We?re About To See a Lot More SaaS Debt


2004 Salesforce IPO Brought Financial Capital to SaaS Founders. With the Salesforce IPO in 2004, we saw the first sign that institutional investors were comfortable with a standard set of SaaS metrics: Churn, sales efficiency , ARPU, LTV, customer acquisition cost , and so on. .

Elective Healthcare Marketing to Millennials | Adhere

Adhere Creative

Those born between 1980 and 2004, now over 75 million members, are in the prime of their lives at 18–34 years old. Millennials have developed distinct priorities, purchasing habits, and values that set them apart from previous generations. With blossoming to established careers, they are a fresh market that requires a new wave of medical marketing campaigns that will motivate them to make an investment in themselves at your practice. Here is a guide to get started.


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The most common mistake SaaS companies make on sales tax collection and filings


When the company first began web app development and selling software-as-a-service in 2004, their business model wasn’t even called SaaS. Wondering how your SaaS business got slapped with a multi-million dollar sales tax bill from one or multiple states?

The evolution of the SaaS landing page

The Angel VC

Until 2004, that is, when a small, Chicago-based web design agency called 37signals launched its project management tool called Basecamp : Basecamp in 2004 (click for a larger version) Basecamp looked radically different from any other piece of B2B software. When you look at the landing pages (or homepages or marketing sites, however you want to call them) of today's SaaS companies, they usually look quite beautiful.

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SaaStr’s Most Respected Leaders Awards 2019: The Top Five


In 2004 he became CEO of MarkLogic where he stayed until 2010. Meet SaaStr’s Most Respected Leaders of 2019. Our most popular CEO, COO’s and Presidents that spoke at SaaStr Annual 2019. Curious how we came up with this list? We found our most popular speakers by speaker views and likes, session bookmarks and ratings weighing categories more heavily for overall rating than initial interest.

Mary Grove on the origins of Google for Startups & Startup Weekend


I had the great privilege of joining Google in 2004. I joined the legal team back in 2004, and I actually worked on the IPO deal team for my first year, which was a fascinating and wonderful experience, with the process of going public and really being part of a very fast growing organization. From Google for Startups to Startup Weekend to Rise of the Rest and beyond, Mary Grove is passionate about community-driven change, and helping make it happen.

SaaStr’s Most Respected Leaders Awards 2019: The Top Ten


He has helmed Logikcull as CEO since its founding in 2004 as an e-discovery services company. Meet SaaStr’s Most Respected Leaders of 2019. Our most popular CEO, COO’s and Presidents that spoke at SaaStr Annual 2019. Curious how we came up with this list? We found our most popular speakers by speaker views and likes, session bookmarks and ratings weighing categories more heavily for overall rating than initial interest.

SaaStr Podcasts for the Week with Mayfield and TripActions — May 1, 2020


In my early twenties I founded three companies between 1995 to 2004 which all had successful exits, including an acquisition by Microsoft and an IPO. So what do you know now that you wish you’d known when you entered venture as that EIR in 2004?

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The 18 Outstanding Speakers at SaaStock LatAm 2019


In 2004, he became the CEO of Cogency Software. Latin America is undergoing a digital transformation, and the SaaS community is exploding as a result. We conducted intensive market research with SaaS practitioners across LatAm to dig into the reasons behind the region’s hypergrowth, and worked with the progressive global VCs who are fuelling the SaaS boom to understand the key players and the scope of the opportunity.

The top SaaS companies ruling the East Coast


Founded: 2004. As we wrote in our launch post about expanding SaaStock New York into SaaStock East Coast , our main aim is to foster a community of top SaaS companies that spans all the way from Florida to Quebec. The SaaS industry’s beating heart will probably always be New York, and it will also be the home of SaaStock East Coast on June 4-6. However, we believe in giving the entire coastline a chance to flourish.

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What Does AirBnB's 'Shares for Hosts' Idea Imply for Blockchain?

Tomasz Tunguz

In 2004, six years later fewer than 1000 of these shareholders had traded their shares for cash. Last week, AirBnB proposed granting their most valuable hosts shares in the company , much like employees. This requires a change in securities law. It’s a novel idea that has a history, promise and some risks. In 1998, an online travel agency, TravelZoo, tried this. They granted free shares to 700,000 people who signed up to use the service.

Are We Due for a SaaSacre?


3] Per the footer, since Salesforce’s June, 2004 IPO. [4] I was playing around on the enterprise comps [1] section of Meritech ‘s website today and a few of the charts I found caught my attention.

[Q&A] B2B SaaS Benchmarks: How Does Your Company Compare to +1,500 of Its Peers?


Salesforce started it and they went public in 2004. During 2020, we saw several major events cause businesses to adapt to new conditions and adopt additional capabilities to not only defend against economic pressures but also to take advantage of opportunities.

Who are Asia’s SaaS VCs?


Founded: 2004. According to Mike Laven, CEO of Currencycloud, the one thing necessary for any company to succeed in China – or in any of the Asian countries – is to get local investment. You can read his advice and a plethora of valuable insight on Asian expansion in Notion VC’s The Journey East guide created for companies thinking of expanding to Asia. However, it was that particular advice that stuck with us.

The Unspoken Hard Bits of Bootstrapping


Dimitris Co-founded Buildium back in 2004. “It The challenges that I’ve faced as a bootstrapped founder simply aren’t the ones that are commonly talked about By Geoff Roberts · 17 min read The internet is littered with horror stories detailing the many challenges of entrepreneurship.

The 5 Best SEO Companies of 2020

Neil Patel

Founded in 2004 , their expertise in the local SEO niche has generated over 201 million local leads for about 19,000 clients worldwide. Founded in 2004, this company earned the list of Inc.

3 Steps to Transform Your Mindset and Overcome Any Challenge

Sales Hacker

In 2004, he earned a PhD for his work in transformative learning and change. Mindset is the driving force behind sales performance, and as sales professionals, we all have to be pretty mentally tough. But mindset matters even more during a crisis like COVID-19.

What is SAAS? Software As A Service Definition And Guide 2021

How To Buy Saas

Gmail – We have been using Gmail since 2004. Sass is a new energy in businesses across the globe. It has seen growth from 51% to 73% from 2018 to 2020 and expected to grow by 86% by end of 2023 as per the survey done by finance online.

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How to Use Music in Marketing Paid Campaigns

Neil Patel

One ad that managed to do this perfectly was a 2004 Pepsi ad. Everyone loves music. Using it in your paid ad campaigns is a powerful way to catch people’s attention or appeal to their emotions.

The SaaS Valuation Bubble

Tomasz Tunguz

From about 2004 to 2011, the average publicly traded SaaS company held an EV/Rev multiple of 3 to 5x. In the 2004 to 2009 period, average revenue growth for SaaS companies hovered around 25%. In the past 24 months, something extraordinary has happened. The value of publicly traded SaaS companies has grown by 200 to 400% while the underlying customer unit economics of those businesses hasn’t changed.

17 BEST Podcast Hosting Sites Of 2021

How To Buy Saas

It is one of the original podcast host launched in 2004. You may have so many questions in your mind, where should I host my podcast? What is the best podcast hosting site? What are the options available in the market? Let’s answer these questions in this particular blog.

3 Must-Have CFO Skills: Operating Finance, Strategy and Communications


She pointed to a key moment in 2004 when her supervisor tapped her to write a letter asking a client to accept an expensive change order. Corporate finance experience is declining, while investment banking is rising, as a path to the CFO seat, CFO Dive data shows.

Prioritizing Your Startup's Roadmap

Tomasz Tunguz

One typical Friday morning in 2004, I walked into a government building and headed to work. I was a junior Java engineer and part of a hired team building an internal system for a government agency. We were a few days behind on schedule, and a technical issue arose. During the morning team meeting, we made a plan to refactor a small key part of the codebase - an effort that should have taken just the morning. And I made a classic mistake.

A Decade Long Mac User Tries Out Windows for the First Time in 15 Years

Tomasz Tunguz

Just as background, I’ve been on a Mac since I was seven and I last worked on a Windows machine in 2004. A few weeks ago, I installed Windows on my Mac using BootCamp. BootCamp allows you to have both operating systems on your computer at the same time and choose the one you want to use when. I was curious about Windows. So I installed it and tried to use it for a few days. Here are my impressions.

Meet BetterCloud’s New VP of Quality, Daniel Waithe


Daniel Waithe ’s career in Quality Assurance (QA) began in 2004, when he worked as a QA analyst for Citigroup. Since then, he’s risen rapidly through the ranks and has established himself as a true thought leader in the world of quality engineering.

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10 Useful Shopify Apps

Neil Patel

Founded in 2004, the e-commerce platform now reports an annual gross merchandise volume exceeding $61 billion and has over 500,00 merchants. By subscribing to Shopify’s e-commerce platform, Shopify customers can harness the platform’s shopping cart solution to sell, ship, and manage products.

From $800k to $274M in 4 Years - The Story of Ariba

Tomasz Tunguz

But, the company has been operating at close to breakeven since 2004. Similar to net income, Ariba sustained cash flow breakeven for the first time in 2009, but flirted with the mark since about 2004. Ariba went public in 1999 three years after having been founded. In its first year of selling, the company generated $800,000 in revenue. Then it ramped. $8 8 million, then $45 million, then $274M.

Decision Intelligence Selling: Transform Your Sales Team for the Future

Sales Hacker

In 2004, he earned a PhD for his work in transformative learning and change. Sales is the somewhat dark art of convincing people to buy stuff. I hope that rubbed you the wrong way. Maybe you almost jumped out of your seat to write a strongly worded comment about why that’s wrong.

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The Increasing Growth Rates of SaaS Companies

Tomasz Tunguz

Meanwhile, all of the companies requiring longer than 8 years were founded before 2004. SaaS startups are growing faster than ever before. Publicly-traded SaaS companies founded from 2008 through 2014 needed 50% less time to reach $50M than their counterparts founded between 1998 and 2005. I stumbled across this trend when looking at a different chart used in my S-1 analyses that compares the time to $50M for each of the 51 or so publicly traded SaaS companies.

38 Bright Asian SaaS Stars


Founded : 2004. When we announced a few weeks ago that we would be bringing our leading SaaS conference to Asia, and running it in Hong Kong, many locals thanked us for choosing the city. As we mentioned in our launch post, we couldn’t not do it there, with its international spirit, openness to everyone, relaxed atmosphere, and proximity to many other SaaS hubs around, all attracting us to Hong Kong.

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The SaaS superstars of the East Coast


Founded: 2004. As we wrote in our launch post about expanding SaaStock New York into SaaStock East Coast , our main aim is to foster a SaaS community that spans from Florida to Quebec. The SaaS industry’s beating heart will probably always be New York, and it will also be the home of SaaStock East Coast on June 4-6. However, we believe in giving the entire coastline a chance to flourish.

SaaS Content Marketing Case Studies: Initial State, HubSpot, Basecamp

How SaaS Works

Turning Personal Connections into Long-Term SaaS Growth Basecamp, a set of product management tools, has been around since 2004. The How SaaS Works series simplifies the complex world of software-as-a-service (SaaS) into the practical fundamentals for anyone involved in SaaS. These are the real-world lessons learned from founding a SaaS company from ground zero to growing it all the way to acquisition as well as case studies from other SaaS companies who have both succeeded and failed.

The Path to Exponential Growth

Tomasz Tunguz

From 2004 to 2007, the company grew at a fairly linear rate. For years, a product can grow linearly before suddenly seeing compounding growth. Facebook is a great example. And then, the magic happened! The network effects kicked in and exponential growth ensued. Linear growth always precedes exponential growth. For market places, in social networks or in advertising exchanges, the story is always the same. Linear, linear, linear. BOOM, exponential. One day, the magic happens.

How to Build Rapport With Customers (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Sales Hacker

If you continue to operate as if it’s 1994 — or even 2004 — you’ll be left behind for a competitor that has better evolved to communicate with your customer base. In the digital era, customer rapport rules the day. People expect more communication and personal connection than ever before. .

“The “Dos & Don’ts” of Building Winning SaaS Companies with G2 Crowd (Video + Transcript)


And I remember they were born in 2004 our business was kind of at the bottom but they were also wound up being born nine weeks premature. But the other thing that made it successful, in 2004 I went to one of the first Dreamforce’s met Marc Benioff. Join G2 Crowd CEO Godard Abel for a session on the secrets to the top-rated vendors on G2Crowd, AppExchange, and other platforms. He also discusses all the trials, errors and successes he had throughout all of his previous startups.

What Percentage of Revenue Should SaaS Startups Spend on Payroll?

Tomasz Tunguz

NetSuite spent $38M on payroll generated $17M in 2004. What percentage of revenue should be spent on payroll? In 2001, Salesforce spent $35.6M on payroll and generated $5.4M in revenue. as both of these companies scaled and approached IPO, the operating expense ratio (OER) or operating expense divided by revenue, asymptotes to 0.8. For every dollar of revenue, both of these companies spent $0.80 in payroll at scale. The OER is a metric of efficiency.

How to Create the Perfect Business Listing

Neil Patel

Google Trends allows you to search trends in search terms in real-time or during a specific time frame, as far back as 2004 and as recent as 36 hours before your search. Local search visibility helps drive traffic, customers, and revenue.

Checking in on Shopify Plus’ 11,000 checkouts per minute

Inside Intercom

In the first decade after its founding in 2004, Shopify amassed 120,000 customers and catapulted into the top 10 on Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list.

Squarespace Review

Neil Patel

The huge drag-and-drop website builder was started in 2004 by a University of Maryland college student and has since flourished into an amazingly streamlined website builder that has been used to create millions of websites.

Your Customer is Changing Their Buying Process. Your Pricing Process Needs to Change.

OpenView Labs

In 2004 he was a co-author of The Price Advantage. At the spring edition of the Professional Pricing Society (yes there is such a thing) pricing thought leader Craig Zawada challenged the audience with some provocative claims. Craig has been disrupting pricing for a couple of decades now. This book introduced some of the key frameworks for pricing strategy, value mapping (see this article for more on value mapping) and the pocket price waterfall.