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Top 7 Payment Processing Services for 2022


With more and more businesses offering their services online, payment processing is now taking centerstage. Creating a secure and smooth payment pipeline is becoming increasingly important, with users expecting more in-app freedom with the ability to purchase or upgrade their accounts with just a few clicks. What is Payment Processing?

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CFO Tools You Should be Using in 2022


These tools allow you to do the above and more, benefitting your company by providing affordable and scalable software solutions to common time-consuming financial operations. Utilizing ePay tools makes sending invoices and receiving customer their payments easy. If not, read on. Finance and Billing Tools. Sign up for a free demo here.

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Unlocking Growth in the Internet Economy: a Perspective from Stripe Head of Invoicing, Suzanne Xie (Video)


The explosion of low and no-code solutions. At Stripe, as customers asked us for help growing their business in other countries, it turns out they weren’t asking just for payment methods for those countries—they were asking for our infrastructure. What are some of the major drivers of this growth?

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Shopify Markets: What Shopify Partners Need to Know


They even provide custom domain names and access to local payment processors. Duties, shipping, and sales taxes Payment methods Coming soon 3. The features ready at launch include: domains, currencies, languages, duty and import taxes, and payment methods. Don’t think all of these advancements only help merchants.

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Going Global: Key Considerations to Drive SaaS Success Abroad


“If your solution is built to make the world a better place, it naturally extends beyond borders. Solution Demand. When questions come up as to why your solution isn’t available in Europe or another major market, that’s generally a good time to consider expanding globally. Payment Processing and Currency Management.

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Five Best Customer Retention Software Solutions for Customer Success


Another method for high-touch clients is to schedule monthly or quarterly business reviews. Top Five Customer Retention Software Solutions for Customer Success. The types of customer success strategies suggested above can be implemented through several different types of software solutions. Dunning Management: Profitwell.

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The four-step blueprint to build a customer health scoring program with Valuize Chief Client Officer Emily Ryan


While it may be tempting to resort to Hail Mary tactics (such as deferred payments and discounts) to reduce churn, you must instead focus on sustainable and scalable retention strategies. The solution: a robust customer health scoring program , one of the core competencies in Valuize’s ValueXperience framework.

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