Mon.Apr 12, 2021

From Seed to Series C: a Primer on Startup Funding Rounds


SaaS startups take on investment for one very simple reason: to grow quickly. And though securing investment isn't a defining trait of a startup (see Paul Graham's original definition below), it provides you with a huge headstart over your competitors.

The Double-Stretch Hire Rarely Works Out


The biggest mistake folks make when they go to hire a VP of Sales is hiring a top AE that's never really built a team. Being the top rep at a SaaS company, as an IC, is a great and even necessary start. But it does not remotely prepare you to be a VP of Sales on its own.


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The Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Performance Speed

The Daily Egg

Considering 47% of customers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less, you can imagine how fast your visitors will hit the “back” button if your website takes much longer than that to load. Think about it: Would you stay on a site with slow loading webpages? Exactly.


How VCs Think About Departed Co-Founder Equity Stakes


Q: What is the highest % equity that a departed / non-working co-founder can own that VCs are comfortable with? Single digits.

The SaaS Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

Every SaaS business has a strategic responsibility to improve Conversion Rate Optimization across their product or site. Learn 7 detailed steps to infuse data into your process, surface customer drop-off points, and generate ideas to drive conversion.

Top 10 Strategies to Automate Your B2B Lead Generation

Predictable Revenue

The best way to save your resources is. Automation! By automating lead generation processes you save both money and time, ensure a permanent source of leads, and get rid of unnecessary work to focus on priority tasks.

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How Tech Stacks Up in B2B

Andreessen Horowitz

In the past year, we have seen companies of all sizes and across all industries make significant adjustments to their tech stack as technological trends, which were already underway before the COVID-19 pandemic, crested faster and hit harder because of … The post How Tech Stacks Up in B2B appeared first on Andreessen Horowitz.

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7 Key Strategies That You Must Learn From Apple’s Marketing

Neil Patel

Have you ever looked at a really successful brand or person – a celebrity, say, or a big company – and wondered, “How on earth do they do it?”. Apple is one of those brands for me. Almost everything the company puts out succeeds.

Where Does BetterCloud Fit Into Your Tech Stack?


When folks talk about their tech stacks, it’s easy to assume that they’re talking about programming languages. Are you a Rust shop or does your team still cling to JavaScript like your favorite hoodie from high school that everyone agrees that you should just throw away?

5 Types of Bad Backlinks You Don’t Want

Neil Patel

Backlinks refer to URL links from other websites that point back to your website. Yes, it’s all in the name. They are links back to your website. Backlinks are an important component of a successful SEO strategy.

4 Approaches to Data Analytics

As the analytics landscape continues to evolve, application teams who need to embed dashboards, reports, and other analytics capabilities in their applications can choose from dozens of solutions. How do you differentiate one solution from the next?

How to do a hardness test of an anti-roll beam steel plate at home?

SaaS Metrics

For any metallic body, there is an impact that is exacted on it when they are being shaped to various forms. For the anti-roll beam steel plate, it is from the far metal family, it needs to be tested just before it is released out to the market.

How to Optimize For Baidu in the U.S.

Neil Patel

While Google, Bing, and Yahoo control the West’s market share of search engine traffic, alternative search engine Baidu is the king of search in China. If you want to make your content known on Baidu, you need a strong SEO strategy to guide you.

How to Launch a Subscription Box For Your Company

Neil Patel

HelloFresh, Fabletics, Dollar Shave Club. What do these wildly different companies all have in common? They offer some of the best-known subscription boxes around, reflecting an increasingly popular (and potentially lucrative) business model. The premise is simple.