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In The End, The “Covid Boost” in SaaS Was a Bust


Almost every category of SaaS exploded during the lockdown, but three saw just crazy boosts: Zoom went from $1B to $3.5B in a year! Shopify accelerated to 110% growth at $3B ARR! DocuSign’s billings growth accelerated to 61% at %1.5B Incredible boosts, and their stock prices went on a tear.

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Square Online Store Review

The Daily Egg

Choosing the right ecommerce platform to set up your store is imperative for online selling success. Square Online offers solutions for businesses. The post Square Online Store Review appeared first on The Daily Egg. Website


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Henry Schuck, CEO of ZoomInfo: “My Top 10 Mistakes Getting to $1 Billion in ARR”


We’ve got 130 SaaStr Europa sessions coming soon for you to watch! We’re editing them, transcribing them, cleaning them up, and then publishing to SaaStr, our YouTube channel , and our podcast in some cases.

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IDrive Review

The Daily Egg

IDrive is a cloud storage software that allows you to back up your PCs, Macs, and mobile devices through an online cloud. The post IDrive Review appeared first on The Daily Egg.

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PayOps Fact Sheet

Infinicept's PayOps™ platform helps your business onboard and manage merchants so you can generate payments revenue, control your customer experience, deliver an improved product, and increase valuation.

Episode 34: You Can’t Fake It To Make It

Sales Hacker

??Want to write sales emails like a pro? Kristina and Will look at common email mistakes (using real examples) and rewrite them so that you can learn what to do differently. Join Kristina Finseth (Sr.

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Joe Morrissey

Andreessen Horowitz

On behalf of a16z, I am thrilled to welcome Joe Morrissey as a General Partner to the a16z Growth team.

Cloudflare outage brings hundreds of sites, services temporarily offline

IT World

A Cloudflare outage on Tuesday knocked hundreds of websites and services, including Discord, Shopify, Fitbit, Peleton, various cryptocurrency services, and Cloudflare itself, offline for a number of hours.

What is Customer Success enablement?


You may have heard of sales enablement, but Customer Success enablement might be a new term for you. Although it’s an important concept and role in the Customer Success space, it hasn’t quite gained the traction it needs to be in the spotlight.

Amazon FBM for Beauty and Wellness Brands


Amazon sellers sum up by one mantra, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” ” Why is this? Because Amazon continues to dominate the playing field for eCommerce, even after 28 years.

Payments 101 Webinar: Demystifying Payments

Speaker: Tracie Poland and Ted Vandeburg

Payments don’t have to be complicated. Whether you're exploring payments for the first time or figuring out how you might put them to work for you, this webinar recording will help you get started.

How To Hire More Women In Tech?

SaaS Metrics

According to findings of some studies, women who remain in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields and rise to the top of the technology business have high levels of self-efficiency, are more enthusiastic about their work, have positive workplace support, are loyal to their team and develop strong personal and professional.

5 Dynamic Tools To Level Up Your Digital Customer Adoption Strategy

Valuize Consulting

How Can You Effectively Engage With Customers In An Increasingly Saturated Digital Landscape? In today’s digital landscape, technology companies must operate with an “always-on” mindset.

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Developer?

SaaS Metrics

Developers often work long hours because of the nature of their work. Few would dispute the significance of their efforts, the relevance to organizational goals, or the breadth of their participation.

Defending a Startups Greatest Asset through Recession & Recovery

Tomasz Tunguz

Yesterday, Office Hours welcomed Lee Kirkpatrick , former CFO at Twilio to share his experiences managing through three different recessions: the dotcom era, the Global Financial Crisis, and today. Lee headed finance for the company from $15m in ARR to more than $1b. In addition, Lee shared his view on usage-based pricing and defending a startup’s great asset, talent, from poaching during the next recovery. Usage-Based Pricing. Twilio was one of the pioneers of usage-based pricing.

Compliance 101: What You Need to Know as a Payfac

This guide will help you understand what compliance means as a Payfac, what these requirements are and where they come from, so you can begin to make sense of it all.

How tech companies are responding to the talent gap

IT World

As the number of unfilled tech jobs rises, and younger tech workers head out the door quicker than ever, companies are being forced to turn to non-traditional methods of finding new talent. Organizations are developing in-house training to upskill and reskill employees, some of them from non-technology business units. Companies are also bypassing academic requirements to focus on skills-based hiring and seeking talent in regions not traditionally sourced for new hires.

Slingo: The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have Playing Slots and Bingo!

SaaS Metrics

Do you love playing slots and bingo? If so, Slingo is the game for you! Slingo is a mix of both games, and it’s a lot of fun. You can play Slingo online or on your mobile device, and there are many different variations of the game. In this blog post, we. Read more. The post Slingo: The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have Playing Slots and Bingo! first appeared on SaaS Metrics. Blog Slingo

The dangers of embracing cryptocurrency

IT World

I have a friend, let's call him Joe, who runs a small restaurant and is really upset about the recent stock market declines. I can't blame him. We're in a bear market now. It's ugly. So, what does Joe want to do? He wants to take some of his assets out of the market and bet it all on — God help us — cryptocurrency in a desperate effort to keep his business running. Just no! That's literally jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Yes, I'm a crypto-cynic.

Fostering allyship at work: Being out and bringing people in for Pride 2022

Inside Intercom

One of our most important Intercom values is “ we go further together.” That value doesn’t just apply to our work, it guides the way we relate to each other – and it’s especially relevant for Pride 2022.

The Payfac eBook

There’s plenty of talk out there regarding payfacs and how they fit in to the landscape of software-led payments. But the info can be a lot to sort through. This guide gives you the nuts and bolts of what being a payfac really means, all in one place.

Trouble with Windows? You have support options

IT World

So, you finally got around to installing a Windows update from Microsoft, and there’s a problem. Where do you go for support and assistance? Short answer: it depends. If you are an Enterprise customer and have an issue with your work computer — whether in the office or remote — there should be a designated IT administrator or help desk for you. You either call the help desk or open a trouble ticket and someone gets back to you.

SaaS Comparison Pages: Teamwork Increased Signups By 54% Using Emotional Marketing


If you want people to use (and love) your software, they need to know who you are. The more packed your space, the harder it is to get noticed.

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Top 8 strategies for Customer Onboarding at Scale!


The general agreement is that successfully onboarding a customer on a B2B SaaS platform involves ensuring the customer knows how to use your product. Yet, it’s often easy said than actually done, especially, when you’re looking for Customer Onboarding at Scale.

Free Trial vs Product Demo: Which Is Right for Your SaaS Company?


A customer chooses to partner with a company because of the product. SaaS companies either choose freemium or product demos to sell the product to customers. But which one is better? Free trials are considered the best way to get the product sold. However, some consider paid product demos better.

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Your Guide to Embedded Payments

Right now, the embedded payments conversation can be downright confusing, Filled with terms like payfac, merchant of record, embedded payments, software-led payments––and that's just to name a few––we're here to break it all down to its essentials, and tell you what you really need to understand.

Hexnode's CEO on Apple in the enterprise and the transformation of the workplace

IT World

Apple’s rapidly growing enterprise market share is generating an expansion in the support services ecosystem for the products. One company to recently enter the Apple device management space is Hexnode. I spent a little time with company founder and CEO Apu Pavithran to see this part of the world through his eyes. What will the workplace of the future look like? . As we work through the pandemic, we hear a lot about the new workplace. But no one yet knows what this will be.

Jun 21 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: VP of Customer Success Location: Remote, United States Organization: Infogrid As a VP of Customer Success, you will ensure Infogrid’s customers achieve high rates of product adoption, realize significant value, thereby leading to high net dollar retention.