Your 2021 Sales Enablement Platform Buyer’s Guide (+10 Tools to Consider)

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If you could spend a day with sales teams from some of the most successful companies in the world, what would you see? They’re all on board – marketing, sales, product, customer success, and executive leaders. What is sales enablement? Sales enablement has evolved quickly.

Sales enablement: what is it, and how does it work?

First off, let’s make one thing very clear: sales enablement isn’t just another fun trend that’s here today and gone tomorrow. Just five years ago, CSO Insights ran a study about sales enablement and only 25% of the companies they surveyed had developed sales enablement for their teams.


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Building Your Sales Enablement Technology Stack

Sales Enablement, SaaS and Growth

The chart below shows the sales technology landscape - there are over 800 vendors listed and 38 different categories. Source: Sales Hacker It’s fair to say that the sales enablement category has mirrored the impressive growth of the sales technology landscape as a whole (up and to the right). This front row seat gives me the opportunity to research, demo, trial, evaluate, purchase and ultimately, rollout sales enablement tools. Sales

3 Unmatched Sales Enablement Strategies to Try in 2018

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It’s a question that’s plagued business leaders for decades, a question sales enablement is one step closer to answering. In short, sales enablement ensures your sales team has access to the information, content, and tools they need to sell more effectively. In the spirit of sharing knowledge, I’m going to show you three sales enablement strategies that can help your sales team reach their goals in 2018: Provide on-demand consultation for sales reps.

11 Data-Driven Sales Enablement Tips from Brand Leaders at Dreamforce 2019

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The Data-Driven Sales Manager. The average tenure of a sales VP these days is just 19 months, according to Xactly CEO Chris Cabrera, who expects that number to drop lower as businesses become increasingly data reliant. Here’s how he sees data changing sales management.

The Benefits of AI in Sales (& AI-Based Tools You Didn’t Know You Need)

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AI for sales is nothing new. But what are the real benefits of AI? Sales tools using machine learning and deep learning are already widespread in the market today. In this article, we discuss the state of AI in 2020, especially for enterprise sales.

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170 Sales Terms From A – Z: The Updated Glossary of B2B Sales Definitions

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With the rise of AI, new sales technology and automation at the forefront of the sales echo chamber these days, we thought we’d take a moment to bring it back to BASICS – that’s why we’ve rounded up this complete glossary of sales terms and definitions to help you remember where it all started. We’d also recommend this guide for any sales managers or business development leaders who are on-boarding new reps. Challenger Sales Model.

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Top 10 SaaStr Videos of the Week: Point9, Profitwell, Snowflake, Salesloft, ActiveCampaign, and More!


“How to Build out a Sales Organization from 0 reps to ~100 in 18 months with Flock Safety” A deep dive on how to scale an ultra-high velocity sales org. #5.

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The Twists & Turns Along the Way to Building a Unicorn with SalesLoft


Many of the early competitors really didn’t understand the needs of SDRs and sales teams enough. The company used to leverage data from social media to offer marketing and sales contacts for companies and was bringing in $7.5 After a newly minted $1.1B

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The 9 Sales Conferences Worth Your Time in 2021

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Sales leaders and trainers (and their marketing counterparts) spent 2020 trying to figure out how to translate in-person conferences into compelling, engaging virtual events. And because COVID-19 still hasn’t gone away, sales conferences are still taking on a virtual format. Sales 3.0.

What is Sales Forecasting? Why it Matters + 11 Tools to Consider

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After spending many quarters creating sales forecasts, you should have the process down and deliver precision accuracy. Unfortunately, sales forecasting is not that straightforward. What is sales forecasting? Sales forecasting best practices. What is sales forecasting?

The Top Five Strategies to Drive Sales Productivity


The result is that reps end up spending more time trying to keep up with increasingly complex sales processes, impacting overall sales productivity. Sales Productivity Definition. Sales productivity is calculated as the ratio of effectiveness (outputs) versus efficiency (inputs) and is a baseline factor in the success and health of a company. Provide efficient sales onboarding and ongoing coaching. Leverage AI-powered sales guidance. Sales

Top 10 Best Enterprise CRM solutions for 2021

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If you’re familiar with what a CRM is already, then you intuitively know that an enterprise CRM is basically a CRM solution tailored to larger (enterprise-level) companies with complex processes and large sales teams. Sales enablement. HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise.

The 18 Outstanding Speakers at SaaStock LatAm 2019


The company’s best-selling book, Predictable Revenue , details the hugely successful outbound process and sales created specifically for Salesforce. Starting as VP of Sales, in less than two years he became CEO. His next step was at Viddheo, where he got into Inside Sales. In 2016, he co-founded Meetime, an Inside Sales Strategies company and now serves as its CMO, building a powerful branding and content creation operation. Talk: SaaS.City Bootcamp: Sales Leadership.

What Happened at Ramp 2019? Highlights from the Ops Event of the Year


Over the course of 3 days from June 12 to June 14, Ramp 2019 brought together more than 400 sales, marketing and business operations practitioners to learn from the world’s most recognized go-to-market professionals. Among those updates, a new, more accurate AI forecasting capability, a new Forecast Submissions solution, and a one-click dashboard building feature received the most attention and welcome from the audiences. Sales Ops Best Practices.

The 2019 SalesTech Landscape: What’s Hot and What’s Not Today

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This hardship, combined with the CRM transition to the cloud and the rise of digital selling, has created a mini gold rush for sales software fueled by abundant VC money. Last September, it introduced High Velocity Sales for inside sales. These large software vendors offer many capabilities in their sales portfolios, but their activations require projects often too big for many practitioners that turn to point solutions. Sales have become a number’s game.

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Sales Hacker’s Top Sales Trends & Predictions You MUST Be Aware Of In 2018

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The race to the 2017 finish line is in full throttle – While last minute closed deals are still trickling in, B2B organizations are researching how to shape next year’s sales strategy to align with the top sales trends that are expected to emerge in 2018. 2017 was a YUGE year in the world of sales, and we’re predicting that 2018 will be even bigger. The evolution of Sales & Marketing into Revenue Ops & Customer Ops. Sales Operations Guides

The 7 Best Sales Blogs (+3 Newsletters) You’ll Actually Read Every Week

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There’s more sales content than ever before – how do you sort through the noise? Since we deal with sales content on the daily, we thought we’d save you some time. Here are the seven best sales blogs (and five bonus sales newsletters!) Sales Hacker. HubSpot Sales.

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19 SaaS Predictions For 2021 and Beyond

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The prevailing go-to-market structure for SaaS companies in the last decade is through an inside sales team. Virtually all inside sales teams were forced to go remote in mid-March and haven’t been back in the office since. What does the future hold for B2B software?

The Evolution of CRM (And Where it’s Going) in the Future

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A sales CRM is a foundational tool for modern sales organizations. That is why keeping track of customers could spell the difference between a closed sale and a lost opportunity. Any sales-dependent company without a decent CRM platform to support its sales team is entering the battlefield unarmed. As a cornerstone principle of sales enablement , you’re falling behind if you haven’t upgraded your sales stack to track the buyer journey.

In Search of the Perfect Sales Tech Stack (Here’s What’s Working Today)

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Wondering how other sales teams are working their magic? Sure, their processes and talent have something to do with their success, but so does their sales stack. Namely… What does the perfect sales stack look like? To find the answer, we reached out to top sales companies to learn more about the tools they’re using. 5 sales activities that can be optimized with tech. How sales tech supports important sales activities. Enablement Tools.

Sales Stack 2021: The Tools


Sales Stack 2021. Sales Tools for Professional Sales. SALES STACK 2020: THE TOOLS SALES STACK 2020: THE TOOLS. Sales technology for professional sales will be more important than ever. In 2020 almost every single Sales Professional was forced inside.

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Sales Stack 2020: The Tools


Sales Stack 2020. Sales Tools for Professional Sales. SALES STACK 2020: THE TOOLS SALES STACK 2020: THE TOOLS. W elcome to "Sales Stack 2020 - Sales Tools for Professional Sales". Which sales tools best support your sales process?

Sales 101

Sales Stack 2020: The Tools


SALES STACK 2020. Sales Tools for Professional Sales. SALES STACK 2019: THE TOOLS SALES STACK 2019: THE TOOLS. W elcome to "Sales Stack 2020 - Sales Tools for Professional Sales". Which sales tools best support your sales process?

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InsightSquared Unveils New Revenue Intelligence Solutions to Drive Predictable Company Growth at Ramp 2019


InsightSquared Announces New Solutions that Equip Revenue Operations with End-to-end Platform Capabilities for Marketing, Sales Forecasting, and Customer Success. Ramp is bringing together more than 500 sales, marketing, and revenue operations practitioners, along with the leaders they advise. InsightSquared is the vendor that is providing the one, comprehensive suite of revenue intelligence solutions that enables predictable company growth.

Women in sales: promoting diversity in the workplace

In an increasingly competitive sales landscape, companies are searching for fresh tactics to stay ahead. We see a lot of focus on topics like cold outreach, sales objection management, and networking. Pipeline" and "sales enablement" are trending. women in sales

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The New (Breakout) Growth Formula: Customer Success + Predictive Sales

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Here’s an important, and often overlooked, fact about B2B sales and marketing: Your customer data holds all the keys you need to grow your business. To succeed, you need to trust the data and step into predictive sales. How Customer Success Drives Predictive Sales and Marketing.

All Salespeople Must Learn These 4 Marketing Tactics to Increase Sales in 2019

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As I explored it, I began to wonder why more sales people didn’t spend more time here. Own the Whole Sales Funnel. Great sales people are excellent communicators but we often fall into the trap of knowing too much about our product or service. Here’s an example (note the simplicity and structure): After I saw how powerful concision could be on LinkedIn, I decided to give it a try on my sales calls, too. Own the Whole Sales Funnel. Sales & Marketing Article

More Sales Leader’s Resolutions to Keep Your Resolve Going in 2019

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Because we know salespeople are just a teeny bit busy, we took the liberty of organizing the Resolutions we received into categories and top sales trends for 2019. And now, read on to learn what some of the top sales leaders are prioritizing for 2019. Then, don’t forget to check out our own Max Altschuler’s top sales predictions and see how they stacked up! Trend 1: Sales Resolutions around Cross-Departmental Orchestration and Better Handoffs in the Buyer’s Journey.

PODCAST 129: The Keys to Building and Scaling a Company from Scratch with Vishal Sunak

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Today on the show, we’ve got Vishal Sunak, CEO and co-founder of LinkSquares, a company that applies AI to your contract. Subscribe to the Sales Hacker Podcast. Keep the promise of sales enablement and keep your team doing what they do best, which is winning.

Top Global SaaS Trends You Should Know with Google Cloud and Zenoss (Video + Transcript)


And whether they want to know more about security or scalability or automation or AI, the customers are really demanding that the vendors are coming to market with answers to these questions. They are expecting a discussion on security and scalability and so we have to bring partners to the table and there are some partners we work with that are more than willing to come into that sales conversation with us and these is other partners that aren’t.

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Sales Stack 2019: The Tools


SALES STACK 2019 SALES TOOLS FOR. PROFESSIONAL SALES SALES STACK 2019: THE TOOLS SALES STACK 2019: THE TOOLS I t’s 2019 and we’re back at the sales tools workshop, working out the best sales tools for your sales process. You’ll get lots of content from us along with advice for your sales process. Which sales process works best with your customer experience journey? Same goes for Sales Professionals.

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Sales Hacker Recommends: 97 Best Sales Books for Peak Performance (2020 Update)

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And for leveling up your sales skills, nothing beats a good sales book. So what are the best sales books for helping you reach peak performance? Have been recommended by sales professionals. Here’s how you can find the sales books that are most relevant to you.

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Don’t Just Follow the Buyer’s Journey, Enable the Buyer.

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You might have noticed “sales enablement” used more broadly now and most organizations have been putting a deliberate focus on this. Sales operations continues to expand to provide sales training , sales tools and assets that the team can use internally. All this is to make the sales team more effective with these enablement tools. Or consider when a sales lead goes “dark.” Build out buyer enablement tools.

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The Ultimate Guide to Sales Productivity

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Sales requires mastery of “soft skills,” so it can often seem like more art than science. To consistently perform, sales leaders need to master the science of sales productivity. What is Sales Productivity? Sales productivity is all about maximizing time spent on the most critical sales rep activities (prospecting, client meetings, networking) and minimizing the resources needed to accomplish them (i.e. Sales Productivity Examples. Art or Science?

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PODCAST 58: Evolution of Scaling a Business and Shaping the Future of Modern Organization w/ Jake Dunlap

Sales Hacker

This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we speak with Jake Dunlap, Founder and CEO of Skaled. Skaled is a modern sales-consulting firm that helps companies implement best in class sales and marketing processes and technology. Why we need sales development. Subscribe to the Sales Hacker Podcast. The Future of Sales [11:19]. Know (and Love) Your Sales Tech [21:56]. Sam Jacobs : Hey everybody, welcome to the Sales Hacker Podcast. I love sales.

Build an Outbound Program right the first time

The Marketing & Growth Hacking Publication

Internal Team: Hire your own Sales Development Rep (SDR) team that is 100% dedicated to outbound prospecting. Pros: No one will know your “stuff” better than internal people, it’s the best long-term solution for most companies, and begins your sales Farm Team. Of those, 8–10 end up in the sales pipeline as Sales Accepted Leads (SALs). Outbound deal sizes should be 3 to 10 times larger than the average inbound sale. Or fancy technologies, apps, or AI.

PODCAST 58: Evolution of Scaling a Business and Shaping the Future of Modern Organization w/ Jake Dunlap

Sales Hacker

This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we speak with Jake Dunlap , Founder and CEO of Skaled. Skaled is a modern sales-consulting firm that helps companies implement best in class sales and marketing processes and technology. Why we need sales development. Subscribe to the Sales Hacker Podcast. The Future of Sales [11:19]. Know (and Love) Your Sales Tech [21:56]. Sam Jacobs : Hey everybody, welcome to the Sales Hacker Podcast. I love sales.

How I Built a High-Performing Data Driven Sales Team [And How You Can Too]

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A data-driven sales approach. While a data driven sales coaching approach is still challenging to many sales leaders, the importance of chasing the right sales metrics is growing by the day! Based on Salesforce’s research in 2015, top sales teams are three times more likely to use analytics than under-performing teams. In fact, it’s the top indicator of a high-performing sales team. Why Is Building a Data Driven Sales Team so Hard?

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PODCAST 56: Drafting an ABM Strategy That Works w/ Alon Waks

Sales Hacker

This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we speak with Alon Waks , VP of Marketing at Bizzabo. If you missed episode 55, check it out here: PODCAST 55: How to Ensure 500 Pieces of Sales Advice Get Executed by Your Sales Team w/ Travis Huff. Subscribe to the Sales Hacker Podcast. Welcome to the Sales Hacker podcast. Showpad is the leading sales enablement platform for the modern seller. They are the leading sales engagement platform.