Report: Telecom Cloud Billing Market to Surpass $10B by 2024

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The post Report: Telecom Cloud Billing Market to Surpass $10B by 2024 appeared first on Subscription DNA. Cloud billing is a beneficial solution for any industry or business that needs to process invoice or bill clients. Not only does it save significantly… Read more.

AI | Growing your Ecommerce Beauty or Personal Care Brand [2021]


Statista reports that the global skincare market is projected to grow to $180B by 2024. Things are looking rosy for ecommerce beauty and personal care businesses. On top of that online and other non-store sales are expected to reach between $1.14 trillion and $1.19 trillion.

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5 Interesting Learnings from Okta at Almost $1B in ARR


Forecasting torrid growth through 2024. Okta is projecting 30%-35% growth through 2024.

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Top 25 SaaStr Tweets / Short-Bites of 2020


But if you just go heads down, and keep it up: 2020: $10m 2021: $14m 2022: $20m 2023: $28m 2024: $38m 2025: $53m 2026: $75m 2027: $105m 2028: $148m 2029: $206m 2030: $290m.

5 Interesting Learnings From MongoDB at $700,000,000 ARR


Mongo expects 98% of its enterprises to be multi-cloud by 2024.

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79 SaaS Statistics in 2021 That Will Change the Way You Think About SaaS Management


Gartner estimates that by 2024, 70% of IT organizations will lack the relevant roles, skills, and tools to support SaaS-enabled digital transformation. Gartner estimates that through 2024, the majority of enterprises will continue to struggle with appropriately measuring cloud security risks.

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Why I Bought Roblox Shares, Despite Disliking Their Games


billion in 2024. I've spent some time on Roblox. My reason is simple. I have a 10 year old son, and he likes loves it (second only to Minecraft). I'll be honest. I do not like the games on Roblox. I find them formulaic and repetitive. Many of them also have what's called "the grind" where you have to mindlessly click on something in order to make some arbitrary number go up (see: Lifting Simulator for an example).

PODCAST 175: Protecting Migrant Children: International Social Service

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Since 2009, Jean has been the Secretary-General and CEO of ISS, leading the transformation of the organization ahead of its 100th anniversary in 2024.

What Beauty & Wellness Brands Need to Look for In a 3PL


billion through 2024. It seems that the beauty and wellness industries are only at the beginning of a new period of staggering growth. The beauty industry alone is anticipated to rise from $483 billion in 2020 to $511 billion in 2021, with a global compound annual growth rate of 4.75

Subscription60: Wednesday, March 13th


Global Market Insights predicts that the IP camera market will cross $20 billion in revenue by 2024, driven by a 20 percent uptick in unit shipments.". Good morning good people. Abby here with a friendly reminder that it is National Good Samaritan Day, which doesn’t necessarily force you to clean up highway trash or take the jacket off your back (although more power to ya if you do) but rather simply put, start by treating people with kindness.

Transforming Teams to Lead with SaaS: Insights from Gartner


The gap is so severe that “[b]y 2024, 70% of IT organizations will lack the relevant roles, skills and tools to support SaaS-enabled digital transformation.”. Many of the existing ways of managing IT are no longer applicable to environments dominated by SaaS.

Here’s everything to know about the rise of alkaline CBD water in the market today

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billion in 2024 from $198.5 By the end of 2024, the report predicted that the demand for bottled water will reach 528.2 Bottled water is the rapidly growing category in the beverage space. After all, big names have jumped into the bottled water segment in recent years. Nestle Waters, The Coca-Cola Company, Mountain Valley Spring Company, Group Danone, and PepsiCo Inc. have all strategically positioned themselves in the market.

Who is Generation Alpha, and Why Are They Important to Marketers?

Neil Patel

Generation Alpha covers those born between 2010 and 2024. Every new generation brings new customs, behaviors, and cultural phenomena that shape the world as we know it. Baby boomers brought significant economic influence. Millennials taught us new ways of viewing our socio-political world.

Surveys highlight Fintech futures: WePay’s Week in Payments


The first two look at the future of the mobile payments market, one for just 2017 and the other extending out to 2024. It’s been a week of surveys, reports and analysis. Four completely different reports based on surveys and market analysis were released this week on four different topics but with one common theme: continued growth in fintech and payments, especially mobile.

How to Choose The Right Ecommerce Agency

Neil Patel

percent by 2024, up from 77.3 As an industry, ecommerce is expected to grow at a minimum of 6.3 percent per year. According to Statista , user penetration will be 82.2 percent in 2020. The retail apocalypse and a worldwide pandemic have boosted ecommerce growth.

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11 Proven Hacks to Keep Your Customers Buying More

Neil Patel

With research showing that retail Ecommerce sales are set to be more than $548 billion by 2024 , you’ll want your customer retention strategy to be solid enough to get you a piece of that pie. It costs 5X less to retain a customer than it does to acquire a new one.

PODCAST 114: Human Cognitive Bias and Why You Can’t Trust Your Impulses with Dr. Gleb Tsipursky

Sales Hacker

The moderate one might say most people will be vaccinated by the end of 2024. This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we speak with Dr. Gleb Tsipursky , an internationally recognized thought leader known as the disaster avoidance.

Q&A with Maria Pergolino, Anthony Kennada, Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin (Video + Transcript)


I think that’s just really going to work five years from now, in 2024. Jason Lemkin moderates a panel of some greatest-of-all-time SaaStr speakers taking questions from the audience and over Twitter.

Chargebee - Untitled Article


The global newspaper advertising revenue is expected to fall from $49.2bn in 2019, to $36bn in 2024. We spoke about how the future of publishing lies in subscriptions. So that begs the question: what are the other emerging revenue streams other than scaling reader revenue? Or rather, how does a publication house diversify its revenue […