things.) But for the meat lovers out there, we have news. Texas BBQ restaurant Salt Lick just dropped its own subscription service.

Facebook hit with another lawsuit over misrepresenting video ad metrics

The Marketing & Growth Hacking Publication

You may not have heard of the high-tech company, Quirky, which filed for bankruptcy and then starting selling off its assets in 2015. You may, however, have heard of Wink , a home automation hub.

The Video-First Future of Ecommerce

Andreessen Horowitz

In the future, we’re all going to be shopping on video apps like TikTok. Whether you’re buying instant noodles or high-end sweaters, it has become increasingly clear that short video clips are the future of ecommerce.


The battle is long over: Mobile is the clear winner

The Marketing & Growth Hacking Publication

We passed the tipping point in 2014. Since then, the use of mobile has exploded. If you’re still focusing on your desktop website first, you’re way behind. 71% of web traffic in the United States is mobile, according to ComScore. Mobile usage is larger than desktop in almost every country.

Groove in November: iOS and Android Apps, CRM Progress, API Updates, and More!

Groove HQ

Our product and engineering teams had another busy month in November with a host of improvements and new features to help you better support your customers, including: iOS and Android apps Widget improvements Live chat CRM Integration updates for Salesforce, Jira Cloud, and Jira Server While most teams slow down a bit over December with […].

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