Sun.Feb 05, 2023

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Dear SaaStr: What Are Some Realistic Ways To Get Rich in 5 Years?


Dear SaaStr: What Are Some Realistic Ways To Get Rich in 5 Years? Work for (x) the very best possible person you can at (y) the very best possible start-up/successful tech co. And stay. You almost always have to stay 4-5 years. At least.

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The Compounding Advantage of a Big Chip Stack in a Downturn

Tom Tunguz

During this recession, startups will fall into one of four categories which I wrote about in June. But, I missed something in this post : the advantages are compounding, which is the reason the biggest will continue to win share. It’s also the reason changing strategies can be expensive.

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Top SaaStr Content for the Week: Harness’ CRO, 20VC’s Host, Founders Fund’s Partner, Former Lattice’s CRO and lots more!


Each week, we round up our most popular content so you can catch up on anything you may have missed. Check out this week’s top blog posts, podcasts, and videos: Top Blog Posts This Week: Dear SaaStr: Is It OK to Fly First Class to Close A Big 7 Figure Deal? Gartner: Overall IT Spend Has Slowed.

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Top 6 Behavioral KPI Examples & How To Track Them?

User Pilot

Do you need some behavioral KPI examples to understand what metrics to track and why? You’ve come to the right place! Behavioral key performance indicators (KPIs) can help you understand user experience and measure feature adoption.

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Embedded vs. Integrated Payments: The Ultimate Guide

The terms embedded and integrated sound pretty similar. And they are, in some ways. Both have to do with getting payment capabilities closer to the process they're associated with and improving the customer experience. But there are important differences.

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A Crash Course in Speaking at Conferences


Out of curiosity, I Googled, “public speaking tips” and the first piece of advice I saw was: “Breathe.” After my eyes rolled out of my head and I plopped them back into their sockets, I started typing this. This isn’t an “ultimate guide.”

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How SaaS teams can perform security testing for web applications & APIs


Unfortunately, security testing for web applications is often performed in an ad-hoc and disjointed manner. But to truly protect your customer data and prevent embarrassing data breaches, you need a web app security testing structure.

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