How Innovative SaaS Companies Leverage Pricing And Packaging To Beat The Competition


In 2007, combo meal sales began to drop. From 2007 to 2012, combo meal sales at fast food restaurants declined by 12% , according to a NPD Group study. Innovative SaaS companies are recognizing a shift in customer demand and offering their products and features “à la carte,” and are tailoring specific offers to target sets of customers rather than offering all customers the same generic packages. Want fries with that?

In The Early Days, You Won’t Have Enough Customers. But Your Mini-Brand Will Come to Your Rescue.


If you serve those customers well, and remain innovative — you most likely will build to and have a Mini-Brand. Remain innovative on the product side. No real Mini-Brand until early 2007.


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Techstars introduces Techstars Studio to rapidly envision, validate, and launch startups


Techstars Studio Will Create Disruptive New Startups and Help Large Corporations Innovate. In 2007, Techstars forever changed the way entrepreneurs build companies by introducing the mentorship-driven accelerator model,” said David Cohen , founder and co-CEO of Techstars. Techstars operates three divisions: Techstars Startup Programs, Techstars Mentorship-Driven Accelerator Programs , and Techstars Corporate Innovation Partnerships.

18 investors fueling Latin America’s SaaS superstars


Monashees Capital is the largest Brazilian VC that makes investments in innovative solutions worldwide, but with a strong focus on Latin America. It was launched in 2007 to operate the Criatec I Fund’s investments in São Paulo. Currently, it manages the São Paulo Innovation Fund (FIP), focusing on funding agriculture, IT, health tech and FinTech companies in the state. Founded: 2007. To date, it has supported 1,544 innovative companies in 57 countries.

The top SaaS companies ruling the East Coast


Founded: 2007. As a testimony to the quality of their service, Forter was recently again included in Forbes 50 “Most Innovative Fintech Companies In 2019” list. Recently, Recorded Future were honored with the 2018 CRN Tech Innovator Award. As we wrote in our launch post about expanding SaaStock New York into SaaStock East Coast , our main aim is to foster a community of top SaaS companies that spans all the way from Florida to Quebec.

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Get Ready: Home Improvement Startups are Set to Surge at the Fastest Pace than ever Before

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Now, this is supposed to be the biggest yearly increase since our final quarter of 2007 when it was a time of great recession and homeowners were planning to spend maximum on different renovations. Like in the mid of 2017, Carol Tomé has revealed that retailer saw some additional tailwind- the greatest number of first-time homeowners since 2007.

Busting the Myths About Startup Success with BlackLine’s Founder CEO (Video + Transcript)


We’re continuing to innovate. In fact, one of our decisions in 2007, we had to decide, are we going to sell SaaS or are we going to be an on?prem In the run-up to 2021 SaaStr Annual, we’re looking back at some of the top all-time sessions.

Top 10 Tools to Get Your App PLG-d


This innovative software tool is a proven and tested customer engagement booster. With the unique self-service solutions on offer, your customers can get the best features in blazing fast times, with your devs focusing on innovation and quality.

Techstars Announces Accelerator in Abu Dhabi, Second Accelerator in UAE


Tirathrai brings over 30 years of international serial entrepreneurship, business development, investment, and mentorship experience to the program.The Techstars Hub71 Accelerator will accept 10 startups on an annual basis and is open to startups addressing technology innovations across a variety of business verticals. Techstars operates three divisions: Techstars Startup Programs, Techstars Mentorship-Driven Accelerator Programs, and Techstars Corporate Innovation Partnerships.

Beyond the Downturn: Recession Strategies to Take the Lead


Headed into the global financial crisis a decade ago, a group of almost 3,900 companies worldwide that we ran through Bain’s Sustained Value Creators analysis posted double-digit earnings growth, on average, from 2003 to 2007. It’s overdue.

A Crypto-Trading Uber Driver and a Billionaire's Spat over Candy - On The Importance of Sticking to Your Strategy

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They said as much on page 6 of Berkshire’s 2007 shareholder letter. What matters is the pace of innovation, that is the fundamental determinant of competitiveness. The speculators believe great investments develop competitive advantage through innovation, disruption and displacement. At Redpoint’s annual investor meeting earlier this year, I quipped, “The day-trading taxi drivers of the dotcom era have been replaced by crypto-trading Uber drivers.”

Key Lessons from a $5B SaaS Category Leader (Video + Transcript)


To me, companies will always be trying to innovate around how do they serve their customers better and their employees better in order to build their businesses and drive more revenue. Besides focusing on product and how we won, the single biggest learning for me in Marketo was that innovating a product was necessary, but not sufficient. You can see 2007 to 2008 we went from one to two. Want to see more content like this? Join us at SaaStr Annual 2020.

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The SaaS superstars of the East Coast


Founded: 2007. As a testimony to the quality of their service, Forter was recently again included in Forbes 50 “Most Innovative Fintech Companies In 2019” list. Recently, Recorded Future were honored with the 2018 CRN Tech Innovator Award. As we wrote in our launch post about expanding SaaStock New York into SaaStock East Coast , our main aim is to foster a SaaS community that spans from Florida to Quebec.

On the Value and Power of Building Authentic Connections

OpenView Labs

In my experience, the most viable and successful ideas sit at the intersection of two types of innovation. On one side, there’s product-based innovation, which might be about a technological advancement or a new way to apply an existing technology. On the other side, there’s business-based innovation, which might have to do with how you go to market or a business model. The idea for JumpCloud presented itself in 2007 while I was working on another business.

Becoming Indistractable


Because those who innovate and continually evolve their offerings will be those that win out. Scribd —a company first launched as a document-sharing service in 2007, which now offers access to a library of ebooks, audiobooks, newspapers, and magazines for that sweet spot price of $8.99 The new funding] "will enable us to continue to operate sustainably and efficiently while accelerating our growth, product innovations, content acquisition and continued investment in our employees.”

How Healthy is the SaaS IPO Market?

Tomasz Tunguz

In the 13 years that followed, many startups have followed their path to build innovative software that has transformed their respective industries and sectors. By 2007 there were five IPOs and that number crested at nine in 2013 and 2014. Salesforce’s initial public offering in 2003 demarcated the beginning of a new era, the era of Software as a Service.

The decade software ate the world

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At a time when SaaS companies represent the vanguard of disruptive innovation, it’s not surprising that an armada of non-software companies are following suit by attempting to replicate the business model in a bid to attract investment.

SaaStr Podcasts for the Week with Jennifer Tejada, Ben Chestnut, and Jason Lemkin


Join PagerDuty’s CEO, Jennifer Tejada, as she discusses the need for agility and innovation and how automation is aiding adaptability and allowing enterprises to surge ahead.

7 B2B Sales Techniques that ACTUALLY Work (Based on 5 Years of Research)

Sales Hacker

So, with that as my motivation, five years ago I set out on a mission to find the innovation going on around me in B2B sales. However, it requires experience, innovation, and entrenchment in the customer’s business to find it. Collins, 2007.

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Q&A with Karen Webster, President of


Payments was one of the sectors that we focused on and we were lucky to have worked with many of the leading innovators in the space (and we still do!). In 2007, we began doing work with the then CEO of Business Wire after she read something we wrote about platform business challenges.

SaaStr Podcasts for the Week with B Capital Group and Bessemer Venture Partners — February 7, 2020


Plus, from 2007 until 2013, Karen ran all of Box’s business development, partnership, and strategic alliance activities. Plus from 2007 until 2013, Karen ran all of Box’s business development, partnership and strategic alliance activities.

SaaStr Podcasts for the Week with Byron Deeter, Elliott Robinson, Henry Schuck, and Jason Lemkin


But it is really incredible and inspiring to see how these companies and these cloud leaders have ushered in this new phase of innovation and growth, even in the hardest moments of society. I bootstrapped the company with my co-founder in 2007.

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Disrupting the Desk Phone: How and Why We Made a $50M Acquisition with Dialpad (Video + Transcript)


With one startup acquired by Yahoo in 2005, another acquired by Google in 2007 and a background as an M&A lawyer, Craig’s perspective on M&A is insightful for any startup founder looking to acquire another company. You then started another voice company, which was acquired by Google in 2007. Dan O’Connell: We view DialPad is the most innovative business communications platform in this space, and I don’t say that because I know Craig.

The Playbook to Scaling High-Performance Teams with Gusto COO Lexi Reese (Video + Transcript)


So the time that I was at Google was 2007, so pre the 2008 recession. Lexi Reese, Gusto COO uses her 20+ years of experience to provide advice on building high performing teams using authenticity, empathy and logic.

8 Tough Lessons from Closing 12,000 Customers at WebPT (Video + Transcript)


When we actually did our market research, we found that 80% of physical therapists were still using and documenting on pen and paper back in 2007. I think this leads us to lesson number four, which is continuously innovate through proactive listening. As I even recall back when we were truly trying to write down the vision in what we wanted to build with WebPT on the back of that ATM envelope back in 2007, it included advocacy.

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The Things Nobody Tells You About An $8B Acquisition with Ryan Smith from Qualtrics (Video + Transcript)


Ryan Smith: And so we had to switch and we chose Qualtrics, and it was the best thing we’ve ever done because everything we ever wanted to do, pivot the company or get away from surveys, which in 2007 were like, “Whoa, this is way bigger.” We had it, we knew we could innovate. ” And I’m like, “Just watch, because all it takes is one little hiccup in 2007, ’06 and ’08.

Sales Hacker Recommends: 97 Best Sales Books for Peak Performance (2020 Update)

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Innovating for People. I’ve followed Jill Konrath since 2007, when I subscribed to her “Selling to Big Companies” blog. Step by step, Jeb Blount outlines his innovative approach to prospecting that works for real people, in the real world, with real prospects.

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Ok, Google: Scale my SaaS business

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We had to wait a long time for those innovations to become useful to individual consumers, and now it seems like we’re on the cusp of mass adoption. In 2007, when Apple put smartphones in our pockets, the internet stopped being a destination and became a state of being.

Should you disrupt or create a category? 5 lessons from Gainsight’s CMO Anthony Kennada

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In late 2007, a pair of roommates found themselves scraping their wallets to come up with enough cash to cover their exorbitant San Francisco rent. It’s not uncommon for innovators to get skunked by the competition. If you’re a trailblazer, it’s essential to continue innovating so that you stay ahead of the chasing pack. But it can be a real challenge knowing that’s what you’re doing from the outset.

Andrew Chen on finding the “fresh powder” in growth

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Adam: A lot of our listeners are going to know you best through your writing; isn’t that how Marc originally found you back in 2007? Dropbox is super unique and innovative today because of this thread they’ve been following over a long period of time, which is to take something that’s just part of your workflow – storing files – and making it spread because of the way people are working with each other.