Sun.Sep 13, 2020

How To Get Better at Recruiting. (We All Need To).


90% of my evaluation of any leader that works for me is the quality of people they can get to work for them. This could be wrong… Maybe it should be 95%. — Todd McKinnon (@toddmckinnon) September 13, 2020. Recruiting is tough. I certainly don’t do it well enough.

Virtual Event: E-commerce Certainty in Uncertain Times


We've had a busy week here at Retention Science! We hosted a webinar earlier this week, and threw an event for local eCommerce executives just last night, right here in Los Angeles. The post Virtual Event: E-commerce Certainty in Uncertain Times appeared first on ReSci.

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The Top 10 Videos of the Week: ClickUp, YCombinator, Unsplash, ZoomInfo and More!


This week was our “dead week” at Team SaaStr where we rest and recover a bit from 2020 SaaStr Annual at Home. Look for more news soon on our next big digital event, new products, and more — soon!!

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How to Maximize the Impact of Your Website When Targeting Two Personas

Tomasz Tunguz

Many companies today pursue a pincer GTM. First, target the individual user and then convince the economic buyer, typically a manager, director, or VP depending on the scale. Two constituents in the sales motion, but only one website raises a conundrum. Who do you serve on the home page? Technical products often face this two persona quandary. And it surfaces on the website because of the constraint of a single home page. Successful marketing builds trust.

Facebook Causes Continue to Show Little Promise as Fundraising Tools

6 Ways Top Accelerators Have Changed Since Covid Hit


Q: How are accelerators managing remote cohorts? I can’t literally answer for an accelerator, but as an investor here’s what I’ve observed: It’s a huge, huge boon for start-ups not based in SF / NYC / etc. No one cares anymore. This is a big, big change. Investing has accelerated even faster.

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SaaStr Podcasts for the Week with Byron Deeter, Elliott Robinson, Henry Schuck, and Jason Lemkin


373: Bessemer’s 5th Annual State of the Cloud Report returns for a definitive look at the cloud industry today.

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