What Makes a Great VP of Sales and How to Hire One


Because sales is a lead-driven but headcount- closed business. VP of Sales Compensation Plan. Blog Posts Company Stage Compensation Hiring Resource Type Role / Function Sales TopicsIn SaaS, #1 most common misfire, with a bullet, is the VP/head of sales.

Building a Sales Organization from 0 to 100 Sales Reps with Flock Safety’s CEO and VP Growth


Also, pivot from Garrett’s initial idea and focus on revenue targets, not a specific headcount. #2 2 – Get your compensation right. Flock Safety’s Founder and CEO, Garrett Langley, and its VP of Growth, Alex Latraverse, know a bit about sales.

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1 Key SaaS Sales Metric to Fine-Tune Sales Productivity


At the highest level, SaaS companies look at sales expense, headcount, sales productivity and SaaS metrics like: The cost of new customer acquisition (CAC). You can argue about the best sales process, the most effective sales compensation plans, and territory management, but you can’t argue with concrete data on sales cycles, the benchmarks for sales cycles from peer companies, or the fact that shorter sales cycles are consistent with faster growth. Sales is the Growth Engine.

Your Sales Year is Coming to an End. Are you ready?


Make sure goals, compensation and territory plans are complete. If you have open headcount for Q1 be interviewing in Q4. Behind headcount equals behind plan. It’s two weeks until December. Holiday music is already playing in every store you set foot into, your weekends are starting to fill with egg-nog and apple pie induced festivities and every morning you find yourself layering up with an extra hat or scarf before you step outside. Tis’ the season!

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Hiring New Salespeople (While Keeping Up With Business as Usual)

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Is compensation too low? Compensate all sales positions in the same way. RELATED: 5 Ways to Keep Your Sales Machine Efficient While Scaling Headcount. Rework your compensation structure. Like most things in life, hiring sales talent is a matter of timing.

Your Product Sells Itself. Now Hire Sales.

OpenView Labs

Sales now accounts for about 7% of the company’s headcount–a similar share of their workforce as marketing or product management. Among the PLG businesses that have gone public since 2017, sales headcount grew by an average of 45% year-on-year compared to a 33% increase in non-sales headcount.

SaaS Company Benchmarking: Leveraging Metrics for Performance Insights


Benchmarking also provides useful data on spending levels across the major expense categories, i.e., COR, R&D, S&M, and G&A, and well as specific data on headcount for each team within these categories. For example, you can access Sales headcount data for Account Executives, Sales Development Reps/Business Development Reps and Renewal Reps along with compensation data.

How To Structure Your Sales Development Team: The Navy Seal SDR Framework

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This should feed into your strategy for building out compensation plans across your organization. Of course, headcount is always a sensitive topic, so start small to show your executives what is possible. If executed right, the headcount is truly an investment. In this article, you’ll learn how to structure your sales development (SDR) team for maximum efficiency and scalability. Sales leaders, read on! The only easy day was yesterday.”. Navy SEALs.

The Pandemic Phase I Stress Test is Over. Is Your IT Team Ready for Phase II?

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Under current financial circumstances, every headcount is important and there should be very little tolerance for individuals who are failing to meet their obligations or are undermining the productivity of others. The Phase I stress test is over.

New Flexibility in Budgeting?


When the focus is on driving the right corporate outcomes, then individual managers can move away from low/no value-added concerns like tying their headcount or budget to their worth to the firm. Flexibility and Budgeting rarely appear in the same sentence.

The 4 Challenges Facing Customer Success Teams in SaaS Startups

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Customer success teams must justify the investment of building a CS team, often at the expense of headcount in another team. Constrained by headcount budgets and burn requirements, startup leadership teams often must choose between hiring an additional sales person or investing in a customer success person, for example. A customer success leader must also craft a compensation plan to incent the team to retain customers and grow accounts in the right way for the business.

Expert Tips from Customer Success Leaders


Recommendations for Developing Compensation Plans for CSMs. It can be challenging when there are salary and headcount constraints, but you need to prove that CS is a driver for corporate growth. Recommendations for Developing Compensation Plans for CSMs. There’s not a one size fit all approach for compensation. When changing your compensation plan, remember that people have difficulty with change. This week , we hosted a RYG Leadership Hour in Atlanta.

Is a Sales Operations Career Right for You?

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Here, you can use your sales operations skills to get into your reps’ heads by creating compensation and incentive plans. Help drive annual planning and modeling projects with a focus on revenue and headcount. There are many moving parts in a successful sales organization.

How to get your sales team meet their sales quota every single time


Appropriate compensation for beating sales quota will incentivize your reps to work at the peak of their energies and hit their numbers. Strategic sales compensation report card. The report card is based on a chapter from the book What Your CEO Needs to Know About Sales Compensation.

How to build, manage and scale a sales team – 12 strategies from the experts

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The optimal sales team structure is one that is accretive, where, roughly speaking, each sales rep brings in at least 5x his or her total compensation. Choose a compensation model – salary or bonus-heavy compensation? The short answer to that question is that at the expansion stage, the more you can leverage compensation for results, the better off you (and your sales team) will be in the long term. Excerpt from “ Creating a scalable sales compensation plan.”.

How Did We Go From “Mad Men to Sad Men”?

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Cutting agency compensation down to the brittle bone. When you reduce the headcount to get the contract, you have to cut corners, force people to do the job of two, scrimp on culture, never find time to train, become a mediocre agency. Creativity in the marketing industry racing a slow death march Ron Gibori Instagram Go to any marketing conference or seminar these days and you are likely to hear someone lament declining creative standards and the loss of brand magic.

How To Structure Your Sales Organization For Maximum Efficiency

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Reps were hired, trained and compensated to perform as an individual to hit a quota. Traditional Sales Organizations – Growth of headcount in sales was structured around revenue per individual contributor (IC). In this blueprint, we provide insights on how to structure your sales organization.

CEOs x Coronavirus


Slack, for instance, grew their sales headcount by 66% year over year, compared to 31% for other functions. There is certainly a fear that with a product-led motion, you don’t have to pay sales compensation. Today, Dave Kellogg talks CEOs and Coronavirus.

The ultimate guide to sales development


They don’t differentiate inbound and outbound SDRs, and the compensation depends mostly on the company, industry, and other facts. There’s a lot of variation in the compensation of an SDR across geography and industries. A note about compensation and expectations for inbound and outbound SDRs: Due to the different nature of the roles, you should expect a smaller amount of demos from your outbound SDRs than your inbound SDRs. Things used to be a lot simpler.

6 Essential Tactics to Create a Persuasive Business Case


To compensate, we stuff in fluff to fill our void of expertise. To persuade your Chief Customer Officer, you’d want to address their top concerns such as optimizing the customer experience without adding internal headcount. In an economic slowdown, justifying new business purchases and projects is harder than ever. You’re likely working under new constraints and being asked to re-strategize, pause, or pivot…. take a scrutinous eye to each line item in your budget….

End of the year startup checklist

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Annual reviews are the best time to evaluate compensation, reward the top performers and begin to manage under-performers out of the organization. A financial plan for next year including a headcount plan, a sales plan (if applicable) and a forecast for out of cash date and timing of next fundraise. I call the last working week in December Board Week because it’s packed with board meetings. These board meetings are often the most important of the year.

Sales and GTM in Uncertain Times with Adnan Chaudhry and Matt Garratt (Video + Transcript)


I get asked by virtually every customer I talk to, “Hey, what are we doing around giving guidance on job roles and compensation?” inaudible 00:32:31] Some cuts, in this case, the company with 50 AEs, you drop 20 headcount, and then you’re 30.

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Understanding the Real Impact of Improving Customer Retention


How to structure and compensate a Customer Success team. We had one of our portfolio companies with 60% of their headcount reporting up through CS, and that’s how they focused and was the culture of the business. Did you know: For every 1% increase in revenue retention, a SaaS company’s valuation increases by 12% after five years?

PODCAST 117: The Tools You Need If You Want to Succeed at Scale with Michael Coscetta

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I think the difference is, for example, today Compass has over 400 product and engineering headcount. Yes, they had the structure of a big company, the 401(k) matching of a big company, the probably much higher compensation of a big company.

Need to Fill Your Pipeline? It’s Time to Reconsider Your Partner Ecosystem

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Meanwhile, 73% have compensation tied to a KPI. 81% of partner professionals tell us they have trouble getting more headcount or resources to execute on partnerships, so offering even a small amount of your time to help create a partnership win may earn you a long-term internal ally.

The Sales Summit: The trends and challenges shaping the future of sales

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I got off the flight, called them, and literally asked them, “How are you compensated? Could you give us an overview of a few levers that you guys are pulling to drive growth outside of growing headcount? Inspired by the release of our book Intercom on Sales , we wanted to take a fresh look at three big topics – speed, automation, and growth. We wanted to know: what are sales leaders doing to bring velocity to their sales cycle?

A playbook for the impatient SDR: 4 key tips to grow your sales career

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In most sales organizations, SDR is a foundational early sales role, the day-to-day work of an SDR can feel repetitive, and closing roles usually offer higher compensation than SDR roles. Business needs and team headcounts will change as a company matures. This means that if an SDR shows she is ready for a promotion but headcount doesn’t exist for the next role, she will not be promoted until that headcount opens up.