Mon.Apr 05, 2021

How To Use Content To Generate More Sales

Predictable Revenue

There's a prevalent tendency in business circles to laud the benefits of work-life balance as effective ways to maximize company-wide performance. But the defeating fact is that most organizations still encounter a worrying amount of burnout.

Don’t Confuse Room at the Bottom with Disruption


A few years back, a very wise VC asked me what I thought about a small but scrappy competitor in the space of my last company, Adobe Sign / EchoSign. I told him I didn’t know the company that well, but from what I’d seen, some things might seem appealing.


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The Beginner’s Guide to DNS

The Daily Egg

DNS—short for Domain Name System—can feel intimidating. More so if you’re not from an IT or technical background. However, it’s something you must reacquaint yourself with if you’re a website owner.


When Does a Venture-Backed CEO Get Fired?


Most SaaS CEOs don’t truly get fired. As you can see here , the vast majority of public SaaS companies are in fact run by founder-CEOs.

Report by Dresner Advisory Services: Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study

According to the 2020 Dresner Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study, embedded business intelligence is crucial for application success. This report explores the current state of BI and why application teams are increasingly choosing an embedded solution.

62.41% of All Google Searches Generate 0 Clicks

Neil Patel

SEO is all about ranking high on Google. The higher your rank the more clicks you get to your website. But what if Google starts sending fewer clicks to websites over time, what should you do? Well, just look at the graph below. It breaks down the last 4 years of click on Google.

Mobile 114

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Email Verification: Benefits, How it Works, and Trujay’s Neverbounce Partnership


Lead generation is a crucial part of getting more customers and improving your sales. There are several different methods to generate leads, such as using social media. Another great way is by building an email list.

10 Great Testimonial Examples From Landing Pages

Neil Patel

Landing pages help drive traffic, increase conversions, and improve SEO. However, not all landing pages are effective. If your landing pages aren’t producing results, the issue might not be your copy or your product—it might be because you aren’t using testimonials efficiently.

Product Power Breakfast #3: Mark Bauer on Product Management in Early vs. Late-Stage Companies, Working with Offshore Development, and What Makes for PM Success


Join Thomas Otter and me for Product Power Breakfast #3 this Thursday, April 8th at 8am on Clubhouse.

Javaslot88 Ever Play Slot Machines Online?

SaaS Metrics

Ever wondered how people play slot machines in Las Vegas? It seems that gambling has become a big business there. There is even a TV program called “Gambling With Guns” where the host plays all kinds of blackjack games from slot machines in Las Vegas.

SaaS Chart of Accounts

It’s no secret that general ledgers aren’t optimized for SaaS companies. Your QuickBooks or Xero Chart of Accounts is no different. The following Excel template is a sample Chart of Accounts that you can download and customize to fit your business needs.

Evaluating Outsourcing Services and Ensuring Their Quality


You have already crunched the numbers. You see that outsourcing is going to save you money and improve efficiency. Now, you have to determine how to ensure quality when selecting outsourcing services.


15 Examples of Great Digital Food Advertisements

Neil Patel

With over 660,000 restaurants operating in the U.S. alone, digital food advertisement is an incredibly competitive market. To stand out, you need to combine humor, design, strategy, and user engagement , all while keeping your audience hungry. What Makes Food Advertisements Unique?

4 Simple Strategies That Boost Customer Referral Rate


When it comes to customer service, the difference lies in the overall experience that the customer has with the brand. This means every connection made between a business and a customer has an unbreakable bond.

10 Places to Take Photoshop Classes Online

Neil Patel

No matter what you’re selling, images are a critical component of your marketing strategy. From website design and blog-featured images to custom graphics and paid ads, images are a reflection of your brand wherever people see them.

Guide to Data Consulting Success: What to Know & Ask Before Your Next Data Project

Whether you're starting a new data initiative or benchmarking a current effort, this guide breaks down how to develop a coherent data strategy, avoid common pitfalls, and work with data consultants to improve business visibility and drive growth.

6 Ways to Manage A Sales Pipeline and Provide Value Using CRM


6 Ways to Manage A Sales Pipeline and Provide Value Using CRM A big part of sales is the relationships you and the relationships you build with your customers. There are many ways salespeople or sales departments can build the relationships they have with their clients.

What Are the Security Measures to Prevent Authentication Attacks


Authentication is quite often misunderstood. Many believe authentication practices are purely for identification — but that is simply not the case.

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Domain Name For Your Startup


The following is a guest post by Joe Uddeme the founder of Name Experts. Joe started the company 12 years ago and specializes in complex domain, purchases and sales. I’m a client of Joe and have used him for a number of domain purchases -- but am otherwise not affiliated.