Sun.Jan 10, 2021

Best Performance Management Software

The Daily Egg

Performance management software allows managers to establish standards for their employees. These tools make it easy to evaluate job performance and streamline employee development.

The Missing Insight Around Software Multiples for Valuing Companies

Tomasz Tunguz

Imagine two public SaaS companies, identical in every respect but one. The first grows revenue twice as fast as the second. How much more valuable should the first be? Twice as valuable isn’t the answer.


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16 Minutes on the News #50: FinCEN Crypto Rulemaking; Haven Healthcare Breakup

Andreessen Horowitz

We’re covering two trends in this week’s episode of “16 Minutes,” where we talk about the news, tech trends, and the long arc of innovation: . #1

Best Employee Retirement Plans

Neil Patel

Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission. Starting an employee retirement plan is not too hard or expensive, even for small businesses.

"I Love Filling Out 12-Page Applications and Waiting Weeks For a Response,” Said No Merchant Ever

Learn how becoming a payment facilitator can improve a merchant’s experience and your revenue.

Customer Data Platforms (CDP): What You Need To Know


If you’ve recently heard a lot of talk about a customer data platforms (CDPs) and they can help companies better understand and act on data, you’re not alone.

Data 52