Sat.Jul 04, 2020

Top 10 Videos of the Week: Logikcull, Flexport, Point9, G2. MongoDB, Gainsight and More!!


As YouTube views continue to grow during Shelter, what are folks watching this week on SaaStr — that they didn’t also watch last week? Let’s talk a look at the Top 10 for this week to catch up on over the holiday weekend! #1″

Cloud 161

The Fundraising Market Two Quarters into COVID

Tomasz Tunguz

It’s been two quarters since the coronavirus has hit Startupland. And you can see the impact of the shutdown in the numbers. We reviewed the data in May and compared it to the effects of the financial crisis in 2008 on startup fundraising.

Branded Features: Resist the Temptation


Software startups seem drawn by sirens to brand their features. Hey, Apple does it. Think: Siri, Facetime. Microsoft tries it: Cortana. Starbucks even brands a cup size: Venti. So if they can do it, we should too, right? Wrong [1]. But it’s so cool.