How Founders Can Take Control of Their Destiny with Tradeshift (video + transcript)


We looked at the world in 2008, 2009, and we said, “How come it’s almost impossible to connect two companies to do business, especially if they have complex business processes, but we can all connect as consumers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, every single day we want to do business?”

From Product Market Fit to Scale – Perspectives from Founder & Investor (Video + Transcript)


We founded the company in 2008, which many of you who were around then know was a pretty difficult time to start a company. But, the fundraising in 2008, 2009 was pretty difficult.

“7 Tips and Tricks to having happy customers at Scale” New Relic EVP, Roger Scott (Video + Transcript)


The company started back in 2007, 2008. I think the people that you hire, it’s a combination of the organization that you create, it’s the leadership that you hire and the service delivery mentality that you think about.

State of the Cloud 2019 from Bessemer Venture Partners (Video + Transcript)


And this goes back to ten years ago, which was 2008 and we released the ten laws of cloud computing at a CEO conference that we had that was meaningfully smaller than this.

Cloud 213

Crushing the Pivot: Lessons Learned from a Product Reboot with TaskRabbit (Video + Transcript)


What you need to know about this story is that I founded the company back in 2008. In 2008, I founded TaskRabbit. Blog Posts Career Growth & Advice Early Leadership Marketing Other SaaStr Events Scale Videos Leah busque saastr saastr annual taskrabbit

SaaStr Podcasts for the Week: May 24, 2019


In Dec 2008, Vista Equity Partners acquired a majority stake in Wrike for a deal reportedly valuing the company at $800m. In December 2008, Vista Equity Partners acquired a majority stake in Wrike for a deal reportedly valuing the company at eight hundred million dollars.

From Idea to Billion Dollar Business: the RingCentral Journey (Video + Transcript)


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The Things Nobody Tells You About An $8B Acquisition with Ryan Smith from Qualtrics (Video + Transcript)


Ryan Smith: Well, GitHub, we raised a series A in 2012, it was the largest series a since 2008, GitHub came out a month later and raised 100 million, and that was then the largest series A and then all hell broke loose in fundraise-.

The 18 Outstanding Speakers at SaaStock LatAm 2019


Talk: SaaS.City Bootcamp: Sales Leadership. Talk: SaaS.City Bootcamp: Sales Leadership. Talk: SaaS.City Bootcamp: Sales Leadership. However, her path changed in 2008 when she took on a new challenge: an MBA in Business and Management.

SaaStr’s Most Respected Leaders Awards 2019: The Top Ten


His thoughts on leadership in a nutshell? “A From 200-2008 she held leadership positions at Allegis Corporation and Intuit before ultimately joining Intercom in 2017. His tenure at Atlassian began in 2008 where he rose from VP of Sales and Marketing to President.

Subscription Rockstars: How HubSpot Went From Zero to $500+ Million in Annual Revenue


2008: 317 customers. 2008: 42 employees. 2008: $2.2 Most notably, $5 million in VC funding from General Catalyst in 2007, $12 million in VC funding from Matrix Partners in 2008 and $16 million in VC funding from Scale Venture Partners in 2009.

SaaStr Podcast #218: Twilio Founder, Jeff Lawson & SendGrid CEO, Sameer Dholakia on Why Developer First Is A Maturation In The Supply Chain Of Software


Before that, he worked for 12 years at Trilogy, where he held key leadership roles helping the company grow from a start-up to a $300 million business. How do Jeff and Sameer think about what what truly special leadership looks like today? We call them our leadership principles.

Benchmarking Netsuite's S-1 - How 7 Key SaaS Metrics Stack Up

Tom Tunguz

Netsuite’s revenue per customer averaged $19k in 2008, and $23k in 2009, the last years for which the company provided customer counts. The company’s leadership position in SaaS ERP is undeniable and it’s a great example of how operational discipline can generate enormous businesses, even if the sales efficiency of the business isn’t at the top of the heap

How to Become a VP of Sales by the Time You’re 30

Sales Hacker

Are you ready to create predictable revenue based solely on your leadership skills? I joined the ranks of Prime Point Media in 2006 selling national accounts, and by 2008 I had built the entire Midwest territory. Don’t just hit your numbers, exhibit leadership.

Saastr Podcasts for the Week with Gong and Brex — June 7, 2019


Gong is my fourth company in a leadership position, I’ve been founding team member of Click Software that brought it from zero to an IPO, that was traditional enterprise software product.

PODCAST 33: How to Grow and Scale a Company in the Digital Age w/ Ilir Sela

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Leadership Principles from the Pizza Industry [36:37]. Ilir Sela: It was around 2008, 2009, I started getting a lot of these family and friends that were asking for some help in terms of websites and online ordering. Leadership Principles from the Pizza Industry.

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing the Best VoIP Providers

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The company has been BBB accredited since 2008, with an A+ rating and 89 positive reviews. stars and complaints about leadership issues. With so many VoIP options , business may have a hard time choosing the best one.

PODCAST 41: Helping Marketo IPO and Achieve Hyper Scale with Bill Binch, CRO of Pendo

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He’s had sales leadership experiences at Oracle, PeopleSoft, and BEA Systems. In 2008, he joined a little company called Marketo, and he helped them grow from zero in revenue to over two hundred and fifty million.

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