Tue.Jul 28, 2020

Public SaaS Companies Are Now Worth $1 Trillion


Microsoft, Google, Apple and Amazon have made the headlines for a while for crossing $1 trillion in market cap each. That’s crazy growth — almost all fueled by the crazy growth of the Cloud. No SaaS company is yet worth $1 trillion, through perhaps that is coming.

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The Importance of Having Live Chat Information in Your CRM


Enhance Customer Experiences and Increase Revenue by Storing Live Chat Information in Your CRM. A century ago, the world was buzzing with excitement about a new lucrative industry that promised to transform the way we live – oil. In the digital era we live in today, that industry is data.

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PODCAST 120: From SpecOps to RevOps: What Soldiering Can Teach Us About Selling with Steven Broudy

Sales Hacker

This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we speak with Steven Broudy , Vice President and Head of Sales at Bevy, which helps companies build virtual communities. Steven is a long time SaaS sales executive, having worked at MuleSoft before coming to Bevy.

9 Facts About Ransomware You Need to Know

SaaS Metrics

There’s no denying the fact, ransomware is the most notorious program in today’s time. It can easily block your computer system and steal valuable information. The ethos behind carrying out a ransomware attack is to demand ransom from the victims.

How to Find Your Target Audience

Neil Patel

When I first started out in marketing, I thought traffic was everything. I wanted to be as big as companies like HubSpot. Just look at the image above and you’ll see how many visitors they are getting. They generate 29.61 million visitors a month from 11.74 million people.

Q&A: Building a Forever Transaction with Every Customer


With the explosion of subscription-based businesses, customers and consumers alike are becoming increasingly sophisticated buyers. Expectations are high, and competition is fierce to win their engagement and loyalty.

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Is Strategy Dead in Tech? The Winners Don’t Think So


At a Glance. It often seems as if traditional strategy development processes have no place in the fast-moving, always changing technology industries.

Top 4 Steps to Achieve Financial Stability

SaaS Metrics

Doesn’t it feel great when you don’t have to worry about money? When you have piling bills, you may not even think of having luxuries in your life. You have to cover regular expenses and have some money saved up for emergencies. Doing all this is possible only if you have financial stability.

Modern Church Tithing: How Subscription Services Make it Easier for All

Subscription DNA

With the impact of the coronavirus and the forced shutdowns that occurred across the globe, many necessary businesses and services have found new ways to… Read more. The post Modern Church Tithing: How Subscription Services Make it Easier for All appeared first on Subscription DNA.

Announcing Reforge Fall Programs, including the new Product Strategy Program

Casey Accidental

For those of you who’ve read my blog for a while, you know that I mainly discuss product management and growth in the tech industry. My goal is to surface the bottlenecks that prevent companies from growing faster.

How to Create a Prescriptive Customer Success Plan Template [4 Steps]

Valuize Consulting

Customer success (CS) leaders understand that a prescriptive approach to CS enables predictability and scalability. However, many leaders struggle to establish the tools and processes to facilitate this approach, and require a framework to get started.

don't call me [maybe]


Time is precious. It seems like no matter how much we work to optimize our time, there's never enough of it. If we, as SaaS operators, feel like there’s never enough time—why do we expect our customers to needlessly give up theirs?

4 Smart Digital Marketing Tips for Your Nonprofit Fundraiser

Nimble - Sales

Marketing a fundraiser involves more than just sending out an email or making a post on your organization’s website. It involves creating content that inspires your supporters to take action and choosing the best marketing channel to share that content.

Letter of Intent: Examining 3 Different Drafting Styles


Learn more about the three categories (binding, non-binding and hybrids) when drafting a letter of intent


Nimble Places in Top 5 on Capterra’s List of Top 20 CRM Software

Nimble - Sales

We’re excited to announce that Nimble was ranked in the top five on Capterra’s list of Top 20 Customer Relationship Management Software out of 700+ CRM products! We Couldn’t Do it Without You!

Your next wave of growth will come from conversational relationships

Inside Intercom

No one ever starts a business intending to provide a poor customer experience. But until recently, technological limitations meant that we, as business leaders, faced an impossible choice as our companies grew. Either stay personal with customers or get efficient.